Three Cheers for Smokers

The continued stigmatization of cigarette smokers signals the Leftist lunacy of passionate focus upon trivialities while entirely oblivious to matters of titanic moral consequence. 

Prophecy and Prediction: Best Left to the Professionals

Some words spring up as the fashion “du jour” and linger longer than others. There are annoyances like the overwrought “awesome” and now the incessant “iconic” which betray a weak understanding of the meaning of those words and a limited vocabulary. A little more irritating a few years ago was “gravitas” which appeared in an [...]

Charisms Don’t Make You a Saint

One of the big puzzles that many Catholics have grappled with in recent years is the baffling phenomenon of some charismatic figure (one thinks of a Rev. Marcial Maciel, for instance) who can, for years, inspire or otherwise offer blessing and solace to good and decent Christians who are full of faith and obedient to [...]

Perpetual Virginity as Prophetic Sign

Last week, we looked at the basic evidence for the perpetual virginity of Mary: the "why the Church thinks that the record shows, as a matter of historical fact, that she remained a virgin" evidence. But, of course, the question remains, "Why does the Church think this is a big deal?" There are, after all, [...]


A great and growing difficulty for the Catholic Church, and all her faithful, is the disintegration of modern languages. Words used through centuries to connote deep meanings -- not incomprehensible, but superficially complex -- come to mean less and less. The glib use of a word such as "prophecy," to mean only a prediction of [...]

The Traditions of Men

A couple of weeks ago, I made the case that the biblical warnings against confusing the traditions of men with the Tradition of God still apply in our day. A few days later, as if divinely ordained to illustrate my point, an outraged reader of my blog sent along a story that recently ran on British [...]

The Future Isn’t What It Used to Be

Here's a really cool site called Paleo-Future, devoted to chronicling the History of the Future. I've often thought such a subject would make a great book. After all, people have been making predictions forever, and it would be fun to see how the Assured Prophecies of Yesterday have panned out. Browsing through Paleo-Future, I note [...]

On Disdain

If you ask, it may be given. That is why you might hesitate to pray for courage. Or so went the reasoning of a friend who noticed that when she prayed for courage she not only received it, but was immediately projected into circumstances in which it would be tried. Well, she lived to joke [...]

Theological Politics

WHEN CLERGYYMEN and other professional religious people move into the vigorous debates of American politics — as, in fact, they are doing more and more — they bring with them the concepts and terminology of theology. To the religious-minded this transference might appear unobjectionable, but I contend that religious concepts are likely to do more harm than good to our political [...]