Documentation: Economic Systems and Economic Ethics

In recent times many people, including Christians, have experienced a shift in their concept of sin — from a personal to a social approach. This clearly signifies a sharper conscience with regard to social injustice, but it also implies a diminishing awareness of personal sin. Many men and women believe that sin is just a [...]

Curran, Dissent, & Rome: A Symposium

Among its many dimensions, the Curran case focuses attention on the social role of the theologian in our time. Father Curran and his supporters argue that theologians have the right to pursue their researches (more precisely, their speculations) freely, unmolested by threats from outside the academy. Only in such a serene, tolerant environment, it is [...]

Documentation: Dr. Marjorie Reiley Maguire, Plaintiff v. Marquette University, Defendant

EASTERN DISTRICT OF WISCONSIN UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT Editor's note: Earlier this year, a U.S. district court handed down a decision in a case brought against Marquette University by Marjorie Maguire, a prominent "pro-choice" advocate. Maguire had sued Marquette for refusing to hire her to teach in its theology department, because — she alleged — [...]

The Last Word: Sandinophilia

A profoundly disturbing note in the debate on the conflict in Nicaragua was sounded in a nationally televised debate in March. Appearing on the MacNeil/Lehrer NewsHour as an opponent of U.S. aid to the contras, Auxiliary Bishop Thomas Gumbleton refused to offer a shred of sympathy or support for Managua's embattled archbishop, Cardinal Obando y [...]

Fear and Loathing in Nicaragua: Where Squalor and Terror Work Hand In Hand

Managua, November 2-5. Peeling paint; warped plywood; shantytowns; rationed water; walls smeared with graffiti; unrelieved shabbiness. At night only a few streetlights poke themselves into the darkness; they too are rationed. Police kiosks, mounted on cement tripods, are falling over into street intersections they are meant to control — an engineering miscalculation. In response to [...]

“Seventeen” Loses Its Innocence

The current issue of Seventeen lay atop the magazine stack in the orthodontist's office. "Capture the look," it said; "Hair that dares," "Clothes chic," "Is it love — or obsession?" And, then, burned across the pretty cover girl's navy blue sweater was the white all-caps notice: BIRTH CONTROL UPDATE. Chiding myself for confining my pop [...]

Keeping the “Catholic” in Catholic Colleges

Many Catholics in the United States and Canada are concerned about the future of our colleges and universities. They know that many of them have ceased being Catholic in any real sense — though they may retain an honorable religious name — and that most of the others are succumbing to a greater or lesser [...]

Film: The State As Traitor

Plenty. Written by David Hare. Directed by Fred Schepisi. 20th Century Fox. There are traitors and then there are traitors. Some people sell state secrets and wind up in prison or in comfortable dachas a few versts outside Moscow. Others play false with clients, friends or lovers, and end their days in lonely places screaming [...]

Argentina: A View From the South

Mar del Plata, Rio de la Plata, the name of the country itself, suggest wealth, dreams of fabulous riches, but it would be hard now to find an Argentine with the hopes of a conquistador. Dickens and Mrs. Trollope wrote books on the USA after flying visits so perhaps I need not apologize for daring [...]