Father Hardon


Another Win for Religious Freedom

Kennedy v. Bremerton School District represents another victory for religious freedom and pushes back against the idea that religion must be invisible in the United States.

Just Say ‘No’ to Brimstone

    Last week I made melancholy tribute to the shrinking cadre of men who heed the call to serve Christ's Church as priests, and tried to think of ways we can offer them human support while they go about God's business. Whenever I think about the question of calling, I'm reminded of my own [...]

In a State of Grace? Thank a Priest

Every time I go to confession, I am yet again grateful for the men who serve us as priests. Of course I am thankful for Mass, but it often seems that the priests are grateful, too. Confecting the sacrament, offering in persona Christi the perfect sacrifice, feeding Christ's people the saving Food . . . [...]