The Ambitions of Bill and Melinda Gates: Controlling Population and Public Education

Continuing their commitment to controlling global population growth through artificial contraception, sterilization, and abortion initiatives, Microsoft founder and philanthropist, Bill Gates and his wife, Melinda, a self-described “practicing” Catholic, are now attempting to control the curriculum of the nation’s public schools. Subsidizing the Common Core State Standards in English language arts and mathematics, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has committed more than $76 million to support teachers in implementing the Common Core—a standardized national curriculum.   This, on top of the tens of millions they have already awarded to the National Governor’s Association and the Council of Chief State School Officers to develop the Common Core in the first place.

Working collaboratively with the Obama administration, the Gates Foundation subsidized the creation of a national curriculum for English and mathematics that has now been adopted by 46 states, and the District of Columbia—despite the fact that the General Education Provisions Act, the Department of Education Organization Act, and the Elementary and Secondary Education Act all protect states against such an intrusion by the United States Department of Education.

The Common Core Standards were developed by an organization called Achieve, and the National Governors Association—both of which were funded by the Gates Foundation.  The standards have been imposed on the states without any field testing, and little or no input from those involved in implementing the standards.  In a post entitled “Why I Cannot Support the Common Core Standards,” educational policy analyst and New York University Research Professor, Diane Ravitch, wrote that the standards “are being imposed on the children of this nation despite the fact that no one has any idea how they will affect students, teachers or schools…Their creation was neither grassroots nor did it emanate from the states.”

Ravitch is especially concerned about the content of the curriculum—what she called the “flap over fiction vs. informational text.”  Rather than giving English teachers the freedom to teach literature, the Common Core mandates that a far greater percentage of classroom time be spent on “fact-based” learning.  Ravitch’s concerns are shared by others.  For example, one teacher claimed that she had to give up having her students read Shakespeare in favor of Malcolm Gladwell’s Tipping Point because it was “fact-based” and Shakespeare was not. Of course, Tipping Point has a political agenda.  Parents may be concerned if they were to learn that Gladwell suggests such “facts” as the belief that parents should stop worrying about their children’s “experimentation with drugs,” including cocaine because “it seldom leads to hardcore use.”

“Fact-based” books on climate change are also replacing classic works of literature because they are viewed as offering students an opportunity to learn “science.” Freakonomics—a book that has already been a favorite of public school teachers—is preferable to Poe because students will learn about the positive effects of abortion on reducing crime rates by reducing the population of those more likely to commit crime.

While the adoption of the Common Core was “voluntary” by the 46 states that adopted it, it was well understood by these states that they would not be eligible for Race to the Top funding ($4.35 billion) unless they adopted the Common Core standards.  The Gates Foundation was very much a part of this.  According to Lyndsey Layton of the Washington Post (December 2, 2012), “the Gates Foundation invested tens of millions of dollars in the effort…The Obama administration kicked the notion into high gear when it required states to adopt the common core—or an equivalent—in order to compete for Race to the Top grant funds.”

Valerie Strauss of the Washington Post recently reported (February 26, 2013) that there is growing resistance. Alabama, for example, withdrew from the two consortia that are working on creating standardized tests aligned with the standards. Indiana, which adopted the Common Core in 2010 under the state education superintendent Tony Bennett, is now talking about a “pause” in the implementation of the curriculum.  Bennett was defeated in the November elections by an educator who opposed Bennett’s support for the Common Core.

Now, there are concerns that the imposition of the Common Core within the public schools could threaten the autonomy of private schools, religious schools and home schools.  An op-ed published in the Orange County Register by Robert Holland, claims that the Common Core could “morph into a national curriculum that will stifle the family-centered creativity that has fostered high rates of achievement and growth for home education…Many private and parochial schools—including those of the 100 Roman Catholic dioceses across the nation, already are adopting the CCSS prescriptions for math and English classes…Their debatable reasoning is that the rush of most state governments to embrace the national standards means publishers of textbooks and tests will fall in line, thereby leaving private schools with no practical alternatives for instructional materials.  According to October 8, 2012 article in Education Week by Erik Robelin, it is not just Catholic schools that are adopting the Common Core, some Lutheran and other denominations of Christian schools are shifting to the common core, including Grand Rapids Christian in Michigan and the Christian Academy School System in Louisville, KY.  According to Robelin, parochial school leaders claim that they must “remain competitive” with public schools and now feel pressured to adopt the Core.  These are real concerns.  As Diane Ravitch points out, “Now that David Coleman, the primary architect of the Common Core standards has become president of the College Board, we can expect that SAT will be aligned to the standards.  No one will escape their reach, whether they attend public or private school.”

On February 14, 2013, Missouri legislator Kurt Bahr filed HB616 that prohibits the State Board of Education from implementing the Common Core for public schools developed by the Common Core Initiative or any other statewide education standards without the approval of the General Assembly. An increasing number of parents are voicing their concerns.  For example, Tiffany Mouritsen, a Utah mother, blogged that the American Institutes for Research (AIR), the primary source for Common Core testing is a major concern for her:  “AIR markets its values which includes promoting lesbian, gay, bisexual and transsexual agenda for teens, and publicizes its client list (including George Soros and Bill and Melinda Gates).”  In a column published in January, political commentator Michelle Malkin calls the Common Core a “stealthy federal takeover of school curriculum and standards across the country.” And, she maintains that the Common Core’s “dubious college and career read standards undermine local control of education, usurp state autonomy over curricular materials, and foist untested, mediocre and incoherent pedagogical theories on America’s schoolchildren.

The Gates Foundation: Buying Control
The promise of federal funds to states in order to “encourage” them to adopt the Common Core is nothing new.  Our government has been doing this both nationally and internationally for decades.  In a 2008 book entitled Fatal Misconception, author Matthew Connelly writes that in the 1960s, President Lyndon Johnson leveraged food aid for family planning during crop failures in India, thus creating an incentive for the sterilization program.  India’s Ministry of Health and Family Planning admitted that, “The large number of sterilizations and IUD insertions during 1967-68 was due to drought conditions.”  Eventually, more sophisticated incentives such as bicycles and radios were used to encourage women to accept sterilization.  Connelly writes that under Indira Gandhi in the mid-1970s sterilization became a condition not just for land allotments, but for irrigation water, electricity, ration cards, rickshaw licenses, medical care, pay raises and promotions.  There were sterilization quotas—especially for the Dalits (the untouchable caste) who were targeted for family planning.

While the Gates Foundation has not been involved in anything this coercive, they have indeed been very much involved in giving aid to those countries willing to participate in family planning initiatives.   For nearly two decades, the Gates Foundation has been generous in providing aid to more than 100 countries—often coupled with family planning opportunities.  Such aid is often framed as a way to foster economic growth.  In an article in American Thinker, Andressen Blom and James Bell wrote that Melinda Gates made that connection explicit in a speech at a population gathering that “government leaders are now beginning to understand that providing access to contraceptives is a cost effective way to foster economic growth.”

Bill Gates revealed his own population goals in February, 2010, at the invitation-only Technology, Entertainment and Design Conference in Long Beach, California, when he gave his keynote speech on global warming: “Innovating to Zero!” In a youtube video available here,  Gates stated that CO2 emissions must be reduced to zero by 2050 and advised those in attendance that population had much to do with the increase in CO2.  Claiming that each individual on the planet puts out an average of about five tons of CO2 per year, Gates stated that “Somehow we have to make changes that will bring that down to zero…It has been constantly going up. It’s only various economic changes that have even flattened it at all.”  To illustrate, Gates presented the following equation: CO2 (total population emitted CO2 per year) = P (people) x S (services per person) x E (average energy per service) x C (average CO2 emitted per unit of energy).  Gates told the audience that “probably one of these numbers is going to have to get pretty near to zero.  That’s a fact from high school algebra.”  For Gates, the P (population) portion of the equation is the most important: “If we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we could lower that by perhaps 10 or 15 percent.”

