What’s Behind the UN Attack on the Church?

As faithful Catholics continue to contend with last week’s incendiary United Nations report attacking the Church for her teachings on contraception, abortion, and homosexuality, it may be time to look closely at the real agenda at the United Nations.

For more than two decades, the UN has dedicated itself to attempting to diminish the influence of the Church on life issues. We need to begin to understand why.

In an October 2013 Crisis article entitled “Kicking the Church out of the UN,” Austin Ruse, the president of Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute (C-FAM), suggests that the reason for the hostility directed at the Church is because the Church has obstructed the goals of the population control zealots at the UN. “Starting at the Cairo Conference in 1994, the Church has been able to block an international right to abortion … the Holy See has consistently handed the Catholics for Choice, the Norwegians, the United Nations Population Fund and all the other uglies at the UN defeat after defeat.”

It is likely that last week’s UN Committee on the Rights of the Child report was payback.   Despite its non-voting status at the United Nations, the Holy See has stood as the major barrier to the UN goal of universal access to abortion and contraception for young girls and women throughout the world.  While the Church was unable to convince all countries—including the United States—of the evils of abortion, the Vatican, as a sovereign state, continues to play an important role at the negotiating table in areas in which the Church has a stake in helping to ensure the right to life and the dignity of the person.

The UN has attempted to end that influence.  In 1999, decrying the Vatican’s role in encouraging the United Nations to block funding for abortion services, Frances Kissling, then-president of Catholics for Choice—a group that claims to speak for pro-abortion Catholics, yet has no actual membership—began a campaign to remove the Vatican from the UN.  A strong media presence and a letterhead funded by the abortion industry and pro-abortion organizations like the Ford and Rockefeller Foundations, Operation See Change, as Kissling called her campaign against the Vatican, attempted to persuade the United Nations to revoke the Vatican’s status as a permanent observer.

Although Kissling’s See Change Campaign was supported by the abortion industry and was successful in focusing international public attention on the unique standing of the Vatican at the UN, opposition to the Catholics for Choice initiative was also strong.  Then-Senators Rick Santorum (R-PA) and Bob Smith (R-NH), and Representative Chris Smith (R-NJ) introduced congressional resolutions critical of the See Change Campaign and lauding the role of the Vatican at the UN. In the end, not a single member state signed on to support the Catholics for Choice campaign.

Still, the efforts to expel the Vatican continue today.  Austin Ruse’s C-FAM recently announced that Catholics for Choice has re-launched its See Change Campaign demanding that the Vatican’s observer status be reduced to that of a non-governmental organization—barring Church officials from negotiations.  And, as Ruse, who has a front row seat for the UN negotiations, writes: “a nasty Norwegian diplomat at the UN” who “frequently badmouths the Holy See” has suggested that it is time that the Holy See be expelled.

It is not a coincidence that Kirsten Sandberg, Chairman of the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child that issued the attack on the Vatican last week, is from Norway.  Demanding that the Church amend Canon Law to accommodate the changing culture, Sandberg’s committee “urges that the Holy See review its position on abortion which places obvious risks on the life and health of pregnant girls, and to amend Canon 1398 relating to abortion with a view to identifying circumstances under which access to abortion services can be permitted.”

Sandberg’s committee demands that the Church “assess the serious implications of its position on adolescents’ enjoyment of the highest standard of health and overcome all the barriers and taboos surrounding adolescent sexuality that hinder their access to sexual and reproductive information.”  Further, Sandberg’s UN Committee moves beyond denigrating the Church for her teachings on abortion and contraception to demand that the Church “overcome the taboos” surrounding adolescent sexuality—including homosexual behavior—by changing Church teachings on homosexual relations to conform to the prevailing culture espoused by the UN.

Recent Events Highlight UN’s Progressive Culture
Although Sandberg’s Committee on the Rights of the Child report has gotten the most publicity because it is the first to directly attack the Church in this way, the truth is that the report is just the latest in a long series of UN reports designed to make abortion an international right, and increase world-wide support for same-sex behavior.  A report issued last month by the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) entitled “Teaching and Learning: Achieving Quality for All,” is described by C-Fam in a report released last week as suggesting that the purpose of educating children is not simply to increase literacy, but also to teach them “where and how to have an abortion” and to be more accepting of same-sex behavior.

The UNESCO report decries that “in many parts of the world, people remain intransigent in their attitudes toward homosexuality.”  The truth is that many countries struggle with these new UN requirements to teach tolerance of homosexuality in their school curriculum while sodomy and homosexuality continue to be outlawed in their countries.

But, laws against abortion and homosexuality have not stopped UNESCO from promoting their pro-abortion and pro-same sex policies in the past.  In 2012, Maria Casado, director of UNESCO’s presence at the University of Barcelona, Spain called for a national registry of doctors who refuse to perform abortions.  According to LifeSiteNews, Casedo expressed opposition to restrictions to abortion in Spanish law and called for a more stringent definition of conscientious objection for doctors—claiming that her goal is to “respect rights in a democratic society, women’s rights as well as doctor’s rights…. When conscientious objection is transformed into a collective stance for ideological reasons, it turns into civil disobedience,” naming the Catholic Church as responsible insofar as it promotes conscientious objection to abortion.

And, while one of the goals of UNESCO and the Committee on the Rights of the Child has been population control through abortion and contraception, there is no other entity at the United Nations that has worked as ruthlessly for population control as the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA).  Exposed by Steven Mosher, president of the Population Research Institute, as being a direct participant in China’s coercive one-child policy, UNFPA is an international development agency that “promotes the right of every woman, man and child to enjoy a life of health and equal opportunity.”  Three core areas of UNFPA’s work focus on reproductive health, gender equality, and population and development strategies.  The main focus is on increasing access to contraception and abortion by working directly with governments throughout the world.

Population control supporters Bill and Melinda Gates have assisted the efforts of UNFPA through the Gates Foundation.  Recipients of the prestigious UNFPA Population Fund award in 2010, Bill and Melinda Gates have donated more than one billion dollars to family planning groups—including the UNFPA; International Planned Parenthood Federation; CARE International—an organization that works with the UN to lobby for legalized abortion in several African nations; Save the Children—a major promoter of the population control agenda; and the World Health Organization—an organization that forcibly sterilized thousands of women in the 1990s under the pretence of  providing tetanus vaccination services in Nicaragua, Mexico and the Philippines.

Sharing the same ideology as the UN, Bill and Melinda Gates view population control as the key to the future.  For Bill Gates, “there is no such thing as a healthy, high population growth country.  If you’re healthy you’re low-population growth…. As the world grows from 6 billion to 9 billion, all of that population growth is in urban slums.”

At an international women’s health conference called “Women Deliver” last May in Kuala Lumpur, Melinda Gates promised to expand access to family planning and promised to raise $4 billion to supply contraceptives, particularly Depo-Provera, to 120 million more women. Co-sponsored by the UNFPA, UNWomen, UNAIDS, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and others including the World Bank and the World Health Organization, the “Women Deliver” conference included a presentation by the late-term abortionist LeRoy Carhart who was there to instruct others on how best to expand abortion services.  Participants also heard presentations from Princeton University’s most famous abortion proponent and euthanasia advocate, Professor Peter Singer.

It is likely that the United Nations will continue its commitment to expanding access to abortion and contraception, and removing the taboos that surround homosexuality throughout the world.  The Catholic Church is one of the few remaining barriers to this expansion.  There will be continued attacks and the Church needs to prepare for them as the United Nations will continue to attempt to diminish the authority of the Church by resurrecting old clergy abuse cases and inflating statistics on past misdeeds by priests.

Pot Calls Kettle Black
Continuing a defensive stance has not been effective. The Catholic laity should demand that the United Nations look to its own failures to protect children.  Even Neil MacFarquhar, a reporter for the New York Times, had to admit in an article published in 2011 that the United Nations needs to “focus serious attention on addressing sexual crimes” by those involved in the peacekeeping missions globally: “But the question that diplomats, advocates and even some officials ask is why the efforts still lag in terms of investigating accusations and, making sure those who send troops and contractors abroad hold them accountable.”

In his Times article, MacFarquhar described a 2011 case in which “hundreds of Haitians protested in support of a teenage boy who said he was sexually assaulted by peacekeepers from Uruguay on a United Nations base, eliciting a furious rebuke from Haiti’s president and an apology from Uruguay.”

The Times article charges that human rights experts and some member states fault the United Nations for leaving too much of the job of enforcing its zero tolerance policy to others. Worse, MacFarquhar charges that “[i]ndividual cases and any disciplinary action are rarely made public.”  The Times also points out that the United Nations has been recalcitrant in responding as “senior officials defend the numbers as improving and argue that publicly shaming member states would make finding peacekeeping troops more difficult. Going into a blame and shame approach is counterproductive because this requires a mind-set change, said Susanna Malcorra, head of the logistics end of (UN) peacekeeping.”

Of course, as the most recent report issued by the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child, the UN has no problem in attempting to “shame” the Catholic Church by dredging up unsubstantiated allegations of priestly pedophilia.  In contrast, the sexual abuse by UN peacekeepers continues.  A report published last September in the United Nations own News Center described serious misconduct by its UN peacekeeping troops—including sexual abuse—in Mali.

More than a decade ago, the Christian Science Monitor suggested that “Wherever the UN has established operations in recent years, various violations of women seem to follow.” It seems that these violations also include sexual abuse involving young men and girls.  The Christian Science Monitor concludes that these violations have included a prostitution ring in Bosnia involving peacekeepers, UN staff members in West African withholding aid such as bags of flour from refugees in exchange for sexual favors, Jordanian peacekeepers in East Timor accused of rape, peacekeepers in Somalia accused of sexual abuses, and Moroccan and Uruguayan peacekeepers in Congo accused of luring youth into their camps with offers of food for sex.

Perhaps it is now time for the Church—including the laity—to stand up to the bullying by the various committees of the United Nations—including the Committee on the Rights of the Child.  It is time to expose the real agenda of the United Nations—most notably the UNFPA—to expand the lucrative contraceptive and abortion industry throughout the world, and remind others that the true protector of children remains the Catholic Church.

Anne Hendershott


Anne Hendershott is Professor of Sociology and Director of the Veritas Center at Franciscan University in Steubenville, Ohio. She is the author of Status Envy: The Politics of Catholic Higher Education; The Politics of Abortion; and The Politics of Deviance (Encounter Books). She is also the co-author of Renewal: How a New Generation of Priests and Bishops are Revitalizing the Catholic Church (2013).

  • Objectivetruth

    Great article, Anne. Hypocrisy, thy name is the United Nations. See the article below, there have been many bullying and cover up attempts by the UN concerning their rampant and widespread sex trafficking sins. UN officials lured one American contractor into Bosnia by promising a “perk” of plenty of accessible 12-15 year old girls for prostitution. Almost 29% of the UN’s $7.2 billion “peace keeping” budget comes from the United States. In hard economic times, when are we going to finally defund this immoral organization:


    • Anne Hendershott

      Thank you for this – did not realize the Bosnia “perk” – Awful.

  • Vinnie

    “Wherever the UN has established operations in recent years, various violations of women seem to follow.” It seems that these violations also include sexual abuse involving young men and girls..” No wonder they want “health” (abortion) for everyone.
    The world has gotten to the point where the solution is Jesus coming, once more.

  • thomas

    Hypocrisy begins with the house of God and there is no shortage
    of it among ourselves and within the church.

    • brother stranger

      No judgement begins with the house of God. We’ve been rightfully judged ,repented and pulled no stops to reform better than any institution on this planet.Our own (US) public schools have over 250’000 reported cases of reported abuse in a 10 year span while the Catholic church has 11’000 worldwide in over a 50 year span. (Obviosly 11’000 too many).furthermore they’re not allowed the convenience of the lie that homosexuality had nothing to do with this vary damaging perversion.
      The policies being pushed by the UN concerning the health of women and children and speak very well for they’re disbandment and hypocrisy and should be apparent to anyone with a free mind and a sole.( i.e.The true 2’000 year old Catholic Church)

      • tom

        You see with perspective, our Bolsheviks look with Hate.

