Jesus Christ

Tools for Thinking Sensibly About Scripture

For some folks, it takes a lot to dispel the myth of the hyper-controlling Church that only permits Bible study among the faithful after the insertion of the Vatican Orbital Mind Control Laser Platform chip in the frontal lobe of the brain. Indeed, it may come as a shock to such folk to discover that [...]

Concerning Eucharistic Desecration

For those who may have missed it, P. Z. Myers, a washed-up academic at a third-tier school who takes out his bitterness on Christians and calls it "science blogging," claimed that some human toothache named Webster Cook had received death threats for stealing a Eucharist and threatening to desecrate it. Reader John Farrell repeatedly tried [...]

Bread, Circuses, Nature, and Grace

The front page of the October 7 edition of the Sunday New York Times featured an article that described how certain Protestant denominations have been using Microsoft's rapaciously popular video game Halo 3 to lure youths to church. They promise the avid youngster large screen televisions and multiple control options so he and his friends [...]

Untouchable: The Human Face of India’s Caste System

  It was a scene that could have come straight from the pages of the New Testament—and one almost unimaginable in today's caste-ridden India. Around long tables under a large marquee in Hyderabad sat hundreds of people cross-legged on the floor. Clustered in groups of five or six, they ate curry and rice from a [...]

The Mission of the Church

Evangelization is an Obligation, Not an Option The melancholy tale about Maryknoll that Charlotte Hays related in a recent issue of this journal ["Lost Horizons at Maryknoll," April] had the effect of calling attention in an especially poignant way to something which all of us today are quite aware of, but which, I suspect, none [...]