Gates maintains that improvements in health care—including an expansion of the administration of vaccinations—will encourage families to reduce the number of children they desire to have.  And, in an ongoing attempt to expand the types of birth control, Gates has spent millions of dollars on research and development.  According to Christian Voice, a few years ago the Gates Foundation awarded a grant of $100,000 to researchers at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, to develop a new type of ultrasound described as a “non-invasive form of birth control for men” which would make a man infertile for up to six months.

Such strategies have been effective.   In fact, the Gates Foundation has been so successful in their family planning initiatives that the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) awarded their annual Population Award in 2010 to the Foundation.  According to a June 15, 2010 article in, at the awards ceremony, UNFPA executive director Thoraya Obaid cited the Gates Foundation as a “leader in the fields of global health and global development, particularly in promoting excellence in population assistance, including through the design of innovative, integrated solutions in the areas of reproductive health, family planning, and maternal and neonatal health.”  The International Planned Parenthood Federation is a previous winner of the United Nations Population Fund’s Annual Award.

It is easy to understand why the United Nations Population Fund—a fund which Steven Mosher, the President of the Population Research Institute has exposed as being a direct participant in China’s coercive one-child policy—honored Gates with their prestigious Population Fund award since the Gates Foundation has donated more than one billion dollars to “family-planning” groups including the United Nations Population Fund itself; CARE International—an organization which is lobbying for legalized abortion in several African nations; Save the Children—a major promoter of the population control agenda, the World Health Organization—an organization that forcibly sterilized thousands of women in the 1990s under the pretence of providing tetanus vaccination services in Nicaragua, Mexico and the Philippines; and of course, the major abortion provider, International Planned Parenthood Federation.

Bill and Melinda Gates truly believe that population control is key to the future.  Plans are already in place to track births and vaccinations through cell phone technology to register every birth on the planet.  Gates claims that the GPS technology would enable officials to track and “remind” parents who do not bring their children in for vaccines.   Maintaining that vaccination is key to reducing population growth, Gates predicts that if child mortality can be reduced, parents will have fewer children, following the example of the urbanized West where birth rates have dropped to below replacement levels: “The fact is that within a decade of improving health outcomes, parents decide to have fewer children.”   For Gates, “there is no such thing as a healthy, high population growth country.  If you’re healthy, you’re low-population growth… As the world grows from 6 billion to 9 billion, all of that population growth is in urban slums…It’s a very interesting problem.”

More than a decade ago, on May 17, 2002, the Wall Street Journal reported that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation had purchased shares in nine of the largest pharmaceutical companies valued at nearly $205 million.  Acquiring shares in Merck, Pfizer, Johnson and Johnson Wyeth, Abbott Labs, and others, the Gates Foundation continues a financial interest in common with the makers of AIDS drugs, diagnostic tools, vaccines, and contraceptives.  But, the commitment to global population control goes well beyond financial interests.  It is likely that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation will continue its commitment to global population control, and now, curriculum creation in the nation’s schools because they truly believe that they know better than anyone else how we all should live.

A Product of Poor Catholic Education
It is difficult to believe the claims of Bill and Melinda Gates that they are not involved in the abortion industry when you look at the relationships they have with organizations like the International Planned Parenthood Federation—the largest abortion provider in the world.  According to the National Catholic Register, Melinda Gates represents herself in the media as a practicing Catholic who has a great uncle who was a Jesuit priest and a great aunt who was an Ursuline nun who taught her to read.  She graduated from Ursuline Academy in Dallas, where she claims to have learned “incredible social justice.”  And, this may indeed be where the problem begins.  For so many Catholics, social justice has been so broadly defined that it now includes giving women access to reproductive rights—including the right to abortion—so that they can play an equal role in contributing to the workplace and the economy.  In an article entitled “Why Birth Control is Still a Big Idea” published in Foreign Policy in December, 2012, Melinda Gates writes:

Contraceptives unlock one of the most dormant but potentially powerful assets in development:  women as decision makers.  When women have the power to make choices about their families, they tend to decide precisely what demographers, economists, and development experts recommend.

Most recently, in a January 2, 2013 article published on the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation website entitled “Profiles in Courage: Philippines Passes Reproductive Health Bill,” the article congratulates all of those who helped bring expanded access to “reproductive health” through the Responsible Parenthood and Reproductive Health Act of 2012—recently signed by President Aquino. This bill states that women and men—living in the most Catholic of Catholic countries—can now “decide freely and responsibly the number and spacing of their children.”   What the Gates Foundation website omits is information about the provision within the bill involving “population management” through mandatory counseling of couples seeking marriage licenses.  In this case, social justice involves a demand that couples learn about the government’s views on an ideal family size of two children—coming one step closer to China in its government’s one-child policy.

This commitment to a distorted definition of social justice by Melinda and Bill Gates will likely continue because they have been lead to believe that such control is what is best for people.  The Core Curriculum is really just another component of population control—it is used to help teach children the “facts” about climate change and problems of over-population.  Indeed, the population agenda is a trap that many wealthy, highly intelligent people have fallen into in the past. From the wealthy eugenics supporters of Planned Parenthood’s Founder Margaret Sanger, to the Rockefeller family and their population control initiatives, this work continues today through their heirs—heirs like David Rockefeller—an ally of Bill and Melinda Gates.  And some influential Catholics have been complicit in this.  At one time, Rev. Theodore Hesburgh, President Emeritus of the University of Notre Dame served as a trustee, and later, Chairman of the Board of the Rockefeller Foundation, a funder of population causes counter to the teachings of the Church.

The population control initiatives promoted by the Gates Foundation will continue to grow nationally and internationally because they have convinced others and themselves that they are saving lives. On their website, they ask: “what is more life affirming than saving one third of mothers from dying in childbirth?”   What they do not seem to acknowledge is how many unborn children have died from their initiatives.

Anne Hendershott


Anne Hendershott is Professor of Sociology and Director of the Veritas Center at Franciscan University in Steubenville, Ohio. She is the author of Status Envy: The Politics of Catholic Higher Education; The Politics of Abortion; and The Politics of Deviance (Encounter Books). She is also the co-author of Renewal: How a New Generation of Priests and Bishops are Revitalizing the Catholic Church (2013).

  • rtjl

    “leader in the fields of global health and global development, particularly in promoting excellence in population assistance, including through the design of innovative, integrated solutions in the areas of reproductive health, family planning, and maternal and neonatal health.”

    Wow! It’s hard to imagine a sentence packed with more Orwellian phrases than this one. Consider.

    “population assistance” = population reduction

    “reproductive health” = interference with healthy reproductive functioning up to and including permanent sterilization

    family planning = “family prevention”

    “maternal and neonatal health” = preventing women from becoming mothers and babies from being born


    • Chris Kozub

      I couldn’t agree with you more. Words don’t mean anything anymore. I wish I could say that I was shocked by the bold faced lie that your quotes were pointing out, but unfortunately, this is everywhere… I have to keep telling myself, “Jesus already won, Jesus already won!”

  • Joe DeCarlo

    Gates is a practicing Catholic? not with his initiatives he isn’t close to a Catholic. How is it that people can think that they are Catholics when they are pro-choice, promote artificial contraception, and sterilization? I’ve trying to tell Catholics that with those beliefs, they are heretics in the eyes of the church. I told them to look in the catechism under the definition of a heretic.

    • crakpot

      Not him, his wife. I know someone that met him. He’s a stone-cold atheist.

      • Bob

        Wonderful. Atheism and social justice joining hands to save the world. Again. Because this combination has worked so well in the past.

  • Objectivetruth

    Melinda Gates needs to have a sit down with her bishop. Because her husband’s billions of dollars have bought her a certain amount of public power, she needs to be publicly corrected by the Church for her pro contraception stance. The publicly self professed “practicing Catholics” that go against Church teaching need to be publicly catechized if a private meeting with the bishop is innefective. With her money, Melinda Gates can do much damage.