    • LeonG

      Exactly, hypocrit popes who praise the UN as the unique world organisation capable of bringing world peace & justice. Everyone of them has done this (except short-lived JPI). Hypocrit bishops who protect and cover up for deviant presbyters and their own deviant ranks. JPII had Bishop Marcinkus, Cardinal Law and others called back to the Vatican to enjoy immunity to prosecution. yes, these are the hypocrits.

  • poetcomic1

    The UN is sort of a ‘Rosemary’s Baby’: Stalin was the father and all the innocent and hopeful moonshine of the Enlightenment’ West mothered it.

  • neil allen

    Great job of “bearing false witness” by you. You take a shred of the truth and emphasize it, take the real truth and minimize it, and try to convince all of your readers that this is the truth. Then play victim.

    God knows better, and knows what you did.

    The Catholic church was chastized by the UN for committing and convering up organized child rape, which is the most horrific crime that you can get away with, and Catholic priests did it more than anyone, anywhere. (Feel free to say its worse elsewhere, and I’ll prove how other dishonest Catholics are being dishonest).

    The 3 things you emphasized in the top paragraph were minimal, secondary points, and of course, you were as dishonest as you can get away with. They talked about specific cases of abortion, like whent ht life of the mother is in jeopardy. Again, you only mentioned a shred of the truth.

    These aren’t “old cases”. These are cases of priests raping children, and the victims are still avlie today. YOU imply that thier child rape was no big deal, but they never stopped thinking about it since the day they were being raped by “Christ on earth”, as Catholics call their Catholic priests. YOU never searched for the victim, you never helped them. Now your excuse is that they aren’t children anymore.

    Jesus said in Matt 18:6 that someone who rapes a child won’t be forgiven. Now you are fighting for the church that committed organized child rape, claiming that you are all victims. You never searched for the victims, as Jesus said to do in Matt 10:14. INstead, you whine about how the organized crime syndicate that committed these child rapes is being victimized.

    God is on the side of the child rape victims. You aren’t.

    • Objectivetruth

      Obviously, you’re missing the whole point of the article, or didn’t really read it, and are only cherry picking.

      My question is: Why is the UN gong after the Catholic Church and not Protestant denomination where pedophiliia ministers are a huge problem. Just google “Southern Baptist Convention minister pedophila” and see what comes up (also, see article below.) and the reason why the UN is so vehement in attacking the Catholic Church? As Anne said, the Catholic Church is the last roadblock in the way of the UN’s huge abortion and contraception push worldwide.


      • Adam__Baum

        Don’t feed the trolls. This guy has a long history of posting this kind of stuff. Must be a staff writer for Jack Chick.

        • Objectivetruth

          Do any sola scriptura guys that attack the Church realize the Catholic Church put the canon of scripture together? I think most of them believe Christ walked around handing out leather bound King James bibles.

          • Adam__Baum

            You really want to see an ss adovacate’s head explode, ask them about Luther’s statement about burning the book of James, if he could.

          • neil allen

            Change the subject, distract from the truth, avoid the truth. Just as you have been told.

            • TheAbaum

              Hey, Klansman. Did you read the masthead? We’re not here to discuss you or your calumny.

            • tom

              I don’t read Schlemiel Allen.

          • brother stranger

            Thats funny.been laughing for 5 mins

        • neil allen

          Mostly, don’t pay attention to the truth. Please show where I made any untrue statement.

          • TheAbaum

            Its up to you to disabuse you of your lies.

        • Ma Hester

          He’s not a staff writer for Jack Chick. He’s Patrick O’Malley (aka 617-Patrick), a self-promoted “social media expert” too inept to successfully hide his own identity. Google it. He has to hide his declarations that all Catholics are being raped in hell for all eternity, all Catholics are liars, etc. from potential “clients.”

          • TheAbaum

            Well now, with that name, we can surmise he’s one of those people who prove the old adage there’s no zealot like a convert (or apostate).

            Thanks for the insight. I wonder if there’s any good people left in Massachusetts who might think twice about engaging his services.

      • Adam__Baum

        Or the NEA? You think Mary Kay Laterno was an isolated case?

        • Objectivetruth

          I saw a study where between 1990-1999, 9.7% of all public school students were sexually molested in some capacity.

          • Adam__Baum

            I’ll bet that percentage is up now.

          • neil allen

            “I saw a study” – one of my favorite Catholic premises. Where is this study? Is it online? Exactly where? Are you distorting the truth, and were they?

            Maybe it was the Shakeshaft study. Of course, the details that you aren’t telling people are:

            – Shakeshaft asked students 14 questions about “abuse”, where 13 of them did not involve sex. The 13 included things like, “did anyone ever call you gay”
            – use stats like the ones above, and you can bear false witness and mislead people into thinking that this “abuse”, being called gay, is as bad as being anally raped by someone who calls themselves “Christ on earth”, so if the percentages of being called gay in a public school are higher than rape statistics from the Catholic church, then Catholics don’t have to worry, because everyone is just being mean to Catholics

            God isn’t stupid.

            • Adam__Baum

              God isn’t stupid.

              Right, he knows when the devil is quoting Scripture to his own end and using a surname as a pejorative.

              • neil allen

                Good distraction, good job avoiding the truth, and good insult. Just as you have been taught. The devil loves you.

                Now please explain how Jesus, in Matt 18:6, wasn’t saying that raping children isn’t forgivable. Then read up to Matt 18:14 and explain why the Catholic church shouldn’t have found every single victim and offered them psychological help.

                • TheAbaum

                  Don’t say you love me.

                • Objectivetruth

                  I’ll do that if you’ll show me where you have authority directly from Christ himself to interpret scripture correctly.

                  But you’re just here to agitate, attack, all with a hard heart……

                  • neil allen

                    I’m telling the truth, and Catholics haate the truth.

                    I read Matt 18:6, which is very clear, and from Jesus Christ Himself. Please tell me how I misinterpreted this very clear passage.

                    Is it interpreted differently by the Catholic church, who committed rampant, organized child rape, and protected the child rapists? How do they interpret it?

                    Please answer the question, and don’t distract.

                    • Objectivetruth

                      Oh good. Thanks again for the clarification. You must have met Christ for coffee some time and is that when He told you you have authority over scripture? Did he also ask you why you’re constantly persecuting the Church He started?

                      You’re an anti Catholic troll, Neil. Nothing more, nothing less.

                    • Objectivetruth

                      Which one of the 30,000 Protestant denominations are you Neil?

                    • Julie

                      Neil, nobody is defending clergy abuse. Sola Scripture is based on personal opinion. So it must carry over into how you look at any other scandal afflicting the Church.
                      You have to look at Scripture in context of its times, for one thing.
                      And this past century and free sex, and America living in a deluge of sexual images, can affect anyone.
                      I saw an article in USA Today, October, 2011 and can no longer find it as I used it. It showed graphs and maps and your public school system has sex abuse 100% of the Church.

                      Catholic Church abuse is at the bottom of percentages. Protestant is higher.
                      Because you pick and choose and ignore the sexual abuse and promotion of contraception and abortion in your own quarters, you are no defender of the truth of Jesus Christ, and turn the Word of God as a tool to promote your own hypocritical abuse by using religion as a veil to hide your own malice.
                      Thank God Christ has power to forgive the sins of His repenting Church or you and I would not be here today.

                    • TheAbaum

                      Show me in the Bible where it says the Bible is ….

                    • Objectivetruth

                      Protestants constantly choose to point out the Church’s sins or attack Church teaching, but if you ask them to show Apostolic succession and authority over scripture for their corner zion church of the gospel bar and grille, well…..they don’t answer your question and just go back to attacking teaching and pointing out the Church’s sins.

                    • TheAbaum

                      “Protestants constantly choose to point out the Church’s sins or attack Church teaching,”

                      It’s a curious thing. Luther asserted that humanity was inherently corrupt, and then become shocked when he saw sin-of course forgetting he too would be subject to his own condemnation.

                      He complained about the “luxury of Priests”, too bad he never got to see the lifestyles of the TV pastor and their immaculately tailored clothes.

                    • Julie

                      The bible is a collection of works that recognizes God as author but likewise you must take into account this: It is written by people. Christianity is not a religion of the book. Christ did not pass out bible books. Instead the Word is Logos, the Living Word. You have to seek what the actual authors intended and not what you want to make it say, of what the Truth of God is saying in finite, imperfect human events.
                      The Bible is not a science book or a history book, although Joshua through Kings does speak history.
                      The bible is the representation of faith through salvation history. You must take into account ‘the conditions of their times, the modes of feeling, speaking and narrating rather than through your current time. “Truth is differently presented and expressed in the various types of historical writing, prophetical and poetic texts, and in other forms of literary expression”.
                      It is the Church who has the authority, from Christ, to bring us the Bible and properly interpret it through its theologians. The Church follows the LXX version, the Septuagint, which was put together 200 years — before Christ — by 70 Jewish rabbis under direction of Egyptian emperor Ptolemy, to have them included in his library. Each rabbi composed the books separately. When they finally came together, they were all unified, word by word, phrase by phrase, identical to each other. This interpretation of Scripture was that used by the apostles themselves, and it is called the Septuagint.
                      In regards to the story of creation, surrounding cultures had similiar stories or myths. Myths can exist, and likewise Truth of God can work through myths to give us some understanding of who we are, where we came from, and where we are going, and where we will end.

                    • Objectivetruth

                      Excellent, Julie!

                      One of my favorite Byzantine style mosaics is that of St. Matthew behind the altar at St. Matthew’s Cathedral in Washington, DC. It shows a seated Matthew with his open gospel on his lap, while an angel standing behind him has his hand on Matthew’s shoulder.

                    • Julie

                      We don’t follow dissenting individual men, but the tradition of faith and the understanding of Christ given to us by His apostles.

                    • TheAbaum

                      I agree but my point was that for the Bible to be complete and self interpreting, it would have to make that assertion.

                      On the contrary,passages explicitly state that they are incomplete, and there is no assertion that it is a complete self-interpreting code of conduct.

                      How could it? Christianity didn’t have a Bible for several hundred years.

                      As a method of governments or ensuring doctrinal conformity, ss is a remarkable failure. The preview to the fractiousness was Luther and Zwingli’s disagreements.

                      It was compiled as a narrative, not a codex or a cudgel.

                    • Objectivetruth

                      From scripturecatholic.com. So if a Protestant opened his/her bible and looked for a specific NT reference to the OT (and if the reference was to the deuterocanonical books), they couldn’t find that OT reference:

                      “Of the approximately 300 Old Testament quotes in the New Testament, approximately 2/3 of them came from the Septuagint (the Greek translation of the Old Testament) which included the deuterocanonical books that the Protestants later removed. This is additional evidence that Jesus and the apostles viewed the deuterocanonical books as part of canon of the Old Testament”

                    • Objectivetruth


                      I had cut and pasted this from an article on Catholic scripture and tradition, it eloquently bookends the whole discussion:

                      “And the question always is “what is God’s word?”. As I am sure we all know, God’s ultimate Word is Jesus Christ (John 1:1). It is from and in him that we find God speaking to us. It will interest you to know that Jesus passed this Word of God unto his apostles who, first by word of mouth and then by their lives, bore witness to this Word. These apostles continued practices established by Christ himself to perpetuate the ‘speaking’ of God in time, first and foremost the Mass. Some of this witness was put to writing, some continue to live in the practices of the Church, some live too in the understanding of its members championed by the Bishops singularly and collectively who have assumed the office of the apostles. This witness is kept alive and true by the Holy Spirit who resides in the holy lives of the faithful. This witness is protected by the Holy Spirit in the Seat of Peter (for someone who would deny Jesus three times it was the Father that spoke through him when Jesus asked, “Who do you say I am?” – Matt. 16:16. We could say he wasn’t a holy man then).

