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What the Overturning of Roe Means Outside America

The monumental Dobbs ruling will have an influence far beyond the shores of America.

Understanding Caritas in Veritate

I was struck once -- struck and annoyed -- with a vagrant remark made to me by the Canadian philosopher George Grant (1918-1988). It came up in a conversation about Vietnam. He was using such terms as "technology" and "hegemony," which he'd employed elsewhere more abstractly in condemnation of the whole modern world, in pedestrian [...]

Thinking as a Catholic on Iran

How should Catholics think about Iran? And how should a Catholic think about Iran? These are two different questions, as an individual person and the Church are two different things, but in trying to follow the news recently, partly through electronic "tweets" directly from Iran, including those from one anonymous Catholic Persian we have on [...]

Catholic Judges

  Why do Catholics make such good judges?   Well, it depends what you mean by "Catholics," I suppose. What I had in mind was a person in no doubt about any of the propositions in the Catholic creeds -- including no doubt that the words mean what they say, and not something else. That [...]

Servile Thinking

  As I was saying to an old friend the other day, as we passed a crowded hamburger franchise: "Look at all the rugged individualists, lining up for their Big Macs! Look at all those freethinkers!"   It was a doubly uncharitable remark. First, our whole society has not gone over to dogmatic atheist fundamentalism. [...]


  Several years ago, I picked a fight with some Darwinist or other. This was in print, as part of my day job as a newspaper pundit, I hasten to add: No humans were injured in the making of this controversy. I must have had a lot of time on my hands, for the time [...]

The Gold

  I do not own a television set, I do not like the cynicism of the Olympic organization, and I'm put off by propaganda spectacles in totalitarian countries. From this, the gentle reader may infer my opinion of the Olympic Games in Beijing. Add to this the fact I am Canadian -- we don't win [...]

Oh Canada

  The names Mark Steyn and Ezra Levant -- two of my Canadian journalist friends -- have recently become better known Stateside, thanks to prosecutions of their works before Canadian "human rights" tribunals. These are kangaroo courts that were established in Canada more than a generation ago, in the era of Pierre Trudeau, to adjudicate [...]

The Pope Versus the Media

Given limited space, let us begin by taking the case for media bias as proved. Also, the direction of the bias. No Catholic in his right mind (okay, I'm already being selective) could possibly imagine the Mainstream Media (MSM) to be sympathetic to Catholic interests -- even when they are juxtaposed with the interests of [...]

Defining Marriage

"And God created man in His own image; in the image of God created He him; male and female created He them." I cite the Masoretic text of this famous passage from the first chapter in Genesis, for it is the more poetic, and it conveys something of the dance of complementary opposites -- the [...]

The Uses and Abuses of Paranoia

  In my daily newspaper columns, I have recently tried the experiment of writing directly about the postmodern explosion of scientism. This pertains to discussions of global warming, intelligent design, political correctness, and many other things -- but it goes much deeper. Had I a book to fill (and perhaps I do), I would follow [...]

The New Old

Four years have now passed since I brought an end, all of a sudden, to 20 years of thinking about becoming a Catholic, and under the impression (which I retain) that I had been simply instructed to do so by Mother Mary. This was while witnessing, but not exactly participating in, a Novus Ordo Mass [...]