North Carolina

The Cross, the Crescent, or the Swastika?

If the past month has been chaotic in America, it has seen some bloody scenes here in Europe. On the morning of October 29, a 21-year old Tunisian national entered the Basilica of Notre Dame in Nice, France began knifing the three people he found there. He virtually severed the head of an elderly lady, [...]

PolitiFact Gets Facts Wrong on Abortion & Breast Cancer Link

PolitiFact put out a "fact-check" this week that purports to debunk the link between induced abortion and breast cancer. Instead, it provides a guide on how to hoist yourself with logical fallacies—namely, the appeal to authority ("it's true because experts say so") and the argumentum ad populum ("it's true because lots of people say so"). [...]

Whom God Loves, He Ironically Chastises

Despite my best intentions, I've been more absent from posting than I'd hoped. I did spend about a week in the gorgeous mountains of North Carolina, photographing my little sister's wedding. And of course, things are always busy around the house with the kids. But more than anything, I've been looking for work. Yes, that's [...]

George Edward Lynch

Satafi in Mauretania Caesariensi was a town in the western part of modern Algeria, and its chief claim to fame was that it was the birthplace of Marcus Opellius Macrinus who succeeded Caracalla as emperor, albeit for just 14 months. Because the Berbers there eventually were Islamicized, it was ripe as a defunct diocese to [...]

Still Rock and Roll to Me

  Over the next few days, three of our writers will offer lighter reflections on why they prefer a given genre of music -- Rock, Broadway, and Classical.   We begin today with Rock and Roll.     ♦ ♦ ♦   My childhood was marinated in the thunder of Beethoven, the depth of Mozart, [...]

First Family

One of the most durable and endearing images of my father was his figure bent over our den desk, writing weekly letters to his three sisters. Trinidad natives, they moved to the United States as young adults, losing closeness on a small island to gradual separation in a larger land. Distance, however, was only in [...]