Iraqi Christians

Gavin Newsom

Did Gavin Newsom Murder His Mother?

Gavin Newsom, the current governor of California, is the kind of person who should be kept as far from the reins of power as possible. His life and career are marked by selfish ambition, adultery, lying, and even matricide. He’s the kind of man who cheats on his then-wife, Kimberly Guilfoyle—now the girlfriend of Donald [...]

Recollections and Insights of an Iraqi Christian

I was born in Baghdad, but all my ancestors before me, including my parents, where born in Mosul and neighboring cities in Northern Iraq. Even now when I speak Arabic it is still with a Moslouy dialect. For many years, no matter where I was living or what I was doing, the answer to “Where [...]

Iraqi Christians need prayers and support

Last Safe Haven for Iraqi Christians Taken by Al-Qaeda

"Now the last safe haven for Christians is gone," said Canon Andrew White, the vicar of St. George's church in Baghdad. During the past week, twelve Christians have been killed and more than 3,000 have left the city of Mosul, once considered a safe zone for persecuted Iraqi Christians. Mosul, on the plain of Nineveh [...]

Saving the Christians of Iraq

Last month, I reported on the persecution of Christians in Iraq and the continued vulnerability of their remaining communities. Extortion and violence by Muslim extremists have driven 500,000 Christians out of Iraq -- about one quarter of the 2,000,000 Iraqis who have left the country since the beginning of the Iraq War. And another 2,000,000 [...]

Will the Iraqi Constitution Protect Christians?

Two weeks ago I spoke with Bishops Mar Sarhad Jammo and Mar Bawai Soro about their plan to protect Iraqi Christians from violence and ensure religious liberty. The bishops expressed hope that one day the provisions of the Iraq Constitution protecting all religious minorities from discrimination and persecution could be implemented. In speaking with Manny [...]

Iraqi Bishops Ask for Help Protecting their Flock

The numbers are stark, and the situation is getting worse. Before the U.S. invasion of Iraq, there were 1.2 million Christians living there. Over 400,000 Christians have left the country since the war started. Many others have been kidnapped and killed; some have been crucified; a priest was beheaded, and an archbishop was kidnapped and [...]