    • Reets46

      Their use of Catholicism is a cover. They would never consent to sit down with their local bishop and discuss any of this. Catholic schools beware… The long arm of the state is reaching down into every aspect of the culture and promoting it’s agenda. Even science and math text books will be laced with “science” that is used to promote population control and promote other social agendas. If they are indeed keeping tract of how many children people have, who is safe? Home schooling will also be targets as has already happened in Germany and Canada. Elections do have consequences…

      • musicacre

        I think the school in Bellevue their daughter attends shouldn’t accept any more of their money.

    • Bono95

      This is kind of irrelevant, but do you or anyone else here know what the age difference between Bill and Melinda is, because in the picture up top, Melinda looks about 10 if not 20 years younger.

    • tom

      She needs to be publicly EXCOMMUNICATED! These “personally opposed” so-called Catholics are destroying our Church.

  • These folks are blinded by their ambition and don’t see the contraception and abortion mentality for what it really does and that is use women.

    • msmischief

      One hopes. It’s worse if they do see.

  • Gabriella

    How dare they to tell people how many children to have. As I know, with all their riches, they only have one child – shame, if that was their choice. They give money and try to take your freedom away! – they should keep their money and leave people alone. Yes, they both must see their Bishop to set them straight. And why are they so rich? – overpriced products and services. God save us from ‘catholics’ like Bill and Belinda.

    • pja

      Bill and Melinda Gates have three children, two girls and a boy. Three children = the executive family plan.

    • Jeff

      They’re not telling people how many children to have. They’re telling people they can make that choice for themselves. It is you who appears to be telling them to have more children (when you obviously don’t know how many they actually have.)

      • Matthew

        I think you’re too smart for this board, Jeff:-)

      • Bono95

        Mrs. Hendershott’s point is that married couples need to be open to however may children God sends them, whether it’s few, many, or none. Contraceptives, sterilization, and abortion kill innocent life and violate God’s will. That’s not charity.

        • james

          absolutely spot on!

          • Bono95

            Thank You

      • Reets46

        They may not be telling people outright how many children they can have, but they sure are letting them know how they feel by pushing child limiting (in case of abortion, killing), tools like contraception and abortion, especially to people in the third world. The totalitarian government in China have a one child policy. Increased centralized governmental power, such as the socialism with a “smiley face” we see today, can easily morph into policies that limit, with increased tax penalties, the size of families. We’ve murdered 55 million preborn babies with a “smiley face” over the past 40 years. Stalin and Mao were considered monsters for killing similar numbers of their own people…

  • Paul Tran

    Isn’t it rather ironic that despite China’s 1-child per family policy, yet China has the largest population on the planet and it’s still on the rise ??? Goes to show all those who attempt to engineer population slow-down (or in other words, playing God) have failed miserably.

    • Alecto

      Untrue. China’s one child policy has resulted in an imbalance of boys over girls. The population is aging, with no replacements in sight. In 20-30 years, the population of China will collapse. It will fall behind India and the United States.

      • Joe DeCarlo

        They didn’t have to tell Western Europeans to limit their amt. of children. They are doing it on their own. The death rate is higher than the birthrate In Italy.

        • Conniption Fitz

          The West has embraced the culture of death – abortion.

      • sseller

        Not exactly. Why is it that parts of India have sex ratios much higher than found in China, yet there is no one-child policy. The one child policy may have done something to exacerbate the problem. But given the fact that the sex ratio varies widely between provinces in China, even among those with similarly strict levels of the policy, it’s probably more likely that culture, specifically one that values men over women, as well as easy access to abortion, have done more than the policy itself to exacerbate the problem. Where cultural traditions are strong in India, there are more than 12 boys for every 10 girls, as is true in parts of China, yet it seems only China is cited for it. The one child policy may be a bad idea, but it should not be scapegoated for effects that it has done little to cause.

      • musicacre

        That’s too true! Read Stephen Mosher.

    • LisaRanger

      Hi Paul,
      How much worse would be China’s economic burden if the “One-child” policy were not in place? And where would all the little Chinese girl babies with cleft palates come from whom Western parents are too happy to adopt?

      • musicacre

        You wouldn’t ask that question if you knew the horrific stories of pregnant mothers being chased through rice-patties by soldiers with guns and having babies RIPPED out of their bodies! Would you like that to happen to you simply because you didn’t qualify for the quota that year and had no legal paper saying you could have a baby?

  • Alecto

    This piece makes an interesting read with the Fox News piece on the Washington state legislature’s move to make abortion coverage a mandatory feature of every policy sold in that state. Do you believe Bill and Melinda have anything to do with that effort given Washington is their domicile?

    This is statism. These people truly believe we are serfs, nothing more than animals they need to control and placate. And they believe they have a right to rule us. They are happy to dumb down the populace, and see that ignorance proliferates. That is also why the Catholic church’s insistence on granting citizenship to illegal aliens is so dangerous to this republic. It will virtually guarantee unlimited power to these people. I am amazed that the Catholic leadership does not have the wisdom, the foresight to apprehend this fact?

    Here’s hoping and praying they lose their wealth, as improbable as that is. It’s difficult to imagine anything else will persuade them to change course. Maybe the intercession of St. John Bosco, patron saint of education, will open their eyes to the true nature and purpose of education.

    • sseller

      “They are happy to dumb down the populace, and see that ignorance proliferates. That is also why the Catholic church’s insistence on granting citizenship to illegal aliens is so dangerous to this republic. It will virtually guarantee unlimited power to these people.”

      What exactly are you implying with this comment? That illegal immigrants are poorly educated and ignorant? That granting citizenship to those in this country illegally is a bad idea? That illegal immigrants are somehow puppets of the Gates’ or other philanthropists?

      Not only does your comment not seem to make sense, but it seems wrongheaded. Why shouldn’t we grant citizenship to those who want to be in this country? What moral right do we have to deny them a place here? Because some of us happened to be born here, that means we have the right to tell others they cannot live here? None of us chooses our birthplace, why should such a trivial fact determine how we choose to live the rest of our lives? There may be costs and real practical problems with doing so. But from a moral standpoint, which is where the Church generally argues from, there seems to me little if any argument for not allowing people to live freely and peacefully. What is the moral argument against that?

      • mary

        Illegal is illegal…What part don’t people understand?… Illegals should get in line with the rest of the would-be citizens and become citizens legally. Scripture says that one is to obey the governing authorities. That would be those of the USA in the case of illegals……Breaking laws and disregarding the rule of law before becoming a citizen usually precludes no problem with breaking laws after amnesty……What is the incentive to become law-abiding afterward?

        • sseller

          But Mary, why should I be a citizen simply because I am born in this country as opposed to someone who is not born here who has to wait over a decade? How is that just? Why is birth on a particular side of a national boundary a good criterion for conferring citizenship? It’s an arbitrary distinction. I don’t have an obligation to obey an unjust law, and where is the justice in immigration laws that impede movement across arbitrary borders?

          • tom

            Just common sense, ss. Borders. language, culture. Other cultures don’t adhere to the “natural law” and have no conscience in terms of absconding with the fruits of American toil. “Thous shall Not Steal?

            • sseller

              But it’s not common sense. Someone who lives in Bangor, ME probably a lot more in common culturally with someone who lives in New Brunswick, Canada than someone who lives in Santa Fe. And someone who lives in Brownsville probably has more in common with the average Mexican than the average Montanan. National borders are not coterminous with cultural borders. Does someone in New Brunswick not adhere to “natural law”, as you put it?

              Regardless, why should the Church endorse an institution–the nation-state with its borders that keep people out, which has no moral justification? Because immigration policies are codified as laws? The Church opposes many laws on moral grounds. What is the morality in having a system of citizenship that keeps people out of your country simply because of birthplace? That is a question that you nor anyone else here has tried to answer.