                      The point I am making here is that God’s word is preserved not only in the writings of his immediate witnesses but also in the practices and understanding left behind by those same witnesses. So to refer to the new Testament scriptures exclusively as God’s word and to give it primacy is to assume that it is Christ himself. God’s word too is in the practices of the Church and its understanding, what we may call its Tradition (living witness or maybe its unwritten witness). These things cannot contradict each other but only help to open our minds to a clearer vision of the Word himself. Mind you, it was this living witness of the Church that bore witness to the truth of the scriptures by establishing them in its cannon.

                      God’s Word’s is indeed prime but God’s Word does not only subsist in scripture but also in the very life of his Church.”

                    • Julie

                      Beautiful sharing, and I hope Neal reads your open, heart felt post.
                      Jesus is the Living Word, the entire summation of the Word of God. He wants the sacrifice of our will and our way of looking at things, so we can allow Him to truly live within us and give us a life giving vision of all that He gives to us.

                    • Ma Hester

                      Don’t bother with “Neil”. He’s really Patrick O’Malley (aka 617-Patrick), a self-promoted “social media expert” too inept to successfully hide his own identity. Google it. He has to hide his declarations that all Catholics are being raped in hell for all eternity, all Catholics are liars, etc. from potential “clients.”

                    • Julie

                      The USA seems to be full of them.

                      Well, I hope others read the sound and educated comments in reaction to the UN. From what I have heard, they have a much deeper, and more lethal agenda, and we don’t know if we will be here on the planet if they succeed.

                    • Objectivetruth

                      What I’ve noticed about the frustration with Protestants Neil is the realization that they are just one interpretation of more than 30,000 different protestant interpretations of scripture. I’ve seen Protestants in firery arguments with one another that their interpretation of a scriptural passage is correct, while the other Protestants interpretation is wrong. It becomes this cascading splintering of Protestant “towers of babel” where every Protestant toting a bible thinks they’re their own pope and that only THEY know what Christ meant in a particular scripture passage. . Hence, the 30,000 protestant communities today. How do you know Neil, that your interpretation is correct, and that the Protestant that lives next door to you interpreting differently, is wrong? And do you just tear out the pages in your bible (Matthew 16, for example) that don’t agree with what you want the bible to mean? And where does it discuss sola scriptura in scripture, can you point that out to me? Sounds all very confusing. Can’t believe this is what Christ wanted for His Church, Neil.

                    • Julie

                      Problem with Sola Scriptura is that you look at yourself and your opinion and the opinion of men to read Scripture.
                      Likewise, Protestantism is essentially protest against the Church, instead of looking at Christ. So first, you are inclined to look at men again to discern them, and then secondly you are looking at men to judge them which only Christ can do, and thirdly, you are looking at the failure of a few bad priests to invalidate Christ’s Church. Your faith is based on the opinions of men and really not on Christ.

                      Think about that. And Luther, to find a ‘pure’ version, went back to the Hebrew interpretation that was done with dissenting and disagreeing rabbis, 200 years after Christ who did not accept Him.

                      Instead the Catholic Church follows the same interpretation of the tradition of faith as the Apostles did and use: the Septuagint, put together 200 years before Christ that anticipated His coming.
                      So the interpretations of Scripture you use are likewise compromised because they are drawing on that which did not accept Christ but human opinion.

                • TheAbaum

                  Speaking of psychological help…

            • Objectivetruth

              Here ya go…..


              And you’re right, God isn’t stupid. So once again, let’s cut to the chase. What’s your true beef against the Catholic Church? Or is it just pure ignorance of the Church on your part?

        • Objectivetruth

          9.7% of public school students between 1990-1999 were sexually assaulted by teachers/administrators at some point during their school years:


          • neil allen

            Quoting lifesitenews about the Catholic church – awesome.

            Of course, you manages to twist the truth even further. The story says, “misconduct”, and you changed it to assault”. You are bearing false witness, but you are clever.

            You referring to the DOE study, and “the media” didn’t publicize it because it was debunked by the DOE because it was an “extrapolation”. They didn’t use enough data to be statistically significant. They chose a small sample of 250 teachers, 181 from New York, and by the way, it didn’t involve rape. It involved all kinds of sexual misconduct, most of which wasn’t actual sex.

            Regardless, all if would have proven is that they aren’t God’s church either. God’s church could commit, conceal and condone organized child rape, and their followers wouldn’t distort the truth about it.

            But you keep on misleading people for your god….

            • Objectivetruth

              “Misconduct”, “Assault”……oh, boy! Goody! Thanks for the clarification! I definitely then want a teacher accused of “sexual misconduct” around my 8 year old!

              But let’s cut to the chase: you are obviously an anti Catholic troll only in here to attack the Church.

              • neil allen

                Well, you were lying. Even your 8 year old knows that.

                You shouldn’t want your 8 year old around a teacher accuses of “sexual misconduct”, but you DEFINITELY don’t want him to learn religion from a Catholic pedophile priest that actually raped multiple children. And since the Catholic church hid every single one of them that did, you never know who the child rapists are in the Catholic church.

                They were finally forced to admit the 4,392 in the US in 2004, but there were many more. Christians would seek the truth, but you have been taught to distort it, or lie, and you are comfortable with that.

                Now you consider yourself a victim. Awesome how far you have strayed form the truth, all in defense of organized child rape.

                • Guest

                  Not pedophiles, but homosexuals.

                • Guest

                  Lies all in the defense of organized propaganda.

              • Ma Hester

                He’s Patrick O’Malley (aka 617-Patrick), a self-promoted “social media expert” too inept to successfully hide his own identity. Google it. He has to hide his declarations that all Catholics are being raped in hell for all eternity, all Catholics are liars, etc. from potential “clients.”

      • neil allen

        I followed your distraction. SIX protestant ministers.

        In the US, the Catholic church ADMITTED 4,392 substantiated, accused, child sex abusing priests in their own John Jay report of 2004, and no institution in history is even close to this number. That was 4%, but it was 8-9% in the 70s and 80s, and that’s just the ones they admitted.

        Of course, they lied, and the number is now well over 6,100.

        Of course, in the Catholic church, its also organized crime, because each child rapist confesses each rape to another priest, and he lets him go free to rape as many more children as he can. Then bishops moved the child rapists around to rape more children, and every priest hid the truth about it.

        Everyone hides it, and the congregants have to distort the truth to make everyone think it is ok with God, or that somehow that the Catholic church is are now the victim.

        That is why the UN is going after the Catholic church. It is MUCH worse than anyone else. But, please show ANY institution anywhere that ADMITTED more than 4,392 substantiated, accused, child sex
        offenders in the US.


        • Objectivetruth


          You can search on the web yourself, the high number of Prtestant ministers that have been accused of pedophilia. I’m not going to do your work for you.

          But seriously. What is the real reasons for your bigotry against the Catholic Church?

        • schmenz

          First of all, the vast majority of these cases – and I am talking about the substantiated ones, not the ones you are creating in your own mind – involve homosexual buggering of adolescent boys. “Child rape” – the actual molesting of a small child by a grown man or woman – is almost non-existent in these cases vis-a-vis the Church.

          Facts are important, my friend.

      • LeonG

        I’m not fooled by UN or national education & care systems etc. For example, in UK 1,000 known teachers abused children last year & that’s without an independent public inquiry that I have been advocating for years. The UN is a cess pit of iniquity. However, so is the liberal modernist new church run by the humbug post-conciliar papacies who like to run with the hare and hunt with the hounds; who punish only traditional Catholics but allow the modernists to do as they please.

    • Guest

      Talk about bearing false witness.

    • Arriero

      This smells rotten-protestant, ergo cynic and non-nietzschean-nihilistic.

      Those who have raped anyone need to convert to the True Faith, again. I feel ashamed with evil. This Church, of course, is always above the wicked.

      Those who endemically criticize the Church need to convert to the True Faith, too (at least now that there are no stakes anymore).

      The UN is, by the way, a post-modern product of protestant-nihilism and profoundly anti-Catholic. Just like liberalism (coming from Hume&Menger) and marxism (coming from neo-ebionites Leyden&Muntzer).

      God is on the Church’s side. Because the Church is with the weak. The Church is, has been and will always been with them. We don’t confuse the part with the whole.

      • Julie

        This core group coming out of the UN that Neil admires so much has an agenda that is truly Satanic. He should spend his time learning about them and realize 95% of the clergy are good.

        • Arriero

          I think it’s simpler. They’re simply envious and resented about the great Institutional power of the Church.

          Some time ago a woman stopped me on the street asking for money for an NGO to help poor africans. She also delivered a very nice speech about rights, UN and such stuff. But I’m able to smell a pseudo-progressive thirty miles away.

          I swiftly cut her and said: how are supposed all these wonderful UN human rights to be true without an almighty God? Is there any chance to exist natural rights without God? No, end of story.

          That mainly explains why the only true saviour of the weak, the afflicted, the poor and the needed is the Catholic Church. And a powerful Catholic Church means, among other things, that the UN is a nonsensical institution. They know the only way they have to gain power is diminishing Church’s one. I don’t play this game.

          • TheAbaum

            “I don’t play this game.”

            Yes you do. This government as it is, not as you imagine it to be.

          • Julie

            Good for you.

            I just cannot believe how women today are going against their own nature to be the caring, loving women God called them to be.

            We must pray for all women to seek their identity in the Virgin Mary.

    • michael susce

      “for committing and covering up organized child rape, which is the most horrific crime that you can get away ” If you can murder a child in the womb you can certainly have sex with it outside the womb.

      • TheAbaum

        51 million and counting….

        • Arriero

          And no brave governments (except in some odd «statist» like Ireland or Spain) with enough courage to set the record straight and ban what should be banned.

          I don’t expect this to be regulated in the US. The forces of irrationality are fighting fiercely. Thankfully, Meister Eckhart already long ago gave hope: «Das Licht leuchtet in der Finsternis, und die Finsternis hat es nicht erfasst».

          • TheAbaum

            You mean Spain, whose fidelity to the Magisterium caused it to legalize SSM in 2005?

            I’m really tired of your nationalistic hypocrisy.

            • Arriero

              Under a crappy nihilist-socialist government. The worst from the worst.

              But bad laws can only be overcome by good laws. Spain is light years ahead – from a political-institutional Catholic point of view – from the US and probably the majority of other Catholic european countries.

              The other day I watched for pleasure the 1985 State of the Union speech by Ronald Reagan and I was impressed by how much the public speech has changed in thirty years. «A nation under God», he liked to say.

              To end, a funny map: http://media-cache-ec0.pinimg.com/736x/3c/35/b1/3c35b161ac900a2085ce28e71231e907.jpg

              The Vatican and the Pope know they will always be very welcome in the south-west. History is history.

              • TheAbaum

                Click your heels together and you might get to Oz,. Dorothy.

                • Crisiseditor

                  Come now, Mr. Bomb. We don’t need Molotov Cocktails thrown at our readers. Mr. Arriero’s views are perfectly acceptable on this site. If you must object, do so constructively.

                  • Arriero

                    Mr. Baum has an aggressive style but I’m not upset for it.

                    I appreciate him, and I know he also has a good time arguing with me. I understand his anger with such BAD american government he has to bear with.

                    My aim here is to point out the importance of GOOD government, GOOD leaders, GOOD laws. Also to explain and argue about the intrinsic nihilistic anti-Catholic nature of protestant-liberalism, contrasting it with the first and real Catholic liberalism from the School of Salamanca, especially that of Azpilicueta – monetary economics -, Molina – political economy – and Father Juan de Mariana – commerce, economy and natural rights -. It’s worth noting that everything later said by anglo-saxon and french political sicentists about political liberalism and democracy was already wonderfully exposed by Bartolomé de las Casas; summarized in three main points: «1) todo poder deriva del pueblo, 2) los príncipes lo ostentan por delegación suya, y para servirle 3) cualquier acto importante de gobierno requiere consulta y aprobación». (in english: 1) all power derives from the people, 2) the princes hold the power by delegation from the people, and to serve them, 3) any major act of government requires consultation and approval)

                    I also want to show how post-modernism is a product of protestantism carried to its logical (cfr. Pope Benedict), which has tried for at least two centuries to little by little marginalizing the Church and taking away from her any real power of decission to shape the world following the Word of God. The current apathy and resignation from many Catholics that are witnessing so evil acts is a mere consequences of such misunderstood liberalism which also itself misunderstood freedom (see Auxiliis polemic), of a Church that has lost earthly greatness.

