Common Sense Versus Nonsense

William J. McGee, the consumer advocate on the Department of Transportation’s Future of Aviation Advisory Committee wrote “Forcing the F.A.A. to Fly Blind” in The New York Times (April 9, 2011), where he laments Congress’ cut in the FAA budget, saying, “A $4 billion cut will necessarily reduce the work force further. And it’s hard … Read more

Friday Free-for-All: January 28

Good morning! Time for a few Friday links to get the day rolling: Protests against the president in Egypt are heating up — and so is the pushback from the government and police. There are reports now of Internet and cell connections being cut off (social media sites being one of the only reliable ways … Read more

Friday Free-for-All: December 3

Time for a few morning links: NASA announced yesterday that they have discovered “alien life” in California: a bacteria that is partially composed of (and feeds off of) arsenic, in place of phosphorous — something previously thought impossible — raising the possibility of a “shadow biosphere” here on earth. That sound you just heard is … Read more

Friday Free-for-All

Time for your Friday morning link round-up:  Candidate Obama promised greater government transparency, but has he delivered as president? Sharon Theimer at the Huffington Post doesn’t think so. NASA celebrates Hubble’s 20th anniversary by releasing some stunning new pictures from the telescope. Woody Allen’s atheism: In an interview with Commonweal magazine, Allen talks frankly about … Read more

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