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Understanding the Roots of the Ukraine-Russia Conflict

What is the actual history behind the conflict in Ukraine, and what has been the role of America and the West in fostering it?

Does Jesus Have Cooties?

Someone says it every year during flu season: We probably can't get sick from drinking the Precious Blood at Mass. Why? Because . . . well, it's God! God doesn't make you sick. I don't mean to pick on Rachel Balducci for her post; hers is just the most recent example I've found. She says,  [...]

Observations: Reverence in Ministry

I’ve just about had it with Eucharistic ministers. Yesterday, as I stood at the altar consuming the Precious Blood, a Eucharistic minister reached in front of me and leaned under the upturned cup to grab a ciborium. She had not yet received from the cup, and evidently did not intend to, for she spun around [...]