                    I don’t like when I see Catholic Americans playing the same anti-government-per-se game of pseudo-calvinists, who have always hated regulation and institutional power and government, beginning with the Church’s one. When I hear a well-known tv-commentator – married half a dozen times, by the way – calling a Pope marxist, my blood boils. These opinions, even more than those of some naive-happy-flowers progressives with no clue about the Church, are those who really hurt the Church, because they hurt her from within. We’re merely for a purer Church.

                    • TheAbaum

                      I know who you are, so spare me the superficial courtesies.

                      Tell us about GOOD government, GOOD leaders, GOOD laws and anti-Catholicism AFTER you explain how it was that Spain killed thousands of Priests in its anti-clerical period and has been recognizing SSM since 2005.

                  • TheAbaum

                    That wasn’t a Molotov Cocktail, it was a light.

                    In all candor what are his “views”? I can’t tell what they are other than he hates the United States. They are so devoid of facts “Under a crappy nihilist-socialist government. The worst from the worst.” I have to ask are they views or fantasies?

                    Point out that Spain legalized SSM in 2005, and he writes “Spain is light years ahead – from a political-institutional Catholic point of view – from the US” with out the slightest bit of self-awareness. I’m not much of a flag waver, but the needs to pull the log out of his own eye, first. Do I have to point out Spain killed something like 7000 clergy during it’s anti-clerical period? If we’re accountable for Jefferson’s deism, he’s accountable for those murders.

                    Writing this “But bad laws can only be overcome by good laws”. from anywhere in Europe is silly. There’s nothing but bad laws coming from Europe and most of the rest of the world.

                    Views need to be grounded in reality.

                    • Arriero

                      – «[…] he hates the United States».

                      No, I don’t. Or, better said, I can’t. There are some great personal reasons which prevent me from hating a country of very admirable and honest people. (by the way, I already said and explained you why is a nonsense hating «countries» as a whole).

                      – «[…] loves government»

                      Yes, especially the one that comes from God through the Church. Luther and Calvin hated that government, and worked hard to undermine it. Don’t you like the Church’s government? Maybe you simply have a very narrow definition of government, which wrongly equates it with socialism, which in turn is wrongly equated with statism.

                      – «[…] and thinks he knows something about economics».

                      At least I know – and I already explained you – why money is important and which is its role as the medium of account and the medium of exchange. This is no little concept.

                      – «[…] Point out that Spain legalized SSM in 2005, and he writes “Spain is light years ahead – from a political-institutional Catholic point of view – from the US” with out the slightest bit of self-awareness.»

                      It is. If you have any chance, visit Spain anytime during Easter holidays. You will be impressed by the public presence of Catholicism and the vocation of the faithful. I consider the US to be a very admirable conservative country, but not an intrinsically Catholic country (I’m judging here the whole, not the part). Not by its history, not by its foundation.

                      – «[…] Do I have to point out Spain killed something like 7000 clergy during it’s anti-clerical period?».

                      You don’t need to because I pretty well know what happened. In a nutshell, all anti-Catholic leftist forces – socialists, communists, anarchists, trostkists, et al – against the public presence of the Catholic Church. Thankfully, they lost the power upon government. Because government is not the problem, the problem is who is in front of government.

                      Some time ago I was visiting Daimiel monastery where many saints were bloody murdered ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Martyrs_of_Daimiel ). The experience really touched me, as I went there with someone who lived very closely the facts. I’m sorry, but I can’t do anything but extolling the greatness of such people and such country, the greatest evangelizer in the True Faith in world’s history (with no offense to others in the rest of the world who fought to uphold the Truth).

                      – «[…] There’s nothing but bad laws coming from Europe and most of the rest of the world.»

                      Sure, especially since the once marxist daughter of a protestant pastor is in charge of Europe. Don’t forget there was a time when the fathers of the great Europe were Konrad Adenauer (german and devout Catholic), Alcide de Gasperi (italian and devout Catholic), Jean Monnet (french and Catholic) and Robert Schuman (french and Catholic). Europe is still the Faith, and the Faith is still Europe (being this Pope american, although from italo-spanish roots yet)

                      This is the european identity I praise. This is the european identity (by extent, the american identity, both north and south) I want. Pope Benedict fought for it, and I’m with him in the Institutional defense of the Catholic roots of Europe. I don’t want a marginalized Church.

                    • TheAbaum

                      You really have to be a towering pile of arrogance to expect that anybody will read that tedious and vainglorious soliloquy. There’s EF-5 Tornadoes that aspire to that much wind.

                      You already expressed your views on the U.S, Wormwood, now stop lying.

                    • Arriero

                      Maybe. Note the effort, at least.

                      Though not so arrogant to disdain or deny the Institutional power of the Church and her crucial political role over the centuries in shaping the world following the Word of God.

                      «A nation under God»


                    • TheAbaum

                      “Luther and Calvin hated that government”

                      Luther didn’t hate Government, he worked with governments and explicitly advocated the surrender of marriage as an affair of government.

                      Another lie.

                    • TheAbaum

                      “Europe is still the Faith”

                      Pretentious, arrogant chauvinistic, drivel. Europe’s faith is transnationalism, because the former god nationalism gave us two world wars and millions dead.

                  • Objectivetruth

                    Personally, I like Mr. Bomb’s rapier wit, knowledge of the faith and command of the English language, it adds some flavor to the forum. If homosexuals, atheists and so-called “progressives” are allowed to free wheel their ideology at volumes above 11 on this (Catholic) website, so should the views of a passionate Catholic. As Sunday’s gospel tells us, Mr. Bomb is bringing much needed “salt” to the defense of Catholic orthodoxy here, and I believe much welcomed, lest the forum becomes a high jacked anti Catholic Boeing 747.

  • Thomas

    Anne, while you are on the subject, you should prepare the sequel: what the IRS is or will do to punish those who financially support PRI, The National Organization of Marriage, et. al. Your essays are very lucid.

    • Julie

      Thomas, this is the other issue people ignore. When people cannot pay on Obamacare, it is really taxation and will eliminate the middle class…people cannot pay the fines, what will happen to them? This cabral within the UN already wants world population to greatly decrease so they and their types can have the world for themselves.

  • Art Deco

    Waal, we are doing it to ourselves. The conceivably useful international organizations are specialized agencies for which membership in the United Nations is not a requirement. The only exceptions are UNICEF, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, and the regional commissions. We can strike a blow for truth and justice by withdrawing from the United Nations and some of the dodgier specialized agencies (the ILO?), telling them they have a year to get their arses out of Manhattan, and setting up bilateral programs which substitute for American participation in UNICEF and UNHCR. We might even condition bilateral aid on a recipient country’s refusal to participate in the work of the more nefarious agencies (e.g. UNFPA and UNRWA).

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  • Julie

    There is alot more than meets the eye with this crowd. Anyone who upholds the sanctity of human life, of freedom of religion, and the preservation of the human race need to watch these people and start becoming more aware. Contact this Catholic organization as they are in need of great help.

    • tom

      We’re left with Irish ministers refusing to celebrate the Church-sponsored St. Patrick’s Day Parade in NYC because the Church doesn’t agree with gay marriage. I’ll skip that next trip to Eire.

      • Julie

        The 10 commandments are embedded on every soul. We follow our conscience.

        Nothing in the Church says to mistreat a gay. I work with a household of wonderful people who are homosexual and they know I am Catholic.
        The commandments say to honor one’s mother and father, because they are the ones in which we owe our existence. That is the issue.

        So if you want to strike back at Catholics or other people of good will because it is not in accord with their conscience, that homosexual unions do not create new life nor can fulfill the honor of mother and father, the best place for a child to grow and develop, then that is most intolerant and unreasonable on your part.

        Our conscience comes from the depths of our beings. I don’t violate yours. I do not abuse gays or mistreat them or but relate to them as equals and I love many of those in this orientation.

        But my conscience speaks differently to me than yours.

        Respect it as I respect you.

        • tom

          Intolerant to honor a Catholic-sponsored parade and not have a Bank Robber’s Division or a “Catholics for Wall Street Graft” float?
          the church forgives sinners, it doesn’t propagate sins, silly.
          I suspect you’d disapprove if a Jewish Parade didn’t permit CAIR or the PLO to march with them, too. You can accuse me of being “intolerant” and I’ll prayerfully describe you as a Daughter of Relativism…the curse of our times.

          It is, indeed, my conscience seeing that rewarding an Irish pol’s attacks on my Church when it celebrates its existence every March 17 is appropriate. Quebec will be nice this Summer, not the ruins at Cashel.

          • Julie

            I am fine with civil unions. But marriage means a man and woman and it has been that way, it is a fact of life, two gays can’t procreate.
            In Marriage there is status in that the man and woman are entering into permanent state to provide the best care for children and their society’s future.
            The vast majority of people throughout the entire world know this, and just because radical power people, the media, and others try to impose their minority view on people, people know there is no marriage. Civil union, yes. But you cannot change the real meaning of marriage.
            Good for the priests who stand up for the sanctity of marriage!

            • TheAbaum

              “I am fine with civil unions. ”

              That train left a long time ago. It was nothing more political device that was meant to be a transitional arrangement, a functional equivalent with a different name.

              • Michael Paterson-Seymour

                Yet in Europe, many opposite-sex couples are opting for civil unions. In France, in 2010, there were 250,000 weddings and 200,000 PACSs [pacte civil de solidarité] or civil unions.

                In 2000, the year before civil unions were introduced for both same-sex and opposite-sex couple, there were 350,000 weddings.

                There is no “functional equivalence,” for the rule that the child conceived or born in marriage has the husband for father does not apply to civil unions.

                • TheAbaum

                  Terrific. Europe is leading the way on the deformation and misuse of marriage.

                  I can’t wait until Arrerio tells me how makes Europe “light years ahead”.

                  • Arriero

                    «[…] Europe “light years ahead”».

                    There is nothing that europeans are tasting that americans have not tasted yet.

                    I say:

                    1) Spain, Ireland, Poland, Italy and Slovakia, for instance, are “light years ahead”. Don’t doubt it. The french right most probably will win the next european elections and the local power they already have is astonishing. French is in our side, I’ve never had any doubt about it. Ultimately, french are also «Latins», coming from the latin tradition. Besides, they gathered in the streets against homosexual marriage a number of people never imagined in America for this kind of issue.

                    2) Europe is still the Faith and the Faith is still Europe (Hilaire Belloc, and recently put into fashion again by Pope Benedict). I assess «Europe» in a cultural-religious-institutional basis. That’s why I consider a german-descent argentinian from Buenos Aires, an italian-american from Brooklyn or a south-african like Tolkien to be European, in its most exceptional meaning.

                    Don’t get me wrong. I have nothing to do – and even less to share – with the daughter of a pastor now in charge of Europe, the socialist adulterator in charge of France, the happy-flower neo-hippies from the so-beloved Northern european countries or the pseudo-calvinists eutanasia-for-childs-proponents from Belgium.

                    • TheAbaum

                      Hillaire Belloc is dead for decades. He’s not here to make contemporaneous observations. Then again, he was never able to speak ex Cathedra, delusions of some aside.

                      Spin it all you want, but Francis’ represents a break with Europe.

                      This might offend your fantasies, but the EU, the Euro, the bailout of Greece, all represent the intellectual bankruptcy of Europe.

                      Beat your chest for imagined past glories all you want, but European intellectual disorder gave us two world wars, and tens of million dead.

                    • Arriero

                      – «[…] Pope Francis represents a break with Europe.»

                      Not yet. He is very european. He is, ultimately, a Bergoglio. Apart, any respectable cardinal with options to be Pope has pursued studies in Rome, under european influence.

