Should Catholic Bishops Formally Condemn the Democrat Party?

Since January of this year, there has been renewed interest in the denial of Holy Communion for those who promote or support the murderous act of abortion. After Joseph Biden took the oath of office on January 20, among his first acts as the new occupant of the White House was the reversal of the [...]

Sentiment Trumps Reason as Judges Impose Gay “Marriage”

At this hour, we all bear witness to the spectacle of laws accurately defining marriage being dismantled in order to establish a rhetorical equivalence between genuine marital unions and those rare associations formed out of same-sex desires.  One substantial club in this act of moral viciousness is an appeal to sentiment that tries to persuade [...]

Sorry Pennsylvanians, Your Primary Won’t Matter

Many Pennsylvanians who follow politics want the Keystone State’s presidential primary to matter. They observe the candidates in Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and elsewhere holding rallies, visiting local diners, and kissing babies. They want some of that attention by candidates and the media. They feel like the kid in high school, neglected by the [...]

Documentation: The Pontifical Center Movement

In 1971 the Sacred Prefect of the Congregation for the Clergy, John Cardinal Wright, former Bishop of Pittsburgh founded the first Pontifical Center for Catechetical Studies in Middleburg, Virginia at the House of Studies conducted by the Notre Dame Sisters of Chardon, Ohio. His mediating presence in America was in the person of Msgr. Eugene [...]

Catholic Women/Common Wisdom: Remembrance of Christmas Past

It should have been the worst Christmas of my life. An only child from New Jersey who had not been farther west than Pennsylvania, I made a quantum leap when I took a job in San Francisco. This was the fifties, not yet the mobile society. But the lure of the position, coupled with determination [...]