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Bishop Paprocki Calls on Catholic Politicians to Take Sides

Thomas Paprocki, the bishop of Springfield (the state capital of Illinois), has issued a decree barring the Illinois State Senate President and House Speaker—both ostensibly Catholics—from receiving Communion in the diocese.  The June 2 decision took place in response to enactment of abortion legislation codifying in state law an unlimited abortion liberty through birth, in [...]

Can You Handle the Truth?

Any guess as to the leading cause of death? Heart disease… cancer… smoking… obesity? Not even close. At over 56 million deaths annually, the worldwide loss of life from abortion exceeds that of the top ten leading causes of death combined. Half of those—roughly 28 million deaths—are from legal abortions. Twenty-eight million people. That exceeds [...]

Male infertility: Blame mom?

Here's an interesting -- and alarming -- article from The Independent. One third of healthy young men between 18 and 25 have  abnormal sperm counts. And the sperm they do produce is often of poor quality. Studies show that "only between 5 and 15 per cent of their sperm is, on average, good enough to [...]