Rayne So


Another Win for Religious Freedom

Kennedy v. Bremerton School District represents another victory for religious freedom and pushes back against the idea that religion must be invisible in the United States.

Creator Red in Tooth and Claw?

  Whenever the moral confusions facing our Church begin to trouble me, to give me the slightest sense that the gates of Hell really might be prevailing, I know what to do: Stop reading that document from the USCC -- just put it down, kick it across the room -- and pick up something more [...]

The Dark Night of the Civilization

I've lived through a lot of Lents, but none has felt quite like this one. Most years, we try as well or badly as we can to follow Christ a few steps into the desert -- dipping our toes in the sand of some manageable sacrifice, penance, or works of charity. We give up some [...]