              • tom

                If you lack common sense, you don’t know it when you see it. There’s noe scape for you in the maze of your brain. Prayer may help until you come to your common senses.

              • musicacre

                You’ve hijacked the conversation it was about the monstrous evil Bill and Melinda are inflicitng on others simply because they are rich. So….why would you defend some filthy rich person who wants to prevent every woman in the world from having children?? It’s like having a rich version of Margaret Sanger.

                • sseller

                  Actually musicacre, it was Alecto who first raised the subject of illegal immigrants. He made a comment I disagreed with, and so I responded, as is the intention of a discussion forum. Whether he/she should have raised the issue in relation to this particular post is a judgment call, but it was a comment I felt was worth responding to.

                  As to your point about Bill and Melinda, do you have any evidence that their proposal is “to prevent every woman in the world from having children?” In all the research I’ve done, I haven’t found any evidence that they (at least intentionally) support coercive family planning practices, nor have they stated that they hope no woman has children. Rather, the intent seems to be to allow women to have more control over the number of children they do have. Instead of having no say and simply letting nature decide, the Gates’ want to let women decide for themselves. You may or may not be opposed to such policies on ideological grounds, but their proposals are a far cry from Sanger’s.

          • Mary margaret greenberg

            Yeah okay mr weather underground. Go sneak over to juarez and collect your welfare foodstamps a cellie, your favorite food, your language on bank machines and mayo in your chimichanga.
            Then head over to the northern border of iran and do a ditto, except ask for ketchup for your fallafel, also dont forget to march in a political rally and run for office. L OL! They will love that.
            I f Jesus sole purpose was social justice he would not have died for our sins.
            Your ideas about law and borderless entitlement are political, not moral.

          • NANA

            I challenge you to come live in Miami for a month, and then you tell us what you think. we moved here 3 years ago from Michigan and I cant even get a job because I don’t speak Spanish. 9 out of 10 cars have Obama stickers on them. they get angry at me because I don’t understand them and they cant understand me. AND YES THIS IS MY COUNTRY, I AM A BORN USA CITIZEN, ENGLISH SPEAKING AMERICAN. SO SIT THERE ALL HIGH AND MIGHTY AND TELL ME WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE AND ITS JUST AS MUCH THEIR COUNTRY AS IT IS MINE, BS

      • Alecto

        No implication here, it’s a truth, of course they’re puppets. Hispanics overwhelmingly vote Democrat. Immigrants from anyplace on the globe overwhelmingly vote Democrat, and a Democratic voter is a puppet who dances to the party line. They have no, absolutely no, understanding or appreciation for our culture, values or history and don’t understand any of it. Voting does not guarantee one is part of the society.

        A thief who breaks into my home is not entitled to live there, to determine how I should live, what I should give to him and there is no morality on his side. The Catholic clergy is myopic and ignorant on this issue. The Ten Commandments are on my side of the argument: Thou Shalt Not Steal.

        • Ford Oxaal

          The problem is that we left the keys in the car for decades and put up a shiny billboard that said “drive me”. We are now complicit as a nation in the illegality, thus nullifying our own laws. This is treason, but treason and bribery are now the accepted ways of doing business.

        • sseller

          As I say to Mary below, what makes this your country any more than it’s someone else’s country? Because you were born on a particular side of an arbitrary national border? Why should you be granted citizenship because of where you were born? Why is that a better criteria than character or skillsets? What makes their wanting to become citizens “stealing” from your country? Are you really suggesting that someone who is born in Windsor, Ontario or Ciudad Juarez, Mexico doesn’t understand American culture or our values? Give me a break!

          As for your assertion that all Democrats are somehow puppets, I am simply flabbergasted. As if all Republican voters think critically and Democrats do not? As if Democrats are somehow incapable of doing anything that goes against their party platform. You may disagree with Democratic policies, but of the two parties, I’d posit that there’s actually more heterogeneity on issues. Senators like Mark Pryor of Arkansas or Joe Manchin of West Virginia have very different views on gay marriage, abortion, climate change, gun control, and other controversial issues than Patty Murray of Washington or Diane Feinstein of California. Democrats are actually a diverse group, even if they’re one you don’t happen to like.

          • tom

            SS, you’re just an iconoclast. Others build.

          • Alecto

            I wonder if you possess the gift of reason at all? I certainly hope you aren’t a U.S. citizen! We have far too many like you! Can you see the failure of logic of your post? No borders? No country! It isn’t arbitrary at all. There is an established legal process for entering the U.S. Is there a reason those who refuse to follow it deserve more consideration and preference than those who do? An individual who will not obey laws to come here demonstrates a lack of good character. It is precisely for this reason I would deny them legal status and citizenship. Imagine what kind of “citizens” such people make! Oops, we see that already. Their ignorance, greed and egotistical self-worship are destroying anything that is good, true and right.

            The U.S. has the most, by far the most, generous immigration policies in the world. I will not tolerate your perversion of our most diverse nation into nonsense about “keeping people out”. I don’t care whether anyone from Canada or Mexico understands our culture or values, which they no doubt learn from broadcast media propaganda. I am writing of heritage, culture and values that fomented a revolution: the desire to live, work and worship freely without obeisance to a corrupt central government.

            I have little love for the spinelessness and turncoat betrayals of Republican stupidity. I am not a Republican, I am a conservative. However, they are preferable to the death worshiping, baby killing party of 1) slavery; 2) Jim Crow racism; and 3) antisemitism, and anti-Catholicism.

            • sseller

              Actually Alecto, I’m a proud U.S. citizen. The issue I’m trying to raise that I think you may be missing is asking whether something is moral simply because it’s the law. The question I asked was whether immigration laws are moral, because the Church supports the naturalization of many illegal immigrants, and the Church tends to be an authority when it comes to moral matters, rightly or wrongly. You may disagree with them on immigration, but you haven’t provided any moral argument for doing so, you’ve instead resorted to talk about values, culture, and heritage.–characteristics that are not coterminous with any nation-state border, and characteristics that cannot easily form the basis of moral arguments.

              Not all laws are moral or just. If I get an abortion in China because I am forced to under the law, does that make my action moral? Just because national borders are codified into law does not mean that laws based on them have a moral basis. The notion that we should be able to enforce different sets of rules on people on different sides of the border strikes me as treating people who are equals unequally, simply because of their birthplace.

              We are a diverse country with diverse points of view and value systems. If we were to share the culture and heritage that I believe you’re referring to, then we should have had to stop expanding after the first 13 colonies. But America now has California hippies, Texas cowboys, Alaska natives, Pacific islanders in oceanic territories and many, many more kinds of people. And that’s great, but even though we share a set of borders, that doesn’t mean we all share the same set of values. I’m just as much of an American as you are, but that doesn’t mean a whole lot, except that we both are subservient to the same government. So if that’s the case in our diverse country, what moral reason is there to exclude people. Sure an open border policy would likely be a logistical nightmare, would change cultures dramatically, and could pose a security threat if people were not vetted. But those strike me as pragmatic, not moral rationalizations.

      • Oliver popkin

        You have the typical arguement. But tell us why people who disobey the laws of our country should come before those following the rules who have been waiting in line? Should we overlook other laws too? Which ones? Is it up to you and your percieved morality? Do you give away front row seats of paying custoners to people who sneak in the back without paying? Do you give your neighbors paycheck for grinding away at a job to his layabout neighbor? Do you decide what others at a restaurant get to order? Does mexico reward those who come in illegally? Your morality is relative.
        Have you heard of the ten commandments? There are rules that help society function, and the united states is far more generous to immigrants than any other country. Go try to get citizenship anywhere else. Read their laws before you come out with moral guns blazing.
        We do have the rights of our constitution as citizens and we have a clearcut path of opportunity for those who are not citizens to become citizens. So the obvious tone of your comment reveals either a lack of common sense, understanding of the issue or a purposeful trolling wishing to disrupt these comments.

