What Republicans Can Learn from Canada’s Conservatives

Some years ago, the columnist and editor Michael Kinsley sponsored a contest to come up with the most boring headline. The winner was, "Worthwhile Canadian Initiative." Well, Canada held an election last Monday, and the result was anything but boring. It amounts to something like a revolution in Canadian politics and has lessons, I think, for [...]

The 2012 Dark Horse?

Most conversations in Washington these days end up running down the list of likely GOP candidates who will run for the presidential nomination in 2012. The strengths and weaknesses of Newt Gingrich, Tim Pawlenty, Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, Mike Huckabee, Michele Bachmann, Sarah Palin, and Haley Barbour are quickly calculated; but when it comes to [...]

Illinois abolishes the death penalty

After two months of deliberation, Illinois Governor Pat Quinn (D) has signed legislation to abolish the death penalty in that state: Quinn called this the hardest decision he has had to make as governor, but one he felt was required. "If the system can't be guaranteed 100 percent error-free, then we shouldn't have the system," [...]

Peggy Noonan: The Tea Party Saved the GOP

Peggy Noonan says that far from being a nuisance, the Tea Party saved the Republicans. She also has a few words for the GOP establishment: The tea party did something the Republican establishment was incapable of doing: It got the party out from under George W. Bush. The tea party rejected his administration's spending, overreach and immigration [...]

Tea Partiers are More Pro-Life Than Their Republican Counterparts

Timothy Carney, senior political columnist for The Washington Examiner, notes an interesting distinction between the fiscally libertarian Tea Partiers scoring upsets in political races across the country and their defeated, standard-bearing Republican counterparts: The economy, taxes, spending, health care, and bailouts dominate the headlines and Tea Party rallies this year. But just beneath the surface, [...]

After Reading NCR I Can’t Stop Laughing

Wow, is it the power of mythology or the power of demonization?  It's hard to tell the difference, and perhaps there is no difference, perhaps demonization is the mythology that drives the Catholic Left. Why can't I stop laughing?  Because I just read this in NCR (the Reporter, not the Register) in response to the [...]

The Social/Fiscal Conservatism debate is back…

Michael Tanner, senior fellow at the Cato Institute and author of the excellent Leviathan on the Right: How Big-Government Conservatism Brought Down the Republican Revolution, has some advice for the GOP on the upcoming elections. Stop me if you've heard this before... Despite their repeated threats to stay home if Republicans deviated from a commitment [...]

Gang-raped Muslim woman charged with having sex outside of marriage.

An 18-year-old Emirati woman who was gang-raped by six men is being charged with having sex outside of marriage. The woman and one of her male Emirati friends, HA, went for a drive in his vehicle on May 2, prosecutors said. The charges allege that because she had agreed to be in the car, the [...]

Some positive press for NJ Governor Chris Christie

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is becoming quite a political star, and for good reason: He's facing down a terrible state financial crisis and he's doing it with courage and principle. Happily, some in the mainstream press are noticing: Christie is tackling the nation’s worst state deficit -- $10.7 billion of a $29.3 billion budget. [...]

The bad business of the Postal Service

Whenever the fans of active government need an example of a state-run business that works "without taxpayer subsidy," more often than not, they'll trot out the U.S. Postal Service. Well, so much for that: The U.S. Postal Service's current business model "is not viable" and the mail agency should make deeper job and wage cuts, [...]

Harry Reid’s phony “Tea Party” candidate?

According to CNN, some Nevada Republicans are accusing Senate Majority leader Harry Reid of campaign trickery in his effort to retain his seat. They claim he has entered his own dummy "Tea Party" candidate into the race, hoping to pull votes away from the eventual GOP nominee. "No doubt about it," says Danny Tarkanian, one [...]

United from Above

   "Religion is divisive," we Christians hear from our secularist critics, and have heard from them since that night of totalitarian cravings called the Enlightenment descended upon Europe from Paris to Prussia. "It needs to be kept in check, relegated to the closet, for the sake of a decent and civil society."   Yet exactly [...]

The Stupid Party May Learn a Lesson in Upstate New York

A special election will be held on November 3 in upstate New York that may send a much-needed message to the GOP. New York Congressional District 23 was put up for grabs when nine-term Rep. John McHugh, a Republican, resigned to become Secretary of the Army. The eleven Republican chairs of the district nominated Dede [...]

Vatican Newspaper Editor Digs Deeper Hole

    In an interview published at National Review Online, Gian Maria Vian, editor of L'Osservatore Romano, responded to his critics. Vian makes it clear that he doesn't have a high opinion of writers, like me, who have taken him to task for his treatment of President Barack Obama:   I think that if American [...]

The Dangerous Politics of the Sotomayor Nomination

There are many ways to play the game of politics in America. Two of the most time-honored are the race/ethnic game and the ideological game. That is, you can play politics by making an appeal to certain ethnic/racial groups or by appealing to certain ideological groups. In 2008, the brilliant Obama campaign strategy combined both [...]

Will New Jersey Elect a Pro-Life Catholic Governor?

As of a few days ago, a pro-life Catholic held the lead in the New Jersey governor's race. Chris Christie has been steadily polling ahead of the current Democratic governor, Jon Corzine, and the other Republican candidate for the nomination. Christie's eleven point lead over Corzine, and 25 point lead over his closest GOP challenger, [...]

Why I’m Not a Republican

Although I'm a lifelong Democrat, a former Democratic majority leader of the Rhode Island Senate, and in 1992 a Democratic nominee for the United States House of Representatives, I have for many years now denounced in writing the policies of the national Democratic Party. I have even written a book of denunciation: Can a Catholic [...]

Grabbing Religious Voters

For decades, Republican presidential candidates have been winning over some religious voters practically by default, facing little competition from Democrats. This revolution began in 1969 when antiwar liberals used the McGovern Commission to hijack the presidential wing of the Democratic Party and, except for the Carter and Clinton presidencies, has continued the same through the [...]

A John Paul II Catholic Runs for Office in Florida

Tom Rooney is Catholic and pro-life, and he is running for the Republican nomination in Florida's 16th Congressional District. Rooney comes from a football family; his grandfather, Art Rooney Sr., founded the Pittsburg Steelers in 1933. Former Army captain and JAG (Judge Advocate General), Rooney will need all his experience -- football, military, and legal [...]

Bishops Say Immigrants’ Needs Come Before Border Security

The three bishops of Maryland have just released a statement on immigration, saying the right of a nation to control its borders is secondary to an immigrant's basic needs. These three bishops -- Archbishop O'Brien, Archbishop Wuerl, and Bishop Saltarelli -- reiterate the policy espoused by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops in their [...]