All Sides Speak Out Against the Stenberg Decision

“In its ruling, the Supreme Court has taken the outrage of abortion itself one step further by opening the door to an even graver crime, the destruction of children literally inches and seconds from birth.” ~Anthony Cardinal Bevilacqua Archbishop of Philadelphia

“A victory for barbarism…. The primary duty of any government is to protect the weak from the powerful. The Supreme Court has betrayed this duty, and with it, the very foundation of our Constitution.” ~Francis Cardinal George, Archbishop of Chicago

“This is not a moment for sanitized or ‘diplomatic’ language. What the Court has done is open the gates to a uniquely savage and repugnant form of violence against the young. This is a disastrous ruling. It will have tar-reaching and unintended consequences—consequences we will look back on and bitterly regret.” ~Charles J. Chaput, O.F.M. Cap. Archbishop of Denver

“This decision shows the extent of the ‘culture of death’ in our country. It is incomprehensible how the highest court of law in this nation, a nation which prides itself on freedom, could completely ignore the rights of a child being born into this world—a child who would be allowed to live under any other circumstances.” ~Paul S. Leverde, Bishop of Arlington

“I for one cannot quietly sit by and allow voiceless lives of the unborn to be diminished to a court ruling that denies their existence and ignores their murder.” ~Rep. Ronnie Shows (D-Miss.)

“I can’t imagine the Founding Fathers intended the Constitution to protect infanticide. This decision is wrong. If nothing else, it illustrates the importance of the next president choosing judges who will protect, not erode, basic human rights.” ~House Majority Leader Dick Armey (R-Texas)

“It probably was inevitable that partial-birth abortion would become, as it did some while ago, a sacrament in the Church of ‘Choice.’ That sect’s theology cannot risk conceding that what is killed in an abortion ever possesses more moral significance than a tumor. Hence it cannot concede that society’s sensibilities should be lacerated by, or that its respect for life might be damaged by, any method of abortion.” ~George Will

“The move to discourage the most flagrant form of abortion was, like the Missouri Compromise, an accommodation. To deny it recognition as such is an exercise in abstraction that accomplishes what? An OK for partial-birth abortions…but no thought at all to the thinking, and the sensibilities, of those who, as with the abolitionists, believe they are dealing with human beings.” ~William F. Buckley, Jr.

“It’s self-government, not just abortion, that is at stake, and someone has to speak up for it, as well as for the unborn. It has happened before—the outrageous usurpation of democratic authority by the Supreme Court in Dred Scott.” ~Ramesh Ponnuru, National Review


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