    • Ford Oxaal

      Ironically, this is an argument to tax the super rich, as they have too much power and they buy public policy. Either that or somehow bar them from investing in companies, in this case, the drug giants, which benefit from their public policy efforts.

      • tom

        Maybe our uber-rich should be arrested. They certainly can’t be trusted.

        • Ford Oxaal

          Cash is like nuclear waste — it is difficult to find a place where it cannot corrode society. The non-profits set up by, for example, Ford, are controlled by power hungry bureaucrats with an agenda. Very dangerous.

          • Bono95


          • musicacre

            That’s a very good analogy!

    • Jeff

      Not “statism” — corporate and personal philanthropy.

      • Alecto

        Philanthropy is motivated by a love of humanity and promotes the good of human beings. How does abortion promote the welfare of human beings? And, what right do they have to tell us how to educate our children? All this is done at the expense of taxpayers because the Gates pay none. That is immoral. This collusion between big left money and big left government (statism) is very, very dangerous. You agree with it now because they promote ideas with which you agree. If the ideas were those of conservative Catholics, would you also agree with this approach?

        • Bono95

          The Gates’ “philanthropy” has me, to coin a phrase, philanthropist off.
          My apologies for that ill-disguised vulgarity, but it’s true.

        • musicacre

          Fake philanthropy exercised by giant power brokers. What chance does the world have against them? They have more than enough money for their lifestyle; now they want to control the world.

      • No its another robber baron like the Rockerfellers who funded eugenics in their time. The super rich have to keep the unwashed populations down or they will take over and threaten their hegemony.

    • fiatvoluntastua

      They will eventually find themselves in a situation that money can not buy. Looking back into the Old Testament, we see figures like Saul, who was anointed by GOD but fell in the end. Like him, the Gates are using the gifts GOD gave them to destroy GOD’s creation. Pray for their conversion.

  • Arrrgh. I don’t like Bill and Melinda Gates and I have no opinion on the Common Core State Standards. However, the Common Core is NOT a curriculum. There’s a lot of misinformation in this article. How can people claim to know what’s wrong the the CCSS when they don’t even know what it says?

    • The Common Core State Standards will result in a thorough overhaul of the curriculum, especially in the humanities. It is already doing so. That anyone responsible at any Catholic school could be so stupid as to adopt them is baffling to me, when there is not a single idea that has come from the public school conglomerate in the last sixty years, not one, that has proved to be anything but an expensive exercise in vanity and folly: consolidated school districts, New Math, pods, computers on the desk, calculators in the hand, basal readers, graphic novels in English class, de-emphasis on memorization in the early years, creative spelling, “creative” writing, feminist readers, textbooks filled with pictures and visual noise, no recess, no lunch hour, shortened summer vacations, abandonment of systematic grammar, folding of geography and history into “social studies,” empty electives, de-emphasis on writing and grammar in foreign language classes, group work, overemphasis on standardized testing ….

      • Catholic schools went wrong when they accepted government money and secular ideas and got rid of Classical Education.

        The Common Core Standards are not responsible for the types of texts that people decide to use in a curriculum.

        (I like your articles)

        • tom

          Catholicism will have to retreat within itself if it is to survive. Depending on poor people who vote against moral stands, or waiting for the likes of Pelosi to be struck by lightening is folly.

          • musicacre

            We already retreated; into the sanity of homeschooling. It is an oasis in a desert of ideas.

      • Ford Oxaal

        America is fascinated by government through statistics, which is nothing more than government by science, which defines the ideology behind Nazism. It’s Spartan and in the final analysis, stupid. Now that motherhood and marriage have been effectively destroyed, the society has come completely unhinged. The only way out is if American women decide they want to be mothers instead of corporate serfs.

        • Alecto

          Fine, Ford. When men start acting like men, you can point the finger at women. When you look at this society, the incidence of addictions to drugs, porn, and alcohol among men is shocking, not to mention cheating among married men. Takes two to make a family and I am frustrated by your constant singling out of women. Many do not want to deal with momma’s boys, the physically violent, players or addicts! Makes being “corporate seft’ look attractive.

          • Alecto

            Make that “serf”, not “seft”.

          • Ford Oxaal

            I am not pointing to a single cause for the destruction of motherhood in American society. Nor is it reasonable to blame one sex or the other. The real blame is the societal abandonment of Christ crucified. But I am saying that until women reclaim motherhood as their primary vocation, all is lost. When my wife reclaimed motherhood for our family, our income went in half (sticking it to the Leviathan), I turned into a diaper service (real men do diapers, plus you can tell the future by examining… nevermind), and our standard of living went up tenfold.

        • Michael Paterson-Seymour

          A little unfair to Sparta, where the people lived under laws of their own making and magistrates of their own choosing.

          The learned Rollin observes that “so infallible were its institutions that nothing was gained in winning battles against it, if the victor did not succeed in depriving it of its polity.”

          Rousseau was right, when he said, “As soon as public service ceases to be the chief business of the citizens, and they would rather serve with their money than with their persons, the State is not far from its fall. When it is necessary to march out to war, they pay troops and stay at home: when it is necessary to meet in council, they name deputies and stay at home. By reason of idleness and money, they end by having soldiers to enslave their country and representatives to sell it.” It was not so at Sparta.

          • Ford Oxaal

            Point taken. And I am no expert on Sparta. But the Spartans were regimented from birth — this is how I see modern American society, and to our detriment. Children are marched off to daycare from an early age, and that is only if they survived various prenatal tests etc. Similarly in Sparta, children were put at the service of the state at a young age, but only if they were deemed fit. At any rate, government by science alone is a hideous error because there is no scientific basis for human dignity. The light of science is much dimmer even than the light of reason.

    • Why do you think they do not know what it says?

      • The article claims that CCSS are a curriculum. They are not a curriculum, they are a standard.

        “Rather than giving English teachers the freedom to teach literature, the Common Core mandates that a far greater percentage of classroom time be spent on “fact-based” learning.”

        English teachers have freedom to teach literature. The requirement for 70% informational texts is across the ENTIRE curriculum (chosen by the state or school, NOT the CCSS), NOT English class. The books listed in the CCSS are examples, not required texts.

    • OF course it’s a curriculum.
      National Standards = National Assessment = NATIONAL CURRICULUM. Pearson is already forming a monopoly in Common Core textbooks for the classroom.

      • No, the standards are NOT a curriculum. Pearson may provide a curriculum but no one is required to use Pearson (or any other publisher). All you people who are so worried should publish your own books and get them into schools.

  • Conniption Fitz

    Bill Gates’ father was president of Planned Parenthood. The abortion agenda is part and parcel of his son’s agenda too. Women’s health and reproductive rights are code words for abortion. Common core curriculum is rife with other politically correct ideas such normalizing deviant sexual lifestyles.

  • NewHampshire

    Our public education is being ruined by big corporations, consltants, and NGOs like the UN. Kick ’em all out!

    • Bono95

      Kick ’em, stomp ’em, bite ’em, pound ’em, pulverize ’em, pile drive ’em, strangle ’em, decapitate ’em, burn ’em, hang, draw, and quarter ’em…………

      • tom

        Now, we’re talkin’ turkey. Sign me up.

        • Bono95

          Come with a pen and a chainsaw, the rustier, the better.

          • Chris11

            This is probably what Jesus would do. Right? Decapitate ’em? Rusty chainsaws? Hypocrisy?

            • Bono95

              Don’t you know a joke when you see one? I was just fooling around with what NewHampshire said about kicking out educational bureaucrats.

    • tom

      Leftist teacher unions haven’t helped either. Horace Mann was good, John Dewey bad.

  • Diego Fernando Ramos Flor

    For those who want to know, the article on WSJ about the Gates’ investment on pharmaceutical companies’ shares is available at:,,SB1021577629748680000.djm,00.html; be aware of the this new type of “charity without love” coming from self-described Catholics; be aware of falling on it without noticing it, that often happens and could happen to any of us.

