Gay Conservatives

Are Gays Replacing Christians in the Conservative Movement?

There seems to be a homosexual ascendancy in certain quarters of the “conservative” movement