When Love Isn’t Love

We sometimes do not love those people or those things we think we love. We may also love and not be aware of it. But the human heart, without grace, hardly beats at all. It is a tangle of vipers, and when it beats, it squeezes out its poison.

The False Canonization of Matthew Shepard

The story of the anti-gay hate crime murder of Matthew Shepard in 1998 caused a nation to see “homophobia” under every corner. The only problem is that the story was a lie.

Post-Sanity America

What do you do when you live in a culture where, to an alarming degree, the institutions are run by lunatics—madmen and women who can wield power over you, no matter how much you try to evade them?

Rescuing the Republic

If the unfolding lunacy we see day after day coming out of Washington doesn’t lead to a red wave in November, then the whole country has gone crackers.

Is the West Turning Fascist?

Leftists use the smear “fascist” so often that the word has become completely untethered from its original meaning. Much like the term “racist,” “fascist” is simply shorthand for anyone who opposes leftism

Originalism: A Catholic Constitutionalism

Originalism proposes that the values of the Constitution are unchanging, and developments in constitutional interpretation over the years should be based on courts’ application of those original values to the case law.

The Unvaccinated Have Won

Justin Trudeau has relented to public pressure and the growing national and international resentment against him and has thusly dropped his insane segregationist vaccine border mandate.

Evangelicals and Catholics Together Again

In an America increasingly hostile to both evangelicals and Catholics, we need to not only reinforce the ecumenical qualities of the pro-life movement, but we need to expand out into other areas.

The Guns of August—Then and Now

It seems to me that the similarities between August 1914 and August 2022 are all disturbing: venal and clumsy politicians, states clashing as they rise and fall, an overconfidence in human wisdom and an underestimation of human vulnerability.

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