Giotto di Bondone

The Navy Gets Woke

The popular resurgence of the Black Lives Matter movement has compelled academic institutions and corporate America to make a public pledge to root out systemic racism and promote justice, equality, and diversity within their ranks, lest they face the cold-blooded mob for inaction. Internationally famed companies, including Ben & Jerry’s, JP Morgan, and Airbnb, released [...]

Art and the Embodiment of the Incarnate Word

Our celebration of the great feast days should instantiate in our lives the realities they communicate. For Christmas, the Solemnity of the Nativity of the Lord, our actions, such as gift giving, caroling, the symbols of green life in winter, should make present the gift of the new life of Christ coming into the world. [...]

Giotto: Nature Meets the Supernatural

Giotto di Bondone, the fabled pre-Renaissance painter, has had a problem. Being so famous, he is a big target.  His fame has engendered a cadre of critics who have, over the years, both praised his work and doubted the attributions. There are arguments about where he painted, what he painted, how he painted and who [...]