Holy Father

Anti-Catholic Nastiness in England

  Catholics in Britain have recently begun commenting on what they see as a growing trend: Over the past couple of years it has become worryingly routine to hear crass and vulgar attacks on the Church, attacks that would be regarded as wholly unacceptable if they were made against the Jewish or Islamic faiths.   [...]

Quodlibets: Two Recent Proposals

It is easier to see the problems than to find good solutions to them. How often have we heard the clear teaching of the Magisterium distorted, sometimes even from the pulpit? How often have we seen variations introduced into the liturgy, as if we are all bored with the official rite and needed relief from [...]

Quodlibets: A Second Spring?

From time to time, it is useful to wonder what the Church in the United States would look like if the secular press — and such enigmas as the NCR — did not give disproportionate attention to the dissidents in our midst. I have been asked by journalists to explain the discrepancy between the enormous [...]

Sense and Nonsense: Extraordinary Enough To Be Exciting

In his Autobiography, G.K. Chesterton, who as he tells us was in despair as a young man, decided finally that he had had enough of this pessimistic thought and had decided to revolt against it. He found very little help from the standard sources, he recalled: But as I was still thinking the thing out by [...]

Sense and Nonsense: Angels

“For who will dare to say or believe that it was not in God’s power to prevent both angels and men from sinning? But God preferred to leave this in their power, and thus to show both what evil could be wrought by their pride, and what good by His grace.” —St. Augustine, City of [...]

Sense and Nonsense: Augustine For the Ages

Book III, Chapter 7 of St. Augustine's Confessions is entitled, marvelously: He Deplores His Wretchedness, That Having Been Born Thirty-Two Years, He Had Not Yet Found Out The Truth. In a culture whose public (oftentimes even ecclesiastical) doctrine, is theoretical "pluralism" — that is, that there is no "truth" but one's own private feelings — [...]

An Extraordinary Synod

It may seem appropriate for a pastor to be parochial but a member of the Second Extraordinary Synod, which met in Rome from November 24 until December 8, had to lift his sights, and spirit, to a universal perspective. Announced by John Paul II on January 25, 1985, the Feast of the Conversion of St. [...]