                      – «[…] the snobs that imagine some sort of hereditary hegemony over the Chair of St. Peter in that event.»

                      The Pope is actually the Bishop of Rome. Rome is central to the Church. I would have prefered the capital of the EU to be in Rome, and not in this little city that is Brussels.

                      – «[…] This might offend your fantasies, but the EU, the Euro, the bailout of Greece, all represent the intellectual bankruptcy of Europe.»

                      Absolutely. It hurts me such a decadent Europe. Intellectually it is, overall, bankrupted, yes. It’s difficult to find the intellectual support that the Church still has in America with sites like this and many others. But there are yet great rays of light and hope.

                      PD- The euro is the biggest nonsense ever built by a group of men. The EU is an anti-Catholic joke that serves everybody but the people. The bailout of Greece was a monumental stupidity and a robbery for them, for us and for the world. The other day I was eyeing and old book by Chesterton: «The barbarism of Berlin».


                    • TheAbaum

                      “He is very european. He is, ultimately, a Bergoglio. ”

                      Blah, blah, blah. If he is the product of a European background, let’s examine the cesspool that is Argentina.

                    • Art Deco

                      It’s not a cesspool. On a global scale it is above the mean in its affluence. It has just made a great many bad decisions in the realm of political economy.

                    • TheAbaum

                      Contrary to the opinion of some, I don’t judge a country merely by it’s per capita GPD, but things like its long history of kleptocracy. The bookends are the Kirchners and Peron.


                      They field an excellent soccer team, though.

                    • Arriero

                      Argentina was the richest south-american country in the late XIXth and early XXth century, and one of the world richest nations in the world during that time, actually. This explains the great outflow of immigrants from Europe.


                      When assessing Argentina one has to be careful. Buenos Aires and the surrounding cities are even now pretty rich and developed for first-world standarts. The big problem is a big chunk of mainly rural and extremely under-developed provinces from the north and the south – there are some similarities with the Italian situation -.

                      Politically it is a total mess. Some like to say that a country has what people deserve…

                      PD- I’ve liked your mention of «lawlessness and fiscal disorder». These are not fixed magically.

                    • Art Deco

                      No, it was a total mess from about 1943 to 1983. It has had its achievements in the intervening decades.

                    • Arriero

                      Argentinians had some achievements especially under Carlos Menem, who had a quite balanced reformist agenda and achieved some interesting targets regarding development, growth and prosperity issues.

                      The currency/economic crisis forced his successor, de la Rúa, to resign.

                      Since then we pretty well know the whole story (see the «Corralito», which sounded again plausible for South-european countries during the 2012 euro-crisis). Personally, I don’t bear the Kirchners, especially the lips-full-of-botox Cristina Kirchner (who, besides, expropriated a filial from the biggest Spanish oil-company – Repsol IPF – last year).

                      «Seriousness» is not a very fashionable word in Argentine politics.

                    • Art Deco

                      Patagonia is fairly affluent, and it is not just the flows from a natural resource bonanza.

                      There an astonishing variation in income levels from one province to another in Argentina, a good deal worse than Italy or France or Britain or Spain (much less the United States, which has only modest variation). Patagonia and greater Buenos Aires have standards of living like the better off countries of Eastern Europe. The northwestern provinces are more like Paraguay.

                    • Art Deco

                      Contrary to the opinion of some, I don’t judge a country merely by it’s per capita GPD,

                      Well bully for you.

                      I am not generous in judging political systems. Most are cesspools, because most politicians are covetous and venal.

                      Rather stereotyped.

                      Corruption in Argentina approximates regional norms, per Transparency International. People on the take are not what is salient about Argentina’s problems.

                      What you see is more a persistently perverse and highly short-term reaction to the challenges of building and maintaining a prosperous economy. To some extent you saw this elsewhere in Latin America. In 1928, the Southern Cone of South America was part of the first world. Forty years and decades of bad economic policy later, it was one of the more affluent components of the third world. The fall in relative standing is fairly unusual in all periods of the modern era if not unprecedented absent large-scale wartime destruction.

                      Things are better on that score than they were forty years ago, but Argentina did in 1992 adopt a policy nostrum that Uruguay and Chile avoided: the currency board. The efforts to maintain it and then the forced abandonment of it had their consequences in a a wretched economic implosion during the years running from 1999 to 2004. That’s how you ended up with the Kirchners.

                    • TheAbaum

                      You written eloquently in favor a view that there is a deficient polity in Argentina, so thanks for elaborating on my assertion.

                    • tom

                      As soon as “The Wall” fell, communists invaded and now run Europe.

                    • Arriero

                      Or as Roger Water would sing it:

                      «We don’t need no education/We dont need no thought control/No dark sarcasm in the classroom/Teachers leave them kids alone/Hey! Teachers! Leave them kids alone!/All in all it’s just another brick in the wal» [Another Brick in the Wall (1979)].

                      Who really needs all this post-modern pseudo-education in anti-values? Little Calvins, who thought they were gods.

                      The light of Catholicism always overcomes the darkness.

                    • Bo Radish

                      Your hyper-nationalist, America-As-Savior-Of-The-World fantasizing is not constructive. Europe would be a much more Christian place today if the crazed fascist Woodrow Wilson had kept us out of Europe’s war, as he promised America he would. The U.S. government enabled and prolonged Stalin’s horrors, just as Wilson’s “Fourteen Points” guaranteed more war. Stop listening to Glen Beck and read some serious history!

                    • TheAbaum

                      I do not listen to Glen Beck. Swing and a miss.

                    • tom

                      How about the communists in charge of the EU?

                    • Arriero

                      How about the anti-Catholic bad-Government guy in charge of the US?

                      (actually, the EU is full of right-wing anti-Catholic bad-government statists. Or what I better call «coorporativist neo-fascism revisited».)

                  • Art Deco

                    Muslims amount to about 6% of the population of France, France has adequate fertility rates, and the feeder countries for Muslim immigration have fertility rates near replacement levels. The only demographic tide which might injure France given current conditions would be illegal immigration.

                    • TheAbaum
                    • Art Deco

                      Your point is what? That someone at Gatestone is using a different set of survey research and that the French police are ineffectual. France can do something about its policing strategy and staffing. However, comparative fertility levels are not a threat to France. Illegal immigration might be.

                    • TheAbaum

                      The point is that thoughtful people disagree with you.

                    • tom

                      Yeah…Muslims from Africa in a tidal wave of humanity. Isn’t 40% of Marseille Muslim, now, with Jews running for their lives?

                    • Arriero

                      Marsella has a big problem with inmigration. It’s, in my humble opinion, an awful city.

                      Of course, the majority of France is not like Marsella. France is yet a respectable country.

                      England has, without any doubt, a bigger problem with immigration. Cities like Bristol, which are not among the biggest ones, have a very high number of immigrants, especially from muslim countries (at least, east-europeans are harder to differentiate).

                      A product of the profoundly anti-Catholic concept of «multiculturanism».


                    • Art Deco

                      The last set of figures I saw said that Marseille was 20 – 25% muslim. They did not specify whether this was a survey of the Marseille municipality or the whole metropolitan settlement.

                      There was a spectacularly ugly incident in Toulouse a couple of years back, but I think the fact that it made the international news indicates that murderous violence against Jews is not all that common in France.

                      We have real problems in the Occident. We do not need to waste our attention on fake problems.

                  • tom

                    Western Civilization is dead in Europe and the United States.
                    Why would anyone like the replacement based, essentially, on breeding farms, abortion, post-birth eradication and utilitarian assessments…all devoid of any concept of the Natural Law?

                    The Orcs are in charge now.

                • Julie


                  Civil law has defined institutions. They have the freedom to do that.
                  The Church has hers. You cannot violate the conscience of a Judeo Christian believer.
                  Go some place else to tie your knots.

            • tom

              You sure do swing from one side to the other, Julie. Are you in a playground?

            • Julie

              Read the first sentence.

            • Paul Sho

              Dont be fine with civil unions Homosexuality culminating in homosexual acts is the devils plan. It is the Mark of the Beast – 666. http://www.prophetamos3m.com/6.html

  • luran

    “And I tell you, you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.” Mattew 16:18

    • Citizen_Jerry

      I’d also recommend the UN consult Matthew 7:3 about the beam in their own eye.

  • GoDark

    I read the offending UN report. Definitely an attack of classical Catholic and orthodox Christian values covering almost 2,000 years of Western civilization. The search for motive goes deeper. Looker at the origins of the committee that wrote the report and they are almost exclusively from Calvinist and Islamic countries. Hard to know what the Islamic representatives had in mind except anti-Catholicism since the report is so diametrically opposed to Islamic doctrine. The Calvinist connection makes sense. Google “religions” in European countries and you discover that the European representatives on the committee are almost exclusively from countries that are now predominantly atheist. I’m not equipped to explain it, but the hardcore European countries and regions that used to be the hotbeds of Calvinism are now predominately atheist. Some commentators will offer that the Calvinist “Ideology of Election” led to a conclusion that at the end of the dialectic of election, “Whatver makes you happy is what God want’s you to do ….” Premise such a rabid narcissism and solipsistic morality and … why bother with God at all? If whatever makes you happy is what God wants you to do, then do what you want and the consequences be damned. God no longer functions in your life. Nietzsche was perhaps focusing on the Calvinist cultures of Europe when he made his prosaic pronouncement that “God is dead”. He is certainly was dead to the UN committee that wrote the report.

    • tom

      The Calvinists were predestined to go atheist.

    • Arriero

      «[…] Looker at the origins of the committee that wrote the report and they are almost exclusively from Calvinist and Islamic countries.»

      Calvinism is the worst threat to Catholicism, especially in its pseudo-version, which has tainted some environments around the Church. But this Pope, who comes from the Latin tradition – the only one that never allowed the evil tentacles of protestantism to penetrate -, is going to do a good cleaning. Pray God he will.

      «[…] but the hardcore European countries and regions that used to be the hotbeds of Calvinism are now predominately atheist.»

      Spot on! That’s a well-known fact. Pope Benedict XVI – who came from the central-european tradition – wisely pointed out and explained this fact in a great series of works.

      «[…] Nietzsche was perhaps focusing on the Calvinist cultures of Europe when he made his prosaic pronouncement that “God is dead”».

      Absolutely. I consider Nietzsche to be the most Catholic of all anti-deist philosophers. He was a hammer for protestantism (especially in its pietists tradition). He has never supposed a threat for my believes (besides the fact he was quite mediocre on theologial issues; never understanding properly the misteries of Catholicism). When reading him I rather feel myself a hundred times more Catholic and completely sure of the greatness of the Church and its teaching.

      Your comment is incredibly wise. Very interesting insights.

      • Julie

        Very interesting post.
        Check out http://www.calledtocommunion.com where protestant ministers are studying church history and are converting.

        • Arriero

          They’re welcome.

          It’s worth remembering some Antonio Machado’s -the great Spanish poet – verses: «¿Tú verdad? no, la Verdad; y ven conmigo a buscarla. La tuya guárdatela.» (Your truth? No, the Truth; and come with me to search it. Put yours away.)

          Which was also wisely represented by Jesus: «I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.» (John 14:6). To end, just sum up this one: «[…] 18 And I tell you that you are Peter,[a] and on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of Hades[b] will not overcome it. 19 I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven; whatever you bind on earth will be[c] bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be[d] loosed in heaven. […]» (

          Matthew 16:13-20)

    • Julie

      I don’t even think Norway is Christian. Calvinism yes, definitely believed in a self righteous form of predestination. They and their ilk were destined for heaven.
      Catholic concept of predestination is that it is the will of God that all are united to Him, but it is our own free will if we want to be in God’s will or not.

  • tom

    The UN operates in violation of the UN Charter.

    It’s hatred of the Judeo-Chrsitian ethos is palpable.

    It needs to be closed or relocated to Kabul.

    • TheAbaum

      It’s already a Islamist tool. It’s going to get worse.

      • schmenz

        Since many Moslem countries often work with the Holy See at the UN in trying to stop their pro-sodomy, pro-abortion policies I am not sure what you mean by your comment.

