Santa Rosa


We’re Ignoring a Root Cause of Our Problems

The single greatest contributor to our social pathologies such as addiction, mental illness, suicide, and violent crime is the breakdown of marriage and the family.

Bishop Vasa of Oregon headed to Northern California

Big news today in episcopal appointments: Bishop Robert Vasa of Baker, Oregon, has just been tapped as coadjutor bishop of Santa Rosa, California. According to Whispers in the Loggia, the current bishop of Santa Rosa, Bishop Daniel Walsh, will turn 73 in October, meaning that Bishop Vasa could be taking over the reins of the [...]

Shakedown: How Catholics Are Getting Ripped Off in the Name of Justice

In this Crisis Magazine classic, Francis Maier reveals the way lawyers and anti-Catholic politicians are exploiting the sex abuse scandal to rob the Church.  We got a new law passed in California that opens up the statute of limitations for all victims of sexual abuse. It's something we've been trying to do in several states for [...]

Funding The Jesus Seminar

  When Robert Funk announced the founding of the Jesus Seminar in 1985, he made a point of saying that all its work would be above-board. "We are going to carry out our work in full public view," the New Testament scholar told a gathering of scholars in Berkley, California. "We will not only honor [...]