It God


Three Cheers for Smokers

The continued stigmatization of cigarette smokers signals the Leftist lunacy of passionate focus upon trivialities while entirely oblivious to matters of titanic moral consequence. 

My Oasis

I really should stop reading magazines. That might be an odd thing for a magazine editor to say, but it's true that certain kinds of periodicals are bad for my self esteem. Take that popular homemaking magazine, for example. What's it called? "Better Homes Than Yours," I think. I browse through its slick pages, squint [...]

Are We a Pro-Life People?

Last week, Simcha Fisher invited us to talk about natural family planning, and boy did we comply. More than 90 comments later, one thing is clear -- this is a topic we like to debate.      I've read many different discussions about NFP where Catholics will debate its use and its abuse, its effectiveness [...]