A Grand Night for Singing: Why I Love Showtunes

    Over the next few days, three of our writers will offer lighter reflections on why they prefer a given genre of music -- Rock, Showtunes, and Classical.   We continue today with Showtunes.     ♦ ♦ ♦     It is said we love the music of our youth. No doubt we [...]

The Young Tyrant

A recurring theme in Plato's dialogues, including his Seventh Letter, describes the education of a young man who wants to achieve the highest things, which he considers to be achieved primarily through his ruling the polity. He wants to be a tyrant. This desire, he explains to others, means that he wants to "do good" [...]

Boris and London

It was impossible not to feel a thrill of pleasure. The newspapers were heralding Boris Johnson's triumphant win over his socialist opponent Ken Livingstone as mayor of London -- part of a nationwide sweep as Conservatives romped to power in local authorities across Britain, trouncing Labour in the local elections. Media commentators started to talk [...]

At The March

When I was given the opportunity to live in Washington, D.C., one of the first considerations that came to mind was that I would be able to easily attend the March for Life. Prior to this year, I had attended twice -- once as an infant, the second time as a toddler. This year, I [...]

The Trouble With Child Labor Laws

Let's say you want your computer fixed or your software explained. You can shell out big bucks to the Geek Squad, or you can ask -- but you can't hire -- a typical teenager, or even a pre-teen. Their experience with computers and the online world is vastly superior to most people over the age [...]

Quodlibets: Succeeding To Fail

When Herman Melville died, he left the manuscript of a novella, Billy Budd. He had not written fiction for years, but had used the time left him from his duties as a customs inspector in the Port of New York to write verse which is not universally held in high esteem, but for which I [...]