James Martin

Vigano Trump

Archbishop Viganò Was Right About Donald Trump

Whatever one may think about Donald Trump, it is clear that he is a fly in the globalist ointment, as Archbishop Viganò has been saying for years.

The (Evil) Genius of Father Martin

The Catholic blogosphere and Catholic Twitter are abuzz with the clicking and tapping of comments on Father James Martin, S.J.,’s August 20 benediction at the Democratic National Convention in Milwaukee. Some have complained that Father Martin’s inclusion on the last night of the DNC is a hypocritical and inconsistent contrast to the treatment of Priests [...]

Do our gadgets get in the way of God?

I missed this June article by Fr. James Martin, SJ, about how our spiritual lives are affected by the digital age. (The piece in The Huffington Post was adapted from his new book, The Jesuit Guide to (Almost) Everything.) Other articles like this one have come out detailing the ways electronic media is changing how [...]

The Future of Catholicism at Patheos

Today, Patheos launches a week-long symposium on the "Future of Catholicism." Numerous articles have been posted by various Catholic thinkers and writers, including Deacon Greg Kandra, Fr. James Martin, S.J., Thomas Peters, James Hitchcock, Barbara Nicolosi -- and, coming later this week, the IC blog's own Joseph Susanka. If I have time over the course [...]