    • Alecto

      No wonder so many hate “Catholics”. Although the Gates are not Catholic, they confuse others and that promotes suspicion and hatred of us.

  • DerekS

    This reinforced a message I’ve heard before…
    In an article entitled “Why Birth Control is Still a Big Idea” published in Foreign Policy in December, 2012, Melinda Gates writes: “Contraceptives unlock one of the most dormant but potentially powerful assets in development: women as decision makers. When women have the power to make choices about their families, they tend to decide precisely what demographers, economists, and development experts recommend.”

    Population controllers in the UN and the World Council of Churches have advised contraception and having only 2 children (replacement) and I’ve heard Episcopalians and liberal Lutheran cite those.
    When women come out of feminist studies and sociology hearing that advice supposedly to think for themselves, to be illuminated, educated, are they really thinking for themselves or are they tending to do precisely what demographers, economists, and development experts recommend?

    • Ford Oxaal

      The Stepford Feminists. Children’s worst nightmare.

    • tom

      She’s dumb, too?

    • Bono95

      “Liberal Lutherans advising contraception”.
      You almost have to feel sorry for Luther. He was wrong about many things, but he was right about birth control, and had some choice words for people in his day who weren’t.*
      *Well, he had harsh words for everybody he disagreed with, but in the case of contraceptors, for once I can’t say I blame him.

  • cestusdei

    Let me decide on the common core and than see how fast the Gates withdraw their cash.

    • Bono95

      They’ll withdraw it faster than it takes a Microsoft computer to start up. Waaaaaaay faster.

  • Bono95

    Gee, Mr. Gates, wouldn’t getting CO2 emissions down to 0 (assuming it’s even possible) kill all the plants and algae? Plants and algae need CO2 to perform photosynthesis and release oxygen into the air.

    • sseller

      No, because Mr. Gates is not proposing to kill all the animals and other organisms that exhale CO2. I think he’s just suggesting that we reduce our industrial emissions as quickly as possible, given their very likely adverse effects on the climate. But why let facts get in the way of attacking someone you don’t like?

      • Bono95

        Well then, if it’s industrial emissions kind-hearted Mr. Gates is so concerned about, he can do his part to reduce them by shutting down all his factories and tech support centers. That’ll rid the world of both excess CO2 AND lousy computers. (I’m writing this on an Apple MacBook by the way)

        • sseller

          Then wouldn’t the free market simply fill the void and expand existing factories and tech support centers to fill the demand that exists? Does your solution actually change the aggregate amount of pollution in the air? I do agree with you about the lousy computers bit, though.

          • Bono95

            Yeah, I guess my “solution” doesn’t work, but what Mr. Gates does have in mind isn’t going to work either, or at the very least its harmful effects will far outweigh any good ones. Killing babies and old people and targeting/exploiting poor people is wrong for any reason, and CO2 still only makes up less than 1% of all the gases in the atmosphere.

      • musicacre

        Agenda 21 is one step at a time. Goodness…you don’t want the public to know the whole truth right away….

    • musicacre

      What a joke to target natural occurring CO2 which everything on the planet needs.

  • Elizabeth

    Pope Benedict XVI says, ( people like the Gates’ )”are professional Catholics who make a living on their Catholicism but in whom faith flows only faintly, in a few scattered drops”.

  • crakpot

    What a demonic equation. More people = more carbon. Der Fewer Der Better.

    All based on a superstitious fear of the evil carbon dioxide molecule. Just goes to show “smart” guys can be really, really stupid – and evil.

    • Ford Oxaal

      You get some nerd who gets lucky and strikes it rich, and the next thing you know he sprays his poison nouveau riche cash all over the place like an incontinent skunk.

      • crakpot

        He got monopolistic to strike it rich.

        • Ford Oxaal

          That may be, but in any case, money is a dangerous substance, something Americans don’t want to consider because they are too busy fantasizing about “getting rich”.

          • Scott Waddell

            I hardly think that is a uniquely American feature.

        • Alecto

          From Apple, from Xerox. I’m actually sorry the Clinton Administration dropped the antitrust suit. They should have bled Microsoft dry. Don’t forget to download Mozilla Firefox and deinstall MS Explorer and the rest of it!

          • Bono95

            Well, he sure didn’t steal any good ideas, ’cause his computers and operating systems stink.

      • Bono95

        Interesting simile. I like it. (The simile, that is. The reality it expresses, not so much.)

    • musicacre

      The “real” science shot down the planet warming scare a long time ago; the human population reducers will merely search for another moronic idea to justify their hatred for poor people, and to get rid of them. Margaret Sanger compared women in the slums to rats. She wanted internment camps built in the States. The government of the day didn’t follow all the way with that but her friend Hitler ran with that idea.

  • Leestar09

    I think it’s great to see two people with money help the world in a way that they see fit. Just because their choices for how to spend money and what to fund may not fit your values, it doesn’t mean they’re wrong. Be a little more accepting and practice the kindness many of us believe in.

    • Joe DeCarlo

      Yes, that is good, but don’t say that you are a practicing Catholic, because they are not.

    • Scott Waddell

      Would you also say “it’s great to see a Church with parishoner’s donations help the world in the way that they see fit”? Or would you be screaming “separation of Church and State!” or “Revoke their tax exemption!”

      • Leestar09

        I would say it is fine. If people want to give to their church, so be it. I read this article because I have friends that are devout Catholics, and I’m not, but I always am Interested in learning more. By reading some of the threads I can see that
        My perspective is much more ‘to each their own’ than I realized. I’m also an educator and was intrigued in hearing other perspectives on the Gates’ work.
        I think some of the content of the article is extreme, but Interesting, regardless.

        • Scott Waddell

          What I meant was, would you be fine if that Church took those donations and used some of the money to counter Bill Gates’ plots to sterilize lots of darker-skinned people?

    • tom

      For a Catholic, they’re recommending murder, Lee. That’s verboten, but thanks for your stupidity.

      • Done

        Doesn’t get much more rude than you calling someone stupid on a public forum. You lack tact and class, but hey, pray to the Pope. You’ll still go to heaven right?

        • Bono95

          You don’t pray to the Pope, you pray to God or ask the Pope to pray to God for you.

    • Cormac_mac_Airt

      How would you feel if the Koch Bros (in alliance with all Red State governments) concocted standards which imposed an abstinence only and intelligent design curriculum on the states??

  • LLC

    My daughter’s Catholic school is in a diocese that has adopted the Common Core Standards. When I wrote to the superintendent of Catholic schools he said the following:

    Our standards-based curricula have always been aligned with national standards. For example, math standards are aligned with the National Council for Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) standards; Language Arts with the National Council for Teachers of English (NCTE). When Common Core was published, we ensured that those standards were merged with our existing ones. Common Core is a set of minimum standards. We didn’t excise skills; therefore we exceed the Common Core standards. We still provide the basic skills at each grade level that allow students to successfully meet more challenging concepts in middle and high school. Many parents are concerned that we will be abandoning our standards to Common Core. We maintain the integrity of our curriculum and ensure students continue to exceed public school expectations.

    Should I be concerned?

  • tom

    I don’t think the bishops have much time left to take a stand. They seem to be asleep as they bless Teddy Kennedy, cajole Barack, and feed holy communion to the likes of Biden and Pelosi. The hour glass is emptying fellas. Hello? Anyone home in the diocese? Hello!

  • Jeff

    I don’t know that the anti-Gates hate-fest is entirely fair. These people do an enormous amount of good. Climate change is indeed a problem. Even the Catholic Church teaches that. Increasing access to vaccinations and reducing child mortality can only be good things. I don’t know how anyone could argue otherwise. Making the CCSS more rigorous sounds pretty good to me. Melinda and Bill don’t just blather about improving opportunities — they’re putting their money where their mouths are by helping create educational technology that brings education to every student. Think lots of online classes available to nearly everyone. When the Gates’ home schooled their own children, they made use of Khan Academy courses, and they want to expand on those sort of courses. They give millions and millions of dollars to schools and children’s homes. These are very smart, pro-social, solution-oriented people. You might not agree with their ideas about birth control (like most Catholics, I do agree with them), but they do an enormous amount of good in the world. Personally, I wish there were more like them.

