We’re Ignoring a Root Cause of Our Problems

The single greatest contributor to our social pathologies such as addiction, mental illness, suicide, and violent crime is the breakdown of marriage and the family.

Who is Bob McCarty? And Why Should He Be Fired?

There’s a guy you’ve never heard of who runs an organization you’ve never heard of but it is likely because of him that the Catholic Church has not taken a stand against the radicalization of the Girl Scouts and now the Boy Scouts. Robert McCarty is the Executive Director of the National Federation of Catholic [...]

More Food for More People

One of the problems of a growing global population that needs to be solved is how do we feed all those extra mouths?  We’ve looked at UN reports on this issue. We've also looked at counterviews that actually there is enough food for us all at the moment and the lack of food for many [...]

The Population Bomb, Still Fizzling

A new report was released on Monday by the UN’s high level panel on global sustainability. Unsurprising its conclusion is that the world’s current economic , environmental and demographic trajectory is wildly unsustainable.  According to the UN estimates, as reported by Reuters: As the world's population looks set to grow to nearly 9 billion by [...]

Climate Change, Galileo, and the New Inquisition

Four centuries ago Galileo was condemned by the Papacy for promoting the theory of a heliocentric universe, because the science was in conflict with Biblical beliefs. Recently, Australian prelate Cardinal George Pell rang the changes on the belief versus science theme in a lecture delivered at the 2011 Global Warming Policy Annual Forum, Westminster Cathedral [...]

International Criminal Court: Justice or Menace?

War criminal Ratko Mladic, the Serbian general accused of genocide during the 1990s Bosnian war, was arrested last week. This week he will be extradited to The Hague, a decade after the International Criminal Court (ICC) issued a warrant for his arrest. Despite western media portrayals, many Serbians consider Mladic a hero and defender of [...]

Can Europe Survive Its Population Plunge?

Europe is dying. The Washington Post, among others, reports that, within a hundred years, there will be the rare German in Germany or Italian in Italy. Some demographers believe it is too late to correct Europe's plunge into extinction. "The fall in the population can no longer be stopped," reported Walter Rademacher of the German [...]

Fishless in 2050?

I've read the stories on and off for some time: Unless things change, our oceans could be out of fish by 2050. The latest report from the United Nations says that, according to current estimates, a fish-less world is quite possible within 40 years unless stocks are allowed to recover: According to the UN, 30 [...]

Israel acknowledges misuse of artillery

Remember those white phosphorus shells that the Israeli government swore up and down were never used on the United Nations compound in Gaza last January? Well, they were wrong. Paul Wood of BBC News in Jerusalem reports: Buried in paragraph 108 of the Israeli report to the UN is the key fact of the document. Two [...]

Resurrecting Religion

God Is Back: How the Global Revival of Faith Is Changing the World John Micklethwait and Adrian Wooldridge, Penguin Press, 416 pages, $27.95   It was a commonplace of the late 1960s that religion was obsolete and that modern 20th-century people had no need of faith. "Is God Dead?" Time asked in 1966, and books [...]

The Presidential Debate

InsideCatholic is headquartered in Washington, D.C., but I write from Oxford, Mississippi. Oxford has a population of about 14,000, which approximately doubles when the University of Mississippi students are in town. So, as you might imagine, the presidential debate here at Ole Miss tonight -- assuming it comes off -- is a big deal. The [...]

How the UN’s Global Poverty Plan Robs the Poor

  The United Nations Millennium Development Goals were ushered in with global fanfare and media hoopla in 2000. It is nothing short of an ambitious renovation of the political, social, and economic structures of the world. Of course, it's not billed as Development of a Planetary Parliament; it is presented to the world as an [...]

Benedict XVI’s Gospel to the United Nations

Pope Benedict XVI's trip to the United States was a huge success. The eyes of America were upon him, and most people liked what they saw -- very much. Benedict is not the trained actor and charismatic figure that Pope John Paul II was, but there is a fundamental decency that shows through to compliment [...]

Benedict to the UN: In Defense of Natural Law

  December 10, 1948: Keep your eye on that date. It's likely to have an important symbolic role in Pope Benedict XVI's upcoming visit to the United Nations and the United States.   Religious and civic pageantry, teddy bears wearing T-shirts with papal-visit logos, and celebrity worship may be the visit's most obvious features. But [...]

Abortion Judo: Using the United Nations Against Itself

 Can the recent United Nation's call for a world moratorium on the death penalty be used to end abortion as well? It may not be as unlikely as it sounds. Hot-button pro-life and pro-family issues have the power to define politicians and their campaigns. Yet the campaign debates on pro-life matters have centered largely on [...]

The Iraq Debate: Robert R. Reilly’s Closing Statement

This is the fourth of a four-part debate between Robert R. Reilly and Russell Shaw on the question, "Was the Iraq War just?"   It simply will not do to demote the importance of enforcing treaties at the end of wars to some kind of adolescent "need to save face." After World War I, the [...]

The Iraq Debate: The War Was Unjust

This is the second of a four-part debate between Robert R. Reilly and Russell Shaw on the question, "Was the Iraq War just?" Sometime in late 2002 I composed a sort of mantra that I then took to repeating to family and friends: "I watched the first Gulf War in 1991 on TV in a [...]

How the UN Is Exploiting the Population Issue

For over half a century, well-intentioned, well-educated people in the West were taught to dread an inevitable "population bomb," caused by a worldwide explosion of births and a dearth of resources. Examples abound: • In 1946 Julian Huxley, first head of UNESCO, wrote, "War is a less inevitable threat to mankind than is population increase." [...]

The Pope, The Press, and Nuclear Deterrence

IT IS SAID that Pope John Paul II once declared that if St. Paul were around today, he'd be on NBC. We might add, if he was lucky. The tremendous confusion regarding the position of the Holy See on nuclear weapons is no doubt exacerbated by the American press' determination of what is "news." Clearly, a person of stature calling [...]