The Ukrainian Crisis and the Geopolitics of Christendom

The secularized former Christendom is facing off against a Russia that wants to reclaim its imperialist - and Christian - past.

OK, that’s just cool.

I understand that technology can be a trap into which we fall. That said, this video, "Future applications of graphene," is really amazing. [video: 635x355] Graphene, as some of you know, is a monolayer of carbon molecules: transparent, stronger than steel, and amazingly conductive. Incredibly neat stuff!!  Having a single device be a watch, phone, [...]

Losing Your Temperance

  Some virtues get a bad name because of the ways their names are used. For instance, the mighty, cosmic force St. Thomas calls Charity, which Dante said "moves the sun and other stars," nowadays calls to mind instead a hovercraft full of eels. By which I mean a writhing mass of irrelevant mental images: [...]