    • Scott Waddell

      No, the Catholic Church does not teach “that Climate change is indeed a problem”. The Church teaches stewardship and care of the environment in a general sense, but does not officially subscribe to any theory of the climate. It’s fine if one praises the good if the Gates do good. It’s not fine to suggest we ignore the evil by appealing to the good.

      • Matthew

        Scott, the Catholic Church has framed climate change as a moral issue for over two decades now. The impact of climate change falls most heavily on the world’s poor, so this is about social justice. Benedict XVI is known as “the Green Pope” and as a friend of science. It was he who approved the plan to cover the Vatican’s Paul VI hall with solar panels. The report on climate change produced by the Pontifical Academy of Sciences mirrors the most recent IPCC report. For many Catholics, climate change is a far more compelling moral issue than contraception.

        • Objectivetruth

          But…..the Church does not equate climate change with the same moral imperative as abortion and contraception. Proper stewardship of the earth and environment is a moral good, but does not rise to the same level of gravity of sin ad abortion and artificial contraception which are intrinsic evils

        • Scott Waddell

          Please show me magisterial documentation that Catholics’ consciences are bound to accept any particular theory of climate change or any particular solution to it. You can’t. Now, I have no problem if one wants to work for the protection of the environment, but a Catholic cannot say, “since climate change is the more compelling moral issue, therefore, Catholics are no longer prohibited from using contraception.”

      • Bono95

        Assuming that Catholics who approve of birth control really are the majority, they sure aren’t very tolerant of the beliefs of the pro-life minority.

    • Did it ever occur to you that oral contraceptives are poisoning our water supply?

      • Bono95

        They are indeed, and they’re messing with the reproductive systems of fish and frogs.

        • guest_333

          And don’t forget humans

          • Bono95

            Don’t worry, I didn’t. Worry about the ZPG-ers and hypocritical greenfreaks who did and do.

    • Ford Oxaal

      If population control people had a bug spray that worked on what they deep down consider undesirable human vermin, they would use it. As for technology, I would argue that by far its greatest benefit is that it brings the library of the world to your flat screen. Which is wonderful only if you have good taste in ideas combined with enough moral backbone not to get addicted to the filth (which is apparently a huge percentage of internet traffic). The danger is isolation. Nothing can substitute getting together as human beings and making real eye contact. For example, we do math circle — a bunch of high school kids, (95% Chinese — an interesting cultural statement), get together and do problems, many of which are spectacularly interesting/difficult. The session consists of working for an hour in a test-like environment, then two hours collaborating on solutions. This indispensable form of education could not be done other than through the low-tech of the ancients — drawing implements, a room, transportation, and food. In the final analysis, that is really all you need for a stellar education — in this type of environment, everyone teaches and learns from everyone. The high tech environment sometimes resembles electronic brainwashing.

    • Chris11

      Thank you for this post. I totally agree!

  • Nathan

    “Rather than giving English teachers the freedom to teach literature, the
    Common Core mandates that a far greater percentage of classroom time be
    spent on “fact-based” learning.”

    Because we need more high school graduates that can’t read, let alone think.

  • Yep, lots of talk about family planning, but not a damn thing about Natural Family Planning. And from a Catholic woman, too. 🙁

  • Bono95

    Has anyone ever heard the song “The Gates” by Da Vinci’s Notebook? It’s a hilarious ballad of a guy whose Microsoft laptop crashes and who decides to vent his frustration on Mr. Gates. 😀

  • Mick Davis

    If CEO types like Gates want to act so called responsible then they should sell their belongings and take on a meagre salary of say 1 million a year instead of 200 million a years their employees and share holders can make enough to live. The Apple saint said he made 1 dollar a year but in reality he made over 300 million a year in shares- a nice evasion tactic. These facts equal irresponsibility to America and the American people- opps I forgot they are members of the global community now.Maybe a new term for conspiracy- Monsanto- Gate.

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  • This is why school choice is so important. The public school system has succeded in dumbing down the American public since the 1970s. These days, if there are effective at all, they are effective in brainwashing american children to believe that the values of this nation and it’s Judeo-Christian standards needs to be replaced with a Nanny state which contolas every phase of American life from womb to tomb.

  • D.R. Daily


  • Joseph

    No need to worry, – since Scripture says that : ” The GATES of hell shall not Prevail” – and also : “How difficult it is for the RICH to enter heaven” – I think that both Bill and Melinda are risking the fires of purgatory or worse….

    • me3123

      What a frightful pun!

  • alemap

    Melinda may consider herself a “practising” catholic” but the only thing she is practising is the Church of Bill and Melinda Gates.” She knows full well what the Roman Catholic Church teaches on contraception and abortion. Who do they think they are. Their wealth has corrupted them absolutely. Why can’t these people sit back and enjoy their money? No they allow themselves to become tools for evil. Wouldn’t want to be in their shoes at all

  • mollysdad

    Look at the photo.

    A computer geek and the Whore of Babylon.

  • Sharon Sewell Here’s a site showing the marriage of the Catholic Church and Common Core. The answer to having resouces for classrooms vs using Common Core aligned materials is use what worked before. Don’t throw anything away from other years. Duct tape the textbooks if you have to. Go to, to the section on textbooks and see three textbooks that are aligned to Common Core. After you read the reviews think about faith and what will be taught using those texts. Also go to the free Internet site called Math is now a social justice issue instead of 32 X 41 = There are many free Internet sites that teachers will want to use because they are “free”. If teachers have a godly viewpoint they will quickly learn Common Core is not about traditional classical education. It is about “mindshifts” and indoctrination. Don’t listen to others, find out for yourself. If you want other information go to any states “Stop Common Core in ……..(type in the states name” on facebook. You will see that thousands are rising up. This has to be stopped. We in Alabama are working hard to defeat this.

  • Saint-Prix

    No, the situation with Bill Gates and population control has nothing to do with product of poor Catholic Education. We need to call evil, evil. The fact is that, his father William
    Gates Sr. had been a member of the board of Planned Parenthood for decades. He was deeply involved into eugenics. The plan of eugenics in 1920 as it is now, is to reduce the world population. This movement was one of the spring boards of the Nazi. William Gates Sr. and Bill Gates are known to have attended the Bilderberg meeting in multiple number of occasions.

    The goal of controlling population is simply eugenics. It is to reduce the population from 7 billion people to 1 billion by killing them in many various ways. But more importantly, it is a shame that our Church leaders are allowing Bill Gates to still be a “Catholic”. Are the shepherds protecting the sheep they been entrusted by Christ?

    Serge Saint-Prix, MA Theology

    • me3123

      Nazis and Fascists!

    • JackB

      Bill Gates is not a Catholic. He comes from a Protestant family.

  • me3123

    I’m ditching my PC and switching to Apple

  • David

    Why is Melinda Gates not excommunicated? I blame her Bishop.

  • JCV_Truth

    “When abortion is no longer a bad thing, nothing is wrong”. Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcuta.

  • Bob Abu

    The wife claims to be a practicing Catholic, what religion is Old Man Gates, if any?

    • Bono95

      Somebody above said its nothing, I think it’s more likely $$$

  • O God deliver us from our enemies who are too strong for us. God is our rock and our salvation!

  • Bob Abu

    All of Gates dubious public experimentation is done through his foundation, so it’s being indirectly subsidized by the tax payers. He puts the appreciated stock in his so-called charitable foundation and pays no tax whatsoever on the gain when they sell it. . Everyone would be better off if Gates would simply sell the stock and pay taxes he justifiably owes as an American Citizen.