        • TheAbaum


          • schmenz
            • TheAbaum

              So, on occasion, there are policy positions where the Vatican and some Islamic countries conform, so I’m supposed to assume Islam is always benign.




              (no mention of those who slander the Son of God, Bhudda, Joseph Smith, Mary Baker Eddy or any other religious figure)



            • tom

              Just Google: thereligionofpeace.com for the daily beheadings, rapes, marriages to 10 year olds, bombs, church arsons, kidnappings etc. perpetrated by Muslims, free from UN condemnation.

              • schmenz

                Thanks, Tom. You may wish to google http://www.ifamericansknew.org/

                Balance is always important.

              • Maria

                Excuse me for pointing out that whatever Islam is, it is a religion. The folks at the UN and on the left seem to have a handle on dividing and destroying people of faith altogether and those who are reacting to the violence of Islam with a knee jerk of renewed Crusader mentality are playing into the hands of the atheist-secularist agenda. Is Islam a religion of peace? The tenets of Islam allow for violent means to their religious ends which is in opposition to Christianity. This is an important point in bringing the Gospel to the Muslims, but the energy and indignation that you are directing towards Islam, the religion, would be more effectively directed towards the policies of the power brokers at the UN and their very effective plans to marginalise, mock and ultimately extirpate religion from the public square. They would eliminate religion entirely and are attempting to do so through the media and the education of the young. They are using that basic human appetite, sex diminished to lust, as their culture of death vanguard, but they have not neglected pride, greed, envy, hatred, sloth and gluttony. Look to the primary enemy of faith, secularism. Islam is also on their extinction list, it is just very effective right now to use the animosity that has been excited between the Christian West and Muslims to divide and conquer. Think about it. And to echo schmenz, if the Vatican had not been able to depend on the support of Muslim countries along with a tiny handful of Christian nations, we would have long ago had abortion written into the UN Charter along with every other population control measure and a virtual gag on all religious objection. We need the help of all people of faith to face the behemoth of radical secularism.

                • tom

                  Nonsense. In what formerly Christian nation isn’t abortion allowed?
                  Aligning with Islam is insane. Open a chapel in any of dozens of nations of Islam and wake up dead or in jail the next day. There’s more than one wolf in sheep’s clothing stalking the world these days. Let’s kill them all, or perish.

                  • TheAbaum

                    Maria is a syncretist.

                    • Maria

                      No, I am a loyal daughter of the Church. Where is Christ in all this?
                      This desire for worldly domination is not spreading the Gospel and not living in Christ’s image. Your solution is as bad as all you condemn. Not all religions represent truth, but these people of other faiths are seeking God, not insisting on the idolisation of humanity as the secularists have done. There is no opening to saving souls if, as tom suggests, we “kill them all…” Reason should assist you in seeing that the path of violence is not the Christian path.

                    • TheAbaum

                      Do you think you are incapable of sin or error? Islam denies Christ, it elevates a mere man above him.

                      “Not all religions represent truth, but these people of other faiths are seeking God”

                      That’s the poster phrase for syncretism.

                      So what? Does this mean your buddy Arrerio should be half as forgiving to Adam Smith as you are towards Islam?

                      I didn’t propose a “solution”. I don’t have a solution, I don’t believe in solutions. Solutions are the fantasies of small minds who imagine they can rid the world of sin with proper administration. rather than the “blood of the lamb”.

                    • Maria

                      I am not an apologist for Islam. No “poster phrases” can be found in my comments. There are other religions because not all men have the truth of Christ and He has commissioned us to take His Gospel to the world. There are men in the world who worship themselves and deny the existence of God at all. They are the men of power. If you would survey the real power structure in this world, Islam would not be a player. Islam is a mere distraction for people who need an antagonist to hate before they are willing to make any sacrifices of their comfortable lifestyle or personal convenience. No one on this thread imagines that they can rid the world of sin except through their own conversion in Christ. Arriero appears to have removed his comments. It looks as if you only have me to attack. I do not propose to “kill them all”, so I guess I will be your whipping boy. My faith is in Jesus Christ, and Him crucified and I will do as He commanded, love God above ALL things and my neighbour as myself. The sign of love is the sign by which we conquer and how will I serve to convert others if I am a hate-filled obstacle to their coming to know Christ? I am willing to use my life to acknowledge Christ. Who do you serve?

                    • TheAbaum

                      “I am not an apologist for Islam”

                      “with a knee jerk of renewed Crusader mentality”

                      You decide.

                    • tom

                      You disagree with Aquinas then on the right of self defense?
                      Would you have remained neutral on 911, 1683 at the Gates of Vienna,when Jan Sobieski defeated Mustafa Pasha, and saved Europe?

                    • Maria

                      I never evinced neutrality or even suggested that I would not defend my faith.

                    • tom

                      You’re a muddled thinker. i suppose you like Hillary, too?

                    • Maria

                      I am prolife and have worked for prolife for 25 years. Deduce whether Hillary is on my list of favourites. This article is about the Vatican being targeted by the powers that be and asks what the motive is to initiate an attack on the Church at this particular moment in time. If you are a student of history and social movements, you should connect all the dots and be moved to act by this very threatening turn of events. The times we live in are precipitous. Why you and The Abaum are here maligning and scratching away at fellow Catholics I cannot understand.

                  • Maria

                    Look and you will find a list. I tried to copy it here, but it got dumped. These handful of Christian nations (Chile, Malta, some other Central and South American nations, very small European principalities, Polynesia, the Philippines) have stood beside the a Holy See joined by African and Muslim nations to hold back the tide of secularism. We should not dismiss their good work. We do not need to accept Islam to acknowledge a common human goal, to preserve the sanctity of life, the human family and religious freedom. Islamic countries have abused, tortured and killed Christians, but I would venture to suggest that much of that is political and economic, not based purely on religious hatred. Atheists love to tell us that all war and violence is directly caused by religion. They are wrong. This will to dominate and destroy is caused by sin. That is another can of worms.

                    • TheAbaum

                      Atheists love to tell us that all war and violence is directly caused by religion.

                      In something like 80 countries, Islam is at war. Guess who is scandalizing the atheists.

                    • Art Deco

                      I do not think you could find 80 countries which have a significant muslim population.

                    • TheAbaum

                      Define “significant”.

                    • Arriero

                      Some things:

                      1) A muslim is nearer to the truth than an atheist. But neither a muslim nor an atheist can ever grasp the real Truth, which is Catholic but universal at the same time.

                      2) Islam is the antagonist of Catholicism, while protestantism is anti-Catholicism.

                      3) Islam is a mixture or maniqueism and arrianism.

                      4) God in Islam is quite similar to the Idea of Pure Act from Aristotle.

                      5) Catholicism IS the only really revelated religion directly by God to humanity, built by God himself on Earth.

                      6) Catholicism is a religion of intrinsic love and universal. Islam is a religion of intrinsic hate and localist.

                      7) Reencarnation and Resurrection are the two key aspects from Catholicism.

                      In our fight against the nihlistic forces, Catholics are alone, and so has to be. No pacts. No concessions. Neither with protestants, nor with muslims or jews. There is still enough power within the Church to set the record straight. ROME DOES NOT PAY TRAITORS:

                    • TheAbaum

                      “Reencarnation and Resurrection are the two key aspects from Catholicism. ”

                      No. Reincarnation is specifically rejected by the Catechism.

                      1013 Death is the end of man’s earthly pilgrimage, of the time of grace and mercy which God offers him so as to work out his earthly life in keeping with the divine plan, and to decide his ultimate destiny. When “the single course of our earthly life” is completed,586 we shall not return to other earthly lives: “It is appointed for men to die once.”587 There is no “reincarnation” after death.


                    • Arriero

                      I was not referring to the budhist reincarnation.

                      I was referring to what the Cathecism understands by reincarnation: «Dios se hizo hombre para salvar a los hombres» [God became man to save men].

                      The Catechism, my Catechism, the Catholic catechism, the Truth says:

                      1) El Verbo se encarnó para salvarnos reconciliándonos con Dios. (n. 457) [The Word became flesh to save us by reconciling us with God]

                      2) El Verbo se encarnó para ser nuestro modelo de santidad. (n.459) [The Word became flesh to be our model of holiness.]

                      3) El Verbo se encarnó para hacernos participes de la naturaleza divina. (n.460) [The Word became flesh to make us partakers of the divine nature].

                      We can discuss many things, never the Catechism. In that, if you and me are real Catholics, there is no comma to touch. I don’t pass a single misreading regarding the Catechism.

                    • Arriero

                      Ok, now I see. The issue is that in Spanish «Reencarnación» (reincarnation) is also understood as «Encarnation» (incarnation).

                      Of course, reincarnation as you understood it is in opposition with the Church teaching. Not the incarnation, that is a crucial key aspect.

                      A matter of translations.

                    • TheAbaum

                      No, mistranslation. Admit your error.

                    • Arriero

                      I admit it.

                      I should have written «Incarnation» in english. Or «Reencarnación» whether I was talking in Spanish. Also «Incarnation» in french. The Larousse dictionary says: «Union en Jésus-Christ de la deuxième personne de la Sainte-Trinité avec une nature humaine (avec une majuscule)» and points out that the first letter has to be written in capitals.

                      The word – in both english, french and spanish – comes from the latin «incarnatio» (latin ecclésiastique incarnatio, -onis).

                    • TheAbaum

                      English is like economics to you-poorly mastered.

                    • Arriero

                      Spanish and French deserve more work. Far more baroque languages *. Direct sons of latin and the pride of the Church.

                      (Was Shakespeare Catholic? What we certainly know is that Cervantes was a devout Catholic)

                      * I’ve always considered William Faulkner to be an «english-man writting spanish (or french) in english».

                      PD- Notice how few times is used the subordinated in english in comparison with how it’s used in spanish or the french.
                      PDD- Both french and spanish have respected academies «to ensure the reliability and correctness of the language». this does not happen in english, so «correctness» is a more debatable concept. (is this another example of anti-Authority, coming from the old Tudor?).
                      PDDD- The acerbic Ambrose Bierce defined Economy as: «Purchasing the barrel of whiskey that you do not need for the price of the cow that you cannot afford». Simple, isn’t it?

                    • TheAbaum

                      This would be the same Ambrose Bierce that wrote:

                      “Religion: A daughter of Hope and Fear, explaining to Ignorance the nature of the Unknowable”

                      You are such a fraud, Wormwood.

                    • Arriero

                      Both definitions (religion and christian) are good definitions regarding protestantism. Especially that meantion to «fear» and «ignorance», very puritan concepts.

                      But thankfully we’re not protestants, don’t you think?

                    • Julie

                      And English speaking people are not good with foreign languages.

                    • TheAbaum

                      Do you have a point?

                    • Julie

                      agree. Christ founded only one Church, giving it the power to bind and loosen, in other words, through the seat of Peter, divinely chosen administrators. Religio is Latin, meaning ‘to bind’.

                    • tom

                      You’re reading a different Koran, Maria. They’re finishing off the last of Chrsitians in the Ummah which was Christian before the First
                      Muslim War against Christianity from the 7th to the 17th centuries The religion of peace may well beat the Marxist atheists after the last church is turned into a latrine. They’re on a mission that you ignore at your peril.

                    • Maria

                      But I am not quoting the Koran. I am quoting the New Testament.

                    • tom

                      Dx: Moderate to Advanced Muddled Thinking, Stage II..

                    • Maria


                    • Arriero

                      «[…] Muslim War against Christianity from the 7th to the 17th centuries.»

                      True. History is crucial to understand Catholicism. Spain was invaded by the muslims – with jewish support – for more than six centuries.

                      It was not a nice place to live for Catholics, though it’s also true that the first islamism was much more «illustrated» than the current one.

