Shirley Sherrod

Kids in Defense of the Culture

The shock troops against Conservatism, Inc. have arrived. Witness the rise of the groypers. These cowboys sent people ducking beneath barstools the moment they set a spurred boot in the Culture War saloon. It has been amusing, to say the least, but not everyone is laughing. Some have even warned that the pale rider of [...]

The Anchoress and the Shirley Sherrod story

Was Elizabeth Scalia -- known to all as The Anchoress -- the first writer to question the Shirley Sherrod story? Richard Hyfler of Forbes says yes, and adds that she's the only one who emerged from the imbroglio looking good. When Andrew Breitbart released his heavily edited video -- and most of us assumed it [...]

Playing the racism card game

Lots of talk recently about Shirley Sherrod, the USDA employee who was fired yesterday after a video clip was released that purported to demonstrate her "reverse racism" in a speech she gave to an NAACP meeting. Andrew Breitbart, who released the tape, essentially said that the NAACP "started it" with their accusations of racism against [...]