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Gavin Newsom

Did Gavin Newsom Murder His Mother?

Gavin Newsom, the current governor of California, is the kind of person who should be kept as far from the reins of power as possible. His life and career are marked by selfish ambition, adultery, lying, and even matricide. He’s the kind of man who cheats on his then-wife, Kimberly Guilfoyle—now the girlfriend of Donald [...]

Ralph McInerny passed away this morning

I have sad news to report: The great Catholic philosopher and writer Ralph McInerny passed away this morning. He was just shy of his 81st birthday. While Ralph may be best remembered in general circles as the author of the popular Father Dowling mystery series, he has a special significance to the staff and friends [...]

The “water cooler of the Catholic Church”

Earlier this week, you may have read Deal's appeal for support on behalf of InsideCatholic. This Website and blog exist solely because of generous supporters and readers like you. So if you visit regularly -- or even sporadically -- please consider supporting us. No amount is too small.  The owner of another Catholic site once described InsideCatholic as "the [...]