New York’s New Catholic Governor: Come to NY for Abortions

In January 2019, a year before COVID-19 descended upon New York, Governor Andrew Cuomo and a beaming group of New York progressives enacted a hideous piece of legislation. They made abortion possible right up until the moment before delivery and even stripped the baby of protections if he or she accidentally survived the scalpel. Their [...]

Catholic Melinda Gates Fighting for Birth Control

Melinda Gates was holding forth at a conference in Berlin earlier this month about the necessity of universal access to contraception in the developing world, claiming that it is the only way that 200 million people who do not already have “access” will have a choice about how many children they will have and when. [...]

Our Tradition: Southern Conversions

Shortly before the Civil War, Henry Timrod lamented the fate of the "poor scribbler so unfortunate as to be born south of the Potomac," for it was a firm conviction in the North, he said, that genius "is an exotic that will not flower on southern soil." His judgment, of course, was premature, for it [...]