Prince Caspian


Facing the Rising Barbarism

The rising barbarism we see all around us cannot be ignored, nor can we withhold the medicine to cure it.

Treading with Lewis

As someone who was more-than-a-little scarred by Walden Media’s attempts to adapt Prince Caspian, I had resolved to keep my distance from the recently-released Voyage of the Dawn Treader until I could see the reactions of two of my favorite “working critics:” Jeffrey Overstreet and Steven Greydanus. Interestingly, both of them felt that the filmmakers [...]

Growing Pains

  There are a few times in The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian when the Pevensie children have trouble getting their heads around the changed landscape of Narnia. Having spent a year back in England as adolescents, they return to Narnia to find that 1,300 years of history have passed, and their skills are needed [...]

Tolkien’s ‘No’ to Narnia

If I had a time machine that could set me down in any place and time, I'd choose the Eagle and Child pub in Oxford on a Tuesday night in 1950, when C. S. Lewis was reading selections from his Chronicles of Narnia. He'd be there before a roaring fire with J. R. R. Tolkien [...]