  • guest_333

    Wow I’m very sad that I feel hatred toward someone that I thought was doing good by helping the poorer people. Just because he is rich he thinks he can run the world too. I don’t think so. Not even God can get everyone to listen to Him. Instead of hating him I will be praying for him and his wife to put a stop to planned parenthood. I m praying he will stop listening to his own lies about the population and I will pray that his wife can convert herseff and her husband to end abortion and stop pushing this control over the whole world. He and his wife need prayers !!!!!!

  • Anita

    The problem boils down to one thing and one thing alone.When God was removed from Washington,D.C. He has left us to our human frailities, which boils down to, the leadership in our country thinking they are God and yet calling themselves members of religious communities. Politicians who sincerely worship God are few/ How sad that One Nation under God has become anything but that. God help us all !!!

  • Isabelle101

    Parts of the Human killing Machine.

  • We must offer prayers of reparation for the sins committed in these ways. And how long do we think that God will withhold the chastisement that our sins individually, nationally and world wide justly deserve? Let us offer prayers of reparation while there is still time at least for us to be made ready for salvation. And God only knows if the weight of evil is so great that only punishment and purification by His hand can remove it.

  • mat jusoh

    She is amongst those whom Jesus will tell to ” be gone you evil people”

  • I blame the Catholic Bishops.

  • Matt Settler

    Very sad. Another case of a so called ‘practicing catholic’ who is neither catholic nor christian. Church leadership, absent in this case, needs to take a stand. Pelosi, Kerry, Biden, any Kennedy; will it ever end? Unless a line is drawn, no, it won’t end. I was hopeful that the USCCB, with the announcement of the new leader, would bring needed orthodox change to the church in the United States. Unless he, and that group, has a change of heart and conscience, it seems he would rather be on Late Night or the Tonight Show. Maybe he missed his calling as a stand up comic.
    Please pray for priests, especially those placed in charge to lead the church in the U.S. “but do not imitate their actions, for they tell you one thing and do another” – Jesus (Matt 23:3)

  • I was feeling discouraged yesterday after reading of how evil has gained so much influence ad then i remembered in prayer the words of JP2 “Be not afraid” which he said when he was first elected and often after that. Jesus said in Psalm 22 va 6 “I am a worm and not a man” and Jesus took our place. And in dealing with the power of evil we sometimes can feel like we are no more powerful than worms and yet we call on God who is all powerful, the one who alone can save us when we have no human solutions, and I fear that with the reign of evil in our world that we are running out of human answers.

  • They should be publicly ex-communicated! And I’m not even Catholic.

  • FIGHT COMMON CORE – it is poison to the children!!! The Gates Foundation told the Women of Washington that they do NOT want parents involved in their children’s education because their “experts” know better.


    ” forcibly sterilized thousands of women in the 1990s under the pretence
    of providing tetanus vaccination services in Nicaragua, Mexico and the
    “Gates Foundation had purchased shares in nine of the largest pharmaceutical companies ”
    “government leaders are now beginning to understand that providing access to contraceptives is a cost effective way to foster economic growth.”
    The Foundation is helping them understand it no doubt – and vaccinations like in Nicaragua, Mexico and the Philippines let them deliver it to whom they please since vaccinations are becoming mandatory. Think they’ll sterilize 8 of 10? I think they’d like to.

    I bet Adolph Hitler & Company wish they’d thought of that!


    what if they spent one tenth of that money providing clean water and teaching good farming practices, providing materials and buildings to teach folks to read to ready them to become engineers, doctors and scientists, in these impoverished places they call “slums”. But that would put the people in control of their own destinies, and Lord knows, we’ll all be better off with these two honest, compassionate wise people running at least most of the planet.

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  • Reasonable Skeptic

    Wow!. Haters and Paranoia running rampant here. Try getting into the ditches (classrooms) some time. The Common Core do increase the quantity and quality offered by most schools in most states. And if you are so concerned about the lack of content, remember they are the bare minimum. There is no reason your state or local school cannot go above and beyond.

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  • Kathleen A. Peck

    Thank you for this very insightful article. Just as many with great wealth are doing good …it appears Mr. & Mrs. Gates are choosing to use their wealth otherwise. So sorry to hear they are behind so much of this misdirected, problematic change for the worst.

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  • DefendAmerica

    Gates … sterilizing the world through ChemTrails chemicals, poisoning us through GMO foods and vaccinations… fluoridated and chlorinated water … MURDERING the Earth’s populations… one continent at a time.

    Hey, you fudgepacker – go blow your head off and leave us the f alone.

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  • JackB

    Big History and Big Hysterectomy. What is their next project?

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  • Tim Roesch

    This is probably the most important part of the article:

    In an article entitled “Why Birth Control is Still a Big Idea” published in Foreign Policy in December, 2012, Melinda Gates writes:

    “Contraceptives unlock one of the most dormant but potentially powerful assets in development: women as decision makers. When women have the power to make choices about their families, they tend to decide precisely what demographers, economists, and development experts recommend.”
    First, it is the dream of every Utopist to find a way to fit those pesky humans into the pigeon holes they need to fit into to make Utopia work. Damn women for failing to live up to the designs of development experts (damnit)
    Also, the problem here is that an important part of the equation is left out and the hole left behind is gaping: does Melinda Gates suggest that women also control their womanhood? If women leave birth behind to become, in essence, ‘men’ or at least gender neutral ‘workers’, who is left to be a mother? Demographers and economists?

  • Katie510

    Evil is still Evil, not matter what label you put on it…….THIS IS EVIL….Pray….Pray….Pray

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  • Max

    Microsoft Windows Compared to Ubuntu Linux:
    1. Not Free- Proprietary or Closed Source
    2. Must run anti-virus and malware programs
    3. Upgrades are not Free
    4. Programs are not Free
    5. Updates take longer and sometime fail
    6. Easy to cripple system or delete needed files
    7. Virus removal Clean Up needed annually
    8. Vendor lock-in under Microsoft License Control
    9. Not secure for online banking
    10. Easily hacked
    11. Crashes (Blue Screen Of Death)
    12. Slows down resource hog
    Ubuntu Linux
    1. Free Open Source – No Cost
    2. No viruses or malware
    3. Upgrades Free for Life
    4. Free programs
    5. Easy and Fast Secure Updates
    6. Hard to cripple system
    7. No need for virus programs
    8. No license of vendor lock-in (Freedom)
    9. Secure for online banking
    10. Hard to hack
    11. No crashes (Blue Screen Of Death)
    12. Always Fast and Secure (Fun)

  • Glenn Getz

    I want what Bill is smoking. Push your agenda and kill jobs . I support of the middle class says his buddy Obammy.

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  • alaanile

    We must offer prayers of reparation for the sins committed in these ways. And how long do we think that God will withhold the chastisement that our sins individually, nationally and world wide justly deserve? Let us offer prayers of reparation while there is still time at least for us to be made ready for salvation. And God only knows if the weight of evil is so great that only punishment and purification by His hand can remove it.



  • alaanile

    We must offer prayers of reparation for the sins committed in these ways. And how long do we think that God will withhold the chastisement that our sins individually, nationally and world wide justly deserve? Let us offer prayers of reparation while there is still time at least for us to be made ready for salvation. And God only knows if the weight of evil is so great that only punishment and purification by His hand can remove it.

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  • Jason Elijah-Jack

    @ this article: hahahahahaahahaahahaahaha.

  • Hey, these two can spend their time just making more money, buying more homes, jewelry, art and yachts. Population growth for humans is staggeringly high. What other way should someone go about making decisions on how to give to society? How many babies have to die in your arms; how many stunted children do you have to see to think just perhaps maybe the starting point is to let every child born be given a decent chance at life. Andrew Carnegie said it is harder to give away money than to make it. Remember as wealthy as the Gates are, they do not have so much money to make a lot of mistakes to reach goals they set.

  • andy
  • andy

    The Ambitions of Bill and Melinda Gates: Controlling Population and Public Education is a good article as reference material obat untuk mengatasi keputihan gatal