                      Charles Martel defeated them in Poitiers (732), stopping them from conquering Europe. Don Pelayo defeated them in the Battle of Covadonga (722), avoiding their conquest of the Iberian Peninsula (current muslim countries teach that Pelayo was: «an uncivilized mountain mule who defeated the Muslims»). The turning point in the Reconquista of the once Catholic lands of Spain took place in Jaén, during the so-called Battle of Las Navas de Tolosa (16 July 1212). Finally, the Granada War (Spanish: Guerra de Granada) was a series of military campaigns between 1482 and 1492, during the reign of theCatholic Monarchs (los Reyes Católicos) Isabella I of Castile and Ferdinand II of Aragon, against the Nasrid dynasty’s Emirate of Granada. It ended with the defeat of Granada and its annexation by Castile, ending Islamic rule, Al-Andalus, on the Iberian peninsula and completing the Reconquista.

                      The great Spanish saint (Saint Santiago the Great) is traditionally represented on a white horse and crushing muslims.


                • Julie

                  Islam is not really a religion. It is a totalitarian political belief system. Religion has central authority and orthodoxy. Islam has none.


    The United Nations are influenced by evil. It’s time for us, Christians and men of good will to protest, and more importantly to PRAYER HARD. Our Lord has been offended so much already that His powerful hand will fall upon humanity to be purified!

  • TheAbaum

    I’m not sure why this is a surprise. The U.N. is populated by people who believe in government and a good proportion would like to make the U.N. the launch pad of a global government. In short, they are statists.

    The easiest way to accomplish takeover isn’t through conquest, but surrender. Destroy marriage and the family, the Church, voluntary associations of any kind, and more local forms of government (in this case sovereign nations), destroy local conventions that allow for trust, and the disciplines that allow for restraint and you have the individual standing alone, subject to the vicissitudes of life. At that point, you are one significant peril away from dependence.

    Domestic statists promoted “sexual liberation” because it compromises the people that treat sex as a plaything. Yes, there’s the psychological damage that comes from being used, and certainly there’s electoral value in those people who seek (and the industry that rewards its legislative benefactors for it’s license to kill) but the real prize are young, undereducated, immature unwed mothers who will vote for whoever promises to make the state a tawdry and remote counterfeit of a husband.

    • Arriero

      «The U.N. is populated by people who believe in government and a good proportion would like to make the U.N. the launch pad of a global government.»

      Please, allow me to make a little correction to this statement:

      The U.N. is populated by people who believe in BAD government and a good proportion would like to make the U.N. the launch pad of a global BAD government.

      The adjective is crucial here.

      • TheAbaum

        .N. is populated by people who believe in BAD government.

        The adjective is superfluous. You and the rest of the statist idolaters think there’s a responsible way to play with fire.

        • Arriero

          I’ve not mentioned the word «state». I do mention the word government. Don’t confuse them.

          Government, power, Authority, Rationality, Order, Freedom (in its Catholic sense), Truth, Justice are faces from the same coin. Intrinsic features of this great Institution that is the Catholic Church.

          I don’t like to play with the worst fire of all: anarchism (for europeans) or protestant-libertarianism (for americans). Spanish anarchist Buenaventura Durutti once said: «The only church that illuminates is a burning church.». That’s the burning fire of nihilism.

          • TheAbaum

            I’ve not mentioned the word «state». I do mention the word government. Don’t confuse them.

            I don’t care what kind false distinction you want to make. If it taxes me, can conscript or incarcerate me, If I’m subject to the whims of it’s Pharisees, it will attract those most afflicted by Augustine’s libido dominandi, something pseudo-Catholic statists believe can be sanctified with elections, coronations or installations.

            How’s statism working for you in Spain?

            • Arriero

              Now the anti-taxes rethorics. We can discuss it economically, but after a closer look you will easily understand why taxes were invented and why they’re necessary (those of us who live under real «confiscatory regimes» in terms of taxes know what tax-robbery mean). Fair taxes and efficient States are two great (Catholic) classical liberal inventions, which allowed society to grow prosperous.

              Don’t confuse me with Hobbes. I’m not writting a new «Leviathan».

              Both you and me know that the US government now is profoundly anti-Catholic. Is that the fault of the government, the governor or the governed? I have a clear answer. Do you?

              • TheAbaum

                I’ve forgotten more about taxes than you could hope to know, Wormwood.

                “Don’t confuse me with Hobbes. I’m not writting a new «Leviathan».”

                Every pyromaniac declares he’s just building a small fire.

                • Maria

                  You have confused radical individualism with freedom. You are advocating from your purse, not your conscience. I am not attacking you, just analysing your rhetoric.

                  • TheAbaum

                    No, you are confusing the legitimate concern for the power of government to be invasive and oppressive with anarchism. The comment about “advocating from my purse” (hint: men don’t carry purses) is superfluous nonsense.

                    There’s something insidiously wrong with Catholics who look around and instead of seeing Augustine’s libido dominandi running wild, and ignoring subsidiarity to assert pseudo-Catholic statism because somehow, someway, politicians are suddenly going to become saints, and government-sponsored machinations and massacres are suddenly going to go away.

                    Despite your declaration to the contrary, you judged me. (I don’t care, my skin isn’t that thin). Beyond that, your attempt to categorize my concerns as “radical individualism”. shows a rather immature and unsophisticated political philosophy that traffics in cartoonish polar extremes.

                    • Maria

                      You are reacting without real thought here. We need to support the Vatican’s position as a non-voting member state in order to have a voice for truth, an advocate for the sanctity of life, the human family and religious freedom. Without this advocacy, another level of mayhem will be ushered in by the secularists.

                      It is not likely that the US will unilaterally dismiss the UN from downtown Manhattan or pull out of the UN with punitive intent at any time in the near future. Let’s not lose our cool and allow ourselves to be carried away with shooting from the hip when that is not even useful. In order to crush the head of this snake without allowing it to multiply itself as it has done already, we need a venue to appeal and advocate. The UN serves that purpose right now. Even if we must make a great sacrifice, we must do it in full view of the souls we are trying to save. To serve God’s will.

                      By the way, a purse is not only an object of feminine attire, but the financial assets of an individual or organisation, hence the word “bursar”.

                    • tom

                      Tell the UN to take a hike. The League of Nations was more successful and free from all the scandal the United Nations grovels in.

                    • Maria

                      The UN is a cover for the powers of the world. Who praised the UN? The Vatican and Christian nations are Daniels in the den of lions there at the UN. The struggle is more than with mere flesh and blood. Your bravado is ill-placed. @TheAbaum and @tom: Stand up then and defend your faith like men. Attacking fellow Christians in the comment threads of Catholic magazines is the easy part. Join Austin Ruse and C-Fam, Steven Mosher and the Population Research Institute where it really counts. You have passion and energy. Use it.

                    • TheAbaum

                      Christianity (and to be honest, I think you let a little something slip with that line about a “renewed Crusader mentality”) is not a license to have your opinions accepted without contradiction. If you want to personalize that criticism, that is your problem.

                      Of course, you accused people who disagree with you of intellectual sloth and “hate”. You really need a mirror.

                      You have no idea what organization I belong to or donate to, so knock it off.

                    • Maria

                      I merely made a suggestion of how you could address the situation at the UN. I guess you are rather thin-skinned. No one gets a free pass in this world for being a Christian. Good deal this world is not all.

                    • TheAbaum

                      You are the one whining about being “attacked”.

                      What part of I don’t care, (my skin isn’t that thin) don’t you understand?

                  • Arriero

                    Interesting remark. Allow me to say:

                    1) Radical individualism directly leads to radical statism.

                    2) Community values and strong and undying social organizations – like marriage – are pillars upon which any succesful Republic has to be built.

                    3) Without laws, regulations and a fair and good (God-guided) government is impossible to have justice, peace and prosperity.

                    • TheAbaum

                      So when did you move on to radical statism from radical individualism?

                      Any lawyer worth their salt will tell you the law isn’t about justice, but equity.

                      Justice comes from properly formed consciences operating with respect and deference for others, not “laws and regulations”. Prosperity comes from the industry and innovation of people in commerce, not the state. The state only takes whats the citizenry makes. It can enforce contracts, but it can’t make good ones

                      When one thinks government, laws and regulations secure justice, peace and prosperity and not God, one is has revealed them self to be an idolater of the state. That is the result of improper spiritual and mental hygiene-of the kind that lectures the world on anti-Catholicism from a nation where there was the mass slaughter of Priests and the kind that has the insidious anti-clerical, state supremacist undertones in it’s worldview while accusing everybody else of “Calvinism”.

                    • Arriero

                      «Any lawyer worth their salt will tell you the law isn’t about justice, but equity.»

                      This statement allows any smart pettifogging guy to make a defense for abortion laws. If laws are not about justice but about equity, why don’t we have abortion laws in order to regulate the ideas of those who don’t see abortion as something «evil»? That would be fair, as they also have voice and vote, and they live in society so laws have to take them into account too, don’t you think? Without the justice concept how can you argue against abortion laws when discussing with an atheist? (I’ve already read many who critize the Spanish abortion law coming from this same concept of «equanimity», rather than from truth and justice, which of course undermine their pretensions).

                      «Prosperity comes from the industry and innovation of people in commerce, not the state. The state only takes whats the citizenry makes. It can enforce contracts, but it can’t make good ones.»

                      Wrong! The state DISTRIBUTES what the citizenry makes, but the State, which is a nonphysical juridical entity of the international legal system, cannot steal anything to keep it to itself. The State does not keep with any rent or income, it simply recieves it and pumps to physical people. That’s the basics of policy, and there is no ideology here. The state has no life for itself.

                      «[…] while accusing everybody else of “Calvinism”.»

                      Not everybody. I’ve already read here many common-sense view about this same topic we’re discussing now.

                    • TheAbaum

                      “Wrong! The state DISTRIBUTES what the citizenry makes”,

                      In your hell.

                      So, you are a Marxist Statist.

                      At least we have that clear, Wormwood.

                    • Arriero

                      What a confusion of basic concepts…

                      So the reasoning is: government –> statism –> marxism –> socialism –> communism –> Sodom.

                      This reasoning is similar to those pseudo-calvinists who see: trickle-down («derrame») critique –> marxist Pope.

                      But I am – as a knight of faith (paraphrasing Kierkegaard) – next to the Pope and the Church.

                      Here is a bit late, so have a nice day and don’t get angry that life is short and over yonder still is waiting the greatness. There’s enough space for everybody.

                    • CHRISTIANSPOOK
    • Julie

      Great post.

  • ColdStanding

    Remember it isn’t reliable unless it’s UN-reliable.

  • LeonG

    While I thoroughly dislike the UN and all of its utter hypocrisy in most of what it does and represents, I cannot forget how the post-conciliar popes have all lauded and held the UN up as the only agent capable of establishing peace and justice on this planet.
    Well, it’s now pay back time and they have got what they deserved. The post-conciliar popes have backed almost every modernist enterprise in the church since 1965. They have destroyed the scared liturgy with a babel of divisive languages. They have ignored the wicked behaviour of their own, even covering it up and worse still, blaming the pre-conciliar church for everything. They have also encouraged rampant ecumenism and interconfessionalism, propagating religious indifference and pantheism at the same time. Their messages are almost always ambiguous and require clarification being full of phenomenological relativism and double-speak. Until Benedict XVI defrocked abusive presbyters not one of the predecessors lifted a finger – in fact JP II virtually ignored what was going on by escaping round the world on his costly journeys carrying his inculturated liturgies and liberal philosophies everywhere. “Springtime of the church” is it? Frankly, it has resembled more a holocaust of destruction since 1965.

    • tom

      Some salient points, to be sure. Not even Popes claim perfection. John Paul buried communism. Much of the problem was that psychiatrists actually said they had “cured” molesting priests. Now, the public schools cover up their pedophiles while their unions protect them.

      • LeonG

        No, Fr Fitzpatrick & the order of Holy paraclete fathers wanted to buy an island and isolate pedophile priests in the 1950s but when it came to the papacy of Paul VI he decided against this idea. he wanted them back in their parishes. He, the rampant liberal modernist pope and homosexual, is to blame.

        • TheAbaum

          Can you imagine the headlines?

          “Pope now has [insert number here] pedophiles on the X Island.”

          What did he propose to do with fornicators, drunkards and other sinners?

