Miley Cyrus

The Cross, the Crescent, or the Swastika?

If the past month has been chaotic in America, it has seen some bloody scenes here in Europe. On the morning of October 29, a 21-year old Tunisian national entered the Basilica of Notre Dame in Nice, France began knifing the three people he found there. He virtually severed the head of an elderly lady, [...]

Miley Cyrus: Bellwether of Cultural Progress?

Miley Cyrus’s gyrations on the Video Music Awards are hardly new. In fact, Miley is getting whupped by the black community for a white performer once more taking a cultural artifact from the black experience. Some have gone so far as to call Miley racist for taking on-stage twerking into the white mainstream. You probably [...]

Taking 3D to New Heights

No, I'm not talking about Cameron's latest "Absolute Shoe-In for Best Visual Effects" epic, or anything involving Hannah Montana. (OK, that Miley Cyrus one -- the previous record holder for 3D Digital releases -- is probably more of a "lowpoint" than a "height," but I couldn't help throwing it in there. Studios will do just [...]