Huckleberry Finn

Being Nice and Being Good in Tom Sawyer

As the saying goes, children can be “naughty or nice,” but naughty does not always mean bad and nice does not always mean good. One can also be “nice” but not good, and one can be good while sometimes naughty. A world of difference separates the merely nice from the truly good. No one explains … Read more

Friday Free-for-All: January 7

Happy Friday! Just a few links to get the morning rolling — feel free to add your own in the comments: In the wake of the horrible attack on the Orthodox church in Egypt on New Year’s Day, this sort of thing gives me hope. A Twain scholar announced this week that he will be … Read more

Turning the classics into video games

Last June, Margaret told you about video game giant Electronic Arts’ newest action title — a loose adaptation of Dante’s Inferno. Very. Loose. Dante, the one in the game, is no poet. Instead, he’s a war-ravaged crusader with serious post-traumatic stress disorder. But he has his domestic side, too. In fact, the game opens with … Read more

Moral Reasoning

At a nephew’s recently, I looked in his shelves for something to read and came across a handsome edition of Huckleberry Finn. I had not read this book in ages, so I began to look at it again. It is pretty hard to put down. Early in the book, the Widow Douglas reads to Huck … Read more

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