Reigniting Charlottesville

With the January 6th narrative vaporizing due to more footage being released, leftists seem to want to reignite Charlottesville, that it might become a talking point once again.

These Memberless Men

Eunuch-hood is now being described as a new gender category, but we should call it what it is, a madness that has seeped from the dark corners of our culture.

The Shifting 2024 Political Landscape

Will Ron DeSantis overcome Donald Trump? Can Robert Kennedy Jr. challenge Joe Biden? Could Tucker Carlson now enter the ring? We’ll look at these stories and more that are shaping the 2024 presidential campaign.

The Joy of the Habsburg Legacy

Archduke Eduard Habsburg of Austria could have seen his family legacy as a burden, but instead his family’s past and present give him great joy.

The Book of Acts Does Not Support Communism

The fact that certain passages of Scripture express forms of communalism certainly does not mean they were practicing the 19th-century militantly atheistic ideology known as communism. 

The Conservative Ghost Dance

Conservatives who appeal to traditional aspects of American polity as a means of defeating the new seemingly unstoppable threat to the world they have known are setting themselves up for disaster.

Dear Don…

We had a good run. But I believe—no, I know—that it’s time to move on.

Imagine No Religion

The biggest threat facing America today isn’t China, Russia, radical sexual or racial ideologies, globalism or widening economic disparities. The gravest threat is the dramatic decline in citizens’ religious affiliation and belief.

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