Lorenzo Oil


Reconsidering 1/6

The day after the incursion into the U.S. Capitol, I wrote in these pages that the events that day were not part of my conservative movement. Breaking into a federal building and fighting with police is not something that our set does. I was, and I remain, appalled at what I saw.  I remain convinced [...]

Assistance, not assisted suicide

Cristina Odone is against doctor-assisted suicide, and she knows whereof she speaks: Her own father asked her to help him die. She tells the story of how she came to see that the medical community has it exactly backwards when it comes to matters of life and death: "Put me out of my misery." The [...]

People in “persistent vegetative states” given the ability to communicate

(From PhysOrg.com): Researchers from Cambridge University in the UK have been able to communicate with brain-injured patients in "locked states" commonly referred to as persistent vegetative states (PVS). They predict such patients will soon be able to communicate and perhaps even move themselves around in motorized wheelchairs. This is huge.  I can't imagine the frustration [...]