Revenge of the Neo-Jacobins

Some mock America’s statue-smashers as ignoramuses who do not know what they are doing or why. But there are very good reasons why we see monuments cast down all over the West, including the United States. Let’s not wave this off as mindless stupidity. The radical rule is that the more you destroy, the more [...]

Australia: The Happy Land of Upside Down

  The National Catholic Reporter has their undies in a bunch, as is their custom, over the fact that Pope Benedict XVI (perpetually referred to as "Ratzinger" at NCR) is still Catholic. This week, the pope has dissented from the NCR Magisterium by giving Bishop William M. Morris of Toowoomba, Queensland, his walking papers without [...]

After Reading NCR I Can’t Stop Laughing

Wow, is it the power of mythology or the power of demonization?  It's hard to tell the difference, and perhaps there is no difference, perhaps demonization is the mythology that drives the Catholic Left. Why can't I stop laughing?  Because I just read this in NCR (the Reporter, not the Register) in response to the [...]

Rise Up, Rise Up for Sr. Carol Keehan

Looks like the folks at NCR's "Washington Briefing" had their collective Kum-Ba-Ya moment when Sr. Carol Keehan rose to speak at the podium. Michael Sean Winters describes the moment: Then there are those moments when a group of people want to express their profound admiration and love for someone and, given the context, the only [...]

Curran, Dissent, & Rome: A Symposium

A new "crisis" now grips American Catholics. The popular professor of moral theology at Catholic University, one of the most esteemed in the United States, the Reverend Charles Curran, has been informed that Pope John Paul II rejects some of his approaches to questions of sexual ethics. The Vatican has specifically cited some of Father Curran's [...]