Middle East

Egypt and the Loss of U.S. Prestige in the Middle East

The upheaval in Egypt appears to be a political revolution in its purest form: a united, non-violent effort against a military dictator from across the spectrum of Egyptian people, including leftists, Christians, Muslims, Arab nationalists, Nasserites, and the Muslim Brotherhood. More than 100 Egyptians have been killed, with thousands more injured, and there has been [...]

Helen Thomas’ Final Solution

You've seen this, right?  Helen Thomas, a terrifyingly senior member of the White House press corps, recently took the opportunity to explain her take on international politics  . . . to a rabbi, at an event celebrating Jewish Heritage: Kind of harsh, eh?  But it's cool, it's cool -- she apologized.  According to Fox News: [...]

A Reagan Republican On Peace In the Middle East

Marshall J. Breger was a special assistant to President Reagan and is now a professor of law at the Catholic University of America. He also served in senior positions at the Bush '41" White House.  His article from Moment Magazine on "A Republican's Case for Peace" is quite interesting.  Here is his introduction: There is [...]

Why Evangelicals Support Israel

"Israel is not just necessary to the return of Christ, it is essential to it." So says the Rev. A. R. Bernard, pastor of the Christian Cultural Center in New York City. His sentiments are shared by millions of Christians around the world who steadfastly believe that a Jewish state is necessary for the Second [...]

In the name of Allah, and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost

It was Easter in 2006 and I was attending a Maronite Catholic Mass in the Middle East. I was (somewhat cockily) celebrating the Risen Lord with my new found ability to read Arabic. The Liturgy was beautiful, the music angelic (with everyone singing), and the Mass really, really long. I guess I shouldn’t have been [...]

War Without End: The Muslim Conquests

Crusading ideals in the West were an answer to the greater threat of jihad. They were spurred by fear and necessity in a desperate competition with Islam that, for many centuries, Christians lost -- and were aware that they were losing. The extent of Islam's victories can be seen in the all-but-complete disappearance of the [...]

Burqas in Britain

  One of the big issues under debate in the United Kingdom this summer is whether to ban the burqa. French President Nicolas Sarkozy said last month that the burqa debases women and is not welcome in his country; Britain is trying to decide whether to follow suit.   To begin with, there is some [...]


First, I want the reader's sympathy. Before I wrote this column, I ploughed through the jargon-ridden and statistics-laden pages of a recent study on "Trends and Determinants of Fertility Rates in OECD Countries: The Role of Public Policy." Once upon a time I read such things with something strangely approaching pleasure. Now they make my [...]

Observations: How Experts Fool Themselves

Remember Louis, the police inspector (played by Claude Rains) in the movie Casablanca, announcing how shocked he was to find that illegal gambling was going on in Humphrey Bogart's cafe, and later in another connection ordering his assistant to "round up the usual suspects"? That is what I was reminded of when the usual experts [...]