The Ukrainian Crisis and the Geopolitics of Christendom

The secularized former Christendom is facing off against a Russia that wants to reclaim its imperialist - and Christian - past.

Steve Skojec: Unplugged

No, I'm not a musician doing an accoustic set. Instead I'm a guy who has had to do some serious budget downsizing, which included dropping my cell phone when the contract ended. I've been without it for almost two weeks now, and I still have phantom phone syndrome. I'm not just a cell phone user, [...]

STUDY: Most Internet security advice is wrong

If you're like me, every time some Web site's security protocol forces you to use numbers in your password, you fantasize about reaching through the screen and throttling the site administrator. Well, we apparently have the right idea (not about the throttling). According to the Boston Globe, a new study -- the first of its [...]