First Amendment

Should the United Nations Control the Internet?

This past November, the United Nations sponsored a meeting in Rio de Janeiro with about 1,700 participants from some 90 countries to consider the future direction of the Internet. The most serious issue they dealt with was supported by a group of nations that included China, Cuba, and Iran: Leaders from these countries are pressing [...]

The Next Battle for Religious Freedom

This year marks the 60th anniversary of one of the most unfortunate and controversial Supreme Court decisions, Everson v. Board of Education. While the case had a good result, in that the Court ruled that Catholic parents could be reimbursed for their children using public buses to get to parochial school, the case has a [...]

Religion and the First Amendment: How the Supreme Court Has Misinterpreted the Constitution

That God is being removed more and more from the public forum is not simply a matter of chance. It is part of the secularization process going on in our society. While this process has been underway at least since the dawn of the modern era, it is being especially abetted today by a philosophical [...]

The Last Word: Contempt of Court

If this is contempt of court, let's hope we're all guilty. Back in 1980, a pro-abortion activist named Lawrence Lader brought suit against the Internal Revenue Service, the Department of the Treasury, and (for good measure) the Roman Catholic Church, attempting to strip the Church of its tax-exempt status. Lader and his organization, the Abortion [...]

Documentation: Dr. Marjorie Reiley Maguire, Plaintiff v. Marquette University, Defendant

EASTERN DISTRICT OF WISCONSIN UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT Editor's note: Earlier this year, a U.S. district court handed down a decision in a case brought against Marquette University by Marjorie Maguire, a prominent "pro-choice" advocate. Maguire had sued Marquette for refusing to hire her to teach in its theology department, because — she alleged — [...]