Stabat Mater

Boulder shooting

Most Mass Shooters Are Not White

This may shock you, but most mass shooters are not white.  The American Left, including the Catholic political Left, hold onto certain narratives as if their lives depended on it. They hold on so tightly their knuckles—if you’ll pardon the expression—turn white. Hardly any narrative seems so important to them right now as “most mass [...]

Whatever Happened to Palestrina?

A German opera called Palestrina, composed by Hans Pfitzner during the First World War, portrayed the 16th-century composer as the savior of Catholic Church music. Set during the Council of Trent, the opera had the council fathers on the verge of banning polyphonic music (many voices singing various melodies at variance) from the Mass. Then [...]

Lenten Musical Themes

Lent is tough -- not so much because of the voluntary deprivations one may undertake, but because of what it leads up to: the Cross. Take a look. Of course, there is the Resurrection on the other side of it. Without that, it would be hard to make it through the day (and I have [...]

Music for the Via Dolorosa

   A friend in a nursing home left me this phone message at the beginning of Holy Week: "God came to us and we murdered Him, tortured Him to death, spat on Him. And now, all He asks of us is that we let Him forgive us. Some people won't even do that. Isn't that [...]