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Another Win for Religious Freedom

Kennedy v. Bremerton School District represents another victory for religious freedom and pushes back against the idea that religion must be invisible in the United States.

Visit the Prisoner

One of the ways we mark Lent is through almsgiving, which doesn't just mean writing checks but engaging in all the Works of Mercy recommended by the Church. One of those that has never really appealed to me is "visiting the prisoner." Maybe I'm wimpier or more worldly than most of you, but I'm daunted [...]

“That tingling means it’s working!”

I had to run out to the Walmart to buy ketchup, and was arrested by a strange new product on the shelves:   It's called Wrecking Balm-- "a unique, devastatingly effective tattoo fade-removal system."  I don't even want to know how it works, but a stroll down Main Street, Anytown, USA will show you why [...]