Magdalen College

Gavin Newsom

Did Gavin Newsom Murder His Mother?

Gavin Newsom, the current governor of California, is the kind of person who should be kept as far from the reins of power as possible. His life and career are marked by selfish ambition, adultery, lying, and even matricide. He’s the kind of man who cheats on his then-wife, Kimberly Guilfoyle—now the girlfriend of Donald [...]

Together, at a Distance

One of the distinguishing factors of a faithful Catholic college is its vibrant community life. Students spend four years immersed in a truly Catholic culture, where faith and virtue are promoted and students, faculty and staff make friendships to last a lifetime. Now faithful Catholic colleges have closed their campuses to curb the spread of [...]

A Book I Want to Read for Lent

Brother Michael Gaitley, MIC watched the NCAA National Championship game at my house between the University of Alabama and the University of Texas. What a delightful man!  He came with his sister, Heather McGrath, whose husband Michael McGrath is on the board at Magdalen College.  Brother Michael's book, Consoling the Heart of Jesus: A Do-It-Yourself [...]