Why Conservatives Are Optimists

At first glance, the question of whether conservatism is optimistic or pessimistic seems to touch on an issue centrally important to the discussion of what it means to be conservative. We are all, I think, aware of the (lately mostly unspoken) debate out of which this question arises: it is a debate about nothing less [...]

Documentation: Mass on Students’ Day

Cartegena, Colombia June 8-9, 1983  1.  INITIAL ACTIONS Priest — Liberation and peace in the name of the Father of the oppressed and Jesus our Brother, for all those present here and for all of the People. Response — Yes, let peace and liberation come for all the oppressed of our fatherland and the world. P [...]

Documentation: Economic Systems and Economic Ethics

In recent times many people, including Christians, have experienced a shift in their concept of sin — from a personal to a social approach. This clearly signifies a sharper conscience with regard to social injustice, but it also implies a diminishing awareness of personal sin. Many men and women believe that sin is just a [...]

Summum Ius, Summa Iniuria: When Does Law Distort Justice?

Your excellency, my brother priests and fellow religious, distinguished lawyers, and all my brothers and sisters in Christ. We have gathered at this Holy Sacrifice of the Mass in order to ask the Holy Spirit to bless and guide these, our fellow Catholics, whose vineyard is the law. This noble profession is no mean apostolic [...]

Do We Need Laws Against Suicide?

A public campaign to legalize suicide, assisted suicide and mercy killing is gathering force. On the CMS program Face the Nation, Derek Humphry, the executive director of the Hemlock Society, announced that his organization is in­troducing legislation in Florida and California to repeal suicide and assisted suicide laws and give legal permission to physi­cians to [...]