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The Ukrainian Crisis and the Geopolitics of Christendom

The secularized former Christendom is facing off against a Russia that wants to reclaim its imperialist - and Christian - past.

Why “Person of the Year”?

At year’s end Pope Francis was named 2013 “Person of the Year” by two very disparate publications, and while the Roman pontiff tends to loom large on the world scene in almost any year, it is not entirely clear why this time around he was selected both by Time magazine and by an LGBT publication, [...]

The Politics of Biblical Archaeology

Insofar as it touches on questions of ethnic origin and national identity, archaeology can be a contentious field. Nowhere is this more true than in present day Israel/Palestine, where every new discovery or theory must travel through a political filter that often does more to shape a scholar's opinion than do the cold facts of [...]