Ground Zero

Gay Conservatives

Are Gays Replacing Christians in the Conservative Movement?

There seems to be a homosexual ascendancy in certain quarters of the “conservative” movement, and their influence is growing while Christians' influence is waning.

The Dachshunds of Lent

I'm starting off Lent this year not in the desert but in my own Jerusalem, New York City -- city of temples and towers, titans and toilers, Rev. George Rutler and the Rockettes. It is here you'll find the best and the worst man has to offer, the supremely serious and the sublimely silly. Here [...]

Say No to the Ground Zero Victory Mosque

This weekend, my home town will be the site of an extraordinary event. Let me beg everyone who is able to make the pilgrimage to Ground Zero on the ninth anniversary of the Islamist mass-murder attack on our country. It is there that thousands of citizens will gather at 3 p.m. at Park Place (between [...]

The Imam at Ground Zero

The debate over the mosque at Ground Zero and Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf is of particular interest to me. I know Imam Rauf. Five years ago, he and I were participants in an interfaith dialogue event that took place in Rome. I spoke with him over the course of several days. I have read his [...]

The Problem of the “Ground Zero Mosque”

The “Mosque at Ground Zero” controversy has been simmering (even boiling) for some time now, and a number of excellent (if a trifle vehement) points have been made in recent weeks, culminating in today's decision to allow the project to move forward. This editorial from The Wall Street Journal’s Bill McGurn relates an interesting story about [...]