          • LeonG

            The idea was to look after them & let them continue to function in a limited role away from children altogether, as they are not curable – child abusers will abuse given the opportunity. This has little to do with drinking and fornication. These have other treatment programmes. Fr Fitzgerald and his order cared for alcoholic priests but recognised the pedophiles needed another programme as they were not capable of reintegrating like alcoholics can. I know alcoholic priests and they function fine most of the time. This is a very sensible and pragmatic solution to what is now a major catastrophe for the church but so characteristically insane of liberal modernists who think that no disciplinary action (except against traditionalists) religious liberty, collegiality, ecumenism and primacy of conscience solve every problem. Clearly, they don’t.

            • TheAbaum

              You missed the point.

            • Art Deco

              Private corporations do not have parastatal authority over their employees. The priests remanded their would either have to remain in deference to the Church or be allowed to depart on their own recognizance.

              Leon Podles (among others) has promoted the idea that the Holy See is responsible for the breakdown of discipline in American dioceses (and, implicitly, other loci in the English speaking world). The Holy See’s workforce is in the low four digits. They do not have the manpower to police dioceses in that manner.

  • WRBaker

    With the Gates’ Foundation sponsoring UN pro-death and Common Core operations, the world will become smaller and stupider. Between billions of dollars for the UN and millions of dollars for Catholic schools (i.e., Cristo Rey), they have taken to long road to controlling the masses. Add in Obama’s tinkering with various laws, and government control will be complete.

  • Howard

    What’s Behind the UN Attack on the Church? One cloven hoof.

    • Julie

      There is more to come.

      This is an extremist group who in the end by-stepped the Vatican had agreed with through a treaty to work with the UN.

      Their ideas are not held throughout the entire world. There are many in the UN who deeply appreciate and agree with the Catholic coalition there.

      It is the media and these types who make people change and only affirm because of social pressure. The Soviet Union communist population was only 10%, but the rest went along because of the power of the government to harm those who did not agree and the working of disinformation.

      Kristen’s leading statement was also not true.

      Anybody who is humane, no matter how hard they try to sound like they are, do not believe them. I saw a clip today and gave perspective on them. They are seeking funding to implement a Global Tax and bring in a One World Government.

      The homosexuals should remember what the Naziis did to the homosexual people in their pogroms and elimination of undesirables. Or what happened to many more millions under communism, and how we see gays are being treated and looked upon in Russia.

      This group in the UN is also totalitarian, and we don’t know all that they are standing for.

  • JuanOskar JayMaynes

    This U.N. thing makes me angry at ‘sooo’ many levels. When are MEN around the world going to learn, “You can’t have sex just because you have THE URGE even if you’re married, but ONLY when you’re married!” Pretty good, I just quoted me. Popes have a big job and I’m glad I don’t have it.

  • Zachary Witt

    I think its far past time that we Catholics became the Catholics we should be. It is time we started to take action before we are unable to have our say as to how our world works. It is time we took back our planet, the planet made by and given to us by God. He did not give it to those murderers of the UN and if we all stick together, how can we not prevail with God on our side.

  • disqus_rcaZrtIIZM

    this is united states why do we need the un kept them out of our country UNITED STATES OUT OUT OUT THE UN WE DO NOT NEED THEM

  • Allan-Cullon Paez Balea-Elutin


    Gay and bisexual men of all races are the most severely affected by HIV (www.aids.gov). In 2012, there were 35.3 million (32.2 million–38.8 million) people living with HIV. Since the start of the epidemic around 75 million (63 million–89 million) have become infected with HIV. Premarital sex has been pointed as one of the culprits of AIDS multiplication.

    • TheAbaum

      The problem isn’t “pre-marital” sex, it’s non-marital sex.

  • publiusnj

    So when is the UN going to condemn the levels of teacher-student sex going on in US schools? When is the UN going to condemn American schools for the way they infantilize students and reduce them to mindless consumers who have no intellectual drive? Clearly, the US public school system is doing more harm to children than the Catholic Church. Just compare the rates of graduation from college: Catholic high school graduates graduate college at DOUBLE the rate of public high school graduates and even at significantly higher rates than graduates of other private high schools. Source: http://cnsnews.com/news/articl

  • plb5678

    Since the UN is controlled by muslims, anything the UN has to say about the Church is moot. Bunch of hypocrites. If they really cared about children they would do something about the murder and displacement of Christians in the Mideast. If they really cared about human rights they’d do something about the treatment of muslim women. since islam is a political movement and far from a religion, muslims of course despise the Church that encourages people to be in control of their own lives.

  • Patrick Buckley

    There is another vitally important issue that should be taken into account in answering the question posed in the title of the article and that is the culmination of three UN programmes within a very short time. The CAIRO programme while it has been extended was originally set to finish at the end of 2014, The Beijing Platform for Action at the end of 2015, and the MDG’s also at the end of 2015. The UN is currently debating the follow up to all of these programmes and setting about negotiation of the Sustainable Development Goals or SDG’s. Anne Henderschott is quite correct in saying that ‘the reason for the hostility directed at the Church is because the Church has obstructed the goals of the population zealots at the UN’ and I would add continue to do so. During vatious side events last year the UN lack of progress in achieving their complete agenda was highlighted and it was determined that the Holy See opposition was a major factor in that lack of progress. This attack is, in my opinion an attempt to silence the Holy See in order to achieve the desired result.

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  • Ford Oxaal

    I hope Kirsten and the rest of Norway one day convert to the religion of the Viking explorers: Catholicism! But the mistake these ‘progressives’ stubbornly continue to make is to worship at the altar of statistics and government by science — no truth, no justice, only utilitarianism — survival of the fittest — the same dumb pattern used by cockroaches, algae, and teachers unions. In fact, the bloodbath that was the 20th century is a testament to this very same mistake: murder your way to utopia — the law of the vicious, the bestial, the mad. So now, for example, people like Bill and Melinda Gates see a statistic that says ‘wealthy’ (good / hardworking / many software engineers) countries have a lower birthrate than ‘poor’ (bad / lazy / many dirt farmers) countries. Therefore, they reason, if you euphemistically ‘tamp down the birthrate of the poor’ (kill them in their wombs and destroy all semblance of humanity), the survivors will ‘prosper’. It’s like plundering a country for its gold, and telling the indigenous population that “hey, we are giving you jobs, you dirty scum! So get back to work.” “Hey, we are killing your pesky child, you should thank us and enlist in our overseas telephone support group.”

    • Blobee

      Love this! I hope you won’t mind if I copy/paste some of it into com boxes in the future where appropriate (giving you credit, of course) because your wording is magnificent and succinct. Bravo!

      • Ford Oxaal

        Thanks, Blobee. Go for it. I read some of your comments on CNN — the belly of the beast. I see you are giving folks there a run for their money :).

  • Turn this around. The Bishop of Rome only has standing to receive such criticism and to actively participate in the UN because of status as a sovereign chief of state. If the UN insists the Bishop of Rome is responsible for the actions of all the other bishops, then that means the UN considers all church property in the world as sovereign territory of the Vatican. This means international expectation that all bishops receive diplomatic immunity, and that all governments have to deal with ecclesial officials as secular authorities of another country.

    • Art Deco

      The Lateran Treaty grants the Holy See sovereignty over some ecclesiastical properties on the Italian peninsula. Privileges adhere to the property of nunciaries abroad, just like they do to ordinary embassies. However, this sort of diplomatic privilege does not extend to Church property generally outside the delimited zone of Vatican sovereignty.

      • I understand that is the general rule– but during WWII Pope Pius XII held that the churches in Rome were sovereign territory of the Vatican. What I am saying is that —
        1) The UN only has grounds to comment on the Church because the Vatican’s sovereignty permits its involvement in the UN.
        2) Despite the fact that bishops do run their dioceses autonomously, the UN insists the Pope is responsible for all of them as subordinates anyway.
        3) Therefore the UN extends Papal sovereignty to cover all Catholic property in the world.

        Of course, this could be the beginning of an effort to eject the Vatican from the UN, as secular atheist influences object to its place there.

        • Art Deco

          The UN does not have the authority to declare the Vatican sovereign over Church property abroad. The Vatican’s extraterritorial privileges are a function of its understandings with the host governments (which are stereotyped according to customary international law).

  • Another possible reason, suggested by my other post, is that secular humanists make ever louder complaints that the Vatican has standing at the UN at all. This could be a step toward expelling the Vatican from the UN.

    • Art Deco

      Keep in mind the distinction between the Holy See – which governs the Church – and the Vatican City, which is a territorial jurisdiction. The Vatican, Monaco, San Marino, Liechtenstein, Nauru, Tuvalu, Kiribati, &c. – these are the world’s microstates.

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  • jason

    They have been fighting the Holy See for years especially on “gender equality”.


    If you want to see what this will lead to, read this: http://www.france24.com/en/20140129-france-sex-education-gender-discrimination-protest-school/

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  • uncle max

    Her closing sentence – “Perhaps it is now time for the Church – including the laity – to stand up to the bullying by the various committees of the United Nations – including the Committee on the Rights of the Child. It is time to expose the real agenda of the United Nations – most notably the UNFPA – to expand the lucrative contraception and abortion industry throughout the world, and remind others that the true protector of children remains the Catholic Church.”

    IOW – she has (finally) reached the point in her thinking that it might not be a bad idea for the Catholic Church – including the laity – to begin to DEFEND ITSELF.

    That didn’t take long

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  • Captain America

    The easiest way for evil to win is for good people to give up.


    roman catholicism is noyChristian..

    It is the Whore of Babylon as depicted in Revelation 17



    the UN is for me in many ways :the Anti-Christ!

  • 1sinner

    The late great Bishop Fulton J. Sheen had to this to say many years ago before our country even began to get where it is today.

    America, it is said, is suffering from intolerance. It is not. It is suffering from tolerance:
    tolerance of right and wrong, truth and error, virtue and evil, Christ
    and chaos. Our country is not nearly so much overrun with the bigoted
    as it is overrun with the broad-minded. The man who can make up his
    mind in an orderly way, as a man might make up his bed, is called a
    bigot; but a man who cannot make up his mind, any more than he can make
    up for lost time, is called tolerant and broad-minded.

    What is tolerance? Tolerance is an
    attitude of reasoned patience toward evil and a forbearance that
    restrains us from showing anger or inflicting punishment. But what is
    more important than the definition is the field of its application. The
    important point here is this: Tolerance applies only to persons, but
    never to truth. Intolerance applies only to truth, but never to
    persons. Tolerance applies to the erring; intolerance to the error.

    These people who are pursing the evil agenda are using word play on everyone, the word “tolerance” is a very nice sounding word so many people think that it must be good, just like the abortion industry, they came up with the phrase “pro-choice” WOW! “Pro” sounds like professional, someone or something that we should hold high respect for, and “choice” WOW, that is great sounding to, we have a choice. these words are nice sounding and people think it must be right. It is not; these things are intrinsically evil.

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  • kcthomas

    The Catholic Church never encourages sexual immorality. There may be failures on the part of some clergy and suitable procedure to deal with such cases has been laid down. In spite of this, failures if any can be pursued and punishment meted out to the accused dministration. There are many cases of violations by people who are deputed by the United Nations to different countries. There are many other organizations where violation happens. But the U.N. seems to create an impression that the Church is a great culprit that encourages wrong teachings on sexual morality. The Catholic Church is not another mundane organization, it has a spiritual dimension with millions of believers. The protagonists of attack on Church may note this.

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  • Inquisitor

    “and remind others that the true protector of children remains the Catholic Church.”

    Remind is to cause people to remember something from the past, as in you would have had to have done it before to be reminded of it.

    Maybe you could get the thousands of children who were molested by your leaders to do some PR commercials for Catholics to “remind” everyone how well they were protected.

    That line betrays the level of intellectual in-authenticity that folks such as yourself need to have in order say a line like that and actually think its not some punch line to a sick joke.

  • Christianforlife

    The U.N. will soon destroy religion as prophesied in the Holy Bible.