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I Saw the Devil on Parliament Hill

The potential fall of Roe v. Wade has enraged even the pro-abortion forces north of the border, who are displaying their demonic influence for all the world to see.

I Want to Believe

A thoughtful exploration of Catholicism and the problem of evil -- in a sci-fi flick? Matthew Lickona looks at the unlikely X-Files.  There was nothing else playing. Well, almost nothing. We'd seen Dark Knight already -- my brother, my father, and I -- and the theater in my hometown, where we were gathered, wasn't carrying [...]

Vampire Love

  It's hard to write about Twilight without writing about the hysteria. But I'll leave the Googling to you, dear readers, and keep to what I actually saw: girls lined up, a couple hundred deep, at around 9:15 last Thursday night -- for the midnight show on Friday. Lots of Twilight T-shirts, a few reading [...]


  "Well, there goes my Catholic hipster cred," I said to The Wife the morning after seeing Fireproof, the new film from the Christian filmmaking team behind Facing the Giants. "Now I have to go on record saying I didn't hate a film where accepting Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior plays an [...]


  I don't know if Bill Maher would call himself a comedian these days, but it's fair to say that his roots are in comedy. Religulous, his new film, features at least a couple clips from his stand-up days, including one from The Tonight Show back in the Carson era. A young Maher is riffing [...]

Announcing the InsideCatholic Book Circle!

From July 14 - 18, InsideCatholic will be hosting our first online book discussion. Join participants Amy Welborn, Matthew Lickona, Joseph O'Brien and Bishop Daniel Flores in the conversation. What is "Catholic" fiction? Is it simply fiction written by a Catholic? Must it include Catholic characters and treat distinctly Catholic themes? Does it reflect a [...]