A Great Cloud of Pro-Life Witnesses

As we wait to see the disposition of this evil regime on what may be the last March for Life, we must consider the men and women who brought us to this moment, the pantheon of pro-life heroes.

No School Choice for African-American Kids?

  In a recent editorial, The Wall Street Journal calls 2011 the “year of school choice.” Parents and the legislators who represent them, particularly in inner-city schools, are tired of waiting for the promised effects of “educational reform” on the public schools their children attend. Therefore, according to the Wall Street Journal, in one form [...]

Duelling Christmas billboards in NYC

Recently, the American Atheists put up this billboard along the route to the Lincoln Tunnel in New York City: David Silverman, the president of American Atheists, confuses me with his explanation for picking this particular battle now: “Every year, atheists get blamed for having a war on Christmas, even if we don’t do anything,” he [...]

Mother Teresa Understands Why Mr. Malkin Turned Off the Lights

At Catholic Advocate, I've posted the remarks I made at the Catholic League's rally in NYC last Thursday in front of the Empire State Building. The rally was well-attended, around 3000 people stretched down 39th street.  Bill Donohue was his usual bigger-than-life self, completely in his element introducing the seventeen speakers and keeping the proceedings [...]

Raising Free-Range Kids

You may have seen the cute story in the news today about the three-year-old who walked to the fire station to get help when her dad collapsed at home, saving her father's life. Over at the Agitator, Radley Balko links to another article that, while a year old now, raises an evergreen question about teaching [...]

Get Thee to NYC on August 26th — I’ll Be There!

If you are able, I urge you to join Bill Donohue at the Catholic League rally in New York City on August 26 at the Empire State Building.  I will be there, I wouldn't miss a chance to join the protest against the landlord who decided to pull the plug on the lights honoring Mother [...]

The Snow and the Surprising Strength

OK, the snow may be beautiful, but it is not fun!  I took this picture from the kitchen this morning when there were only 19" on the ground. We are headed for 30"or more.   Enough snow was shoveled in the back yard for the dogs to have a space for their "business," and then [...]