North Africa


What the Overturning of Roe Means Outside America

The monumental Dobbs ruling will have an influence far beyond the shores of America.

1943: Lamentations

On the first day of the new year, in anticipation of his declaration of "Total War" twelve days later, Adolf Hitler had decided to make better use of manpower, weapons, and armor-plating by scrapping the High Seas Fleet. On January 3, Canadian troops landed in North Africa, one week before the Soviet Red Army entered [...]

Dual Citizenship

This weekend, we Americans celebrate 234 years of national independence. For most of that time, we rejoiced that two broad oceans protected us from foreign wars and enemies. No more: The terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, removed forever any doubt on that score.   What is the appropriate response? To that question there is [...]

1942: Complicated Loyalties

  On November 17, 1942, the Catholic publisher Wilfred Meynell celebrated his 90th birthday in Greatham, southwest of London. He would live another six years and, with the noise of RAF fighter planes a familiar sound daily, he could boast that he was born the year the Duke of Wellington died. Henry Edward Cardinal Manning [...]


First, I want the reader's sympathy. Before I wrote this column, I ploughed through the jargon-ridden and statistics-laden pages of a recent study on "Trends and Determinants of Fertility Rates in OECD Countries: The Role of Public Policy." Once upon a time I read such things with something strangely approaching pleasure. Now they make my [...]