San Antonio

Sauron Comes to Middle England

Tolkien, the new biopic about the master storyteller’s life, has come under criticism for giving the impression that Tolkien’s service in World War I was the decisive influence on his work. In fact, Tolkien was far more influenced by other factors—in particular by his love of mythology, and by his strong Catholic faith. Before her [...]

Where Have You Gone, Joe McCarthy?

The mayor of San Antonio glares down at the electrician, who is bidding for a contract to wire some new public offices. “Are you now, or have you ever been, a member of the Roman Catholic Church?” The electrician looks puzzled, but his assistant Carlos, a man with more experience in political affairs, speaks up.  [...]

Does crime go up during a full moon?

It's a long-held belief that the phases of the moon affect people's behaviors. That's why it's significant that a new study demonstrates that crime and violence do not go up during a full moon. According to USA Today's Dan Vergano, a research team studied the crime data of San Antonio, Texas, from 2001 to 2005, [...]

Los Angeles’s new archbishop is…

...Jose Gomez of San Antonio, TX. He will be announced as LA's coadjutor bishop at a press conference this morning, meaning he will take control of the archdiocese when Cardinal Mahony reaches retirement age next year. The speculation over this appointment has been heated, and it's groundbreaking in a number of ways. Whispers in the [...]

The Snow and the Surprising Strength

OK, the snow may be beautiful, but it is not fun!  I took this picture from the kitchen this morning when there were only 19" on the ground. We are headed for 30"or more.   Enough snow was shoveled in the back yard for the dogs to have a space for their "business," and then [...]

Meeting Reverend John Hagee

Rev. John Hagee, the pastor of a San Antonio mega-church, has been a major Evangelical figure for many years. But since his endorsement of Sen. John McCain for president, the name Reverend Hagee has become synonymous with anti-Catholicism. A few days ago I met with Hagee and his wife, Diana, in New York City for [...]