Miley Cyrus

New Law Defends Poland’s Honor During World War II

Within the last year and half I have traveled four times to Poland. I have by no means covered the broad expanse of this great country, but I have managed to visit Warsaw, Sulwalki, Lublin, Kraków, Oswęciem, Wadowice; I have spent much time in Katowice in Upper Silesia, and its surrounding towns such as Tychy, [...]

Miley Cyrus: Bellwether of Cultural Progress?

Miley Cyrus’s gyrations on the Video Music Awards are hardly new. In fact, Miley is getting whupped by the black community for a white performer once more taking a cultural artifact from the black experience. Some have gone so far as to call Miley racist for taking on-stage twerking into the white mainstream. You probably [...]

Taking 3D to New Heights

No, I'm not talking about Cameron's latest "Absolute Shoe-In for Best Visual Effects" epic, or anything involving Hannah Montana. (OK, that Miley Cyrus one -- the previous record holder for 3D Digital releases -- is probably more of a "lowpoint" than a "height," but I couldn't help throwing it in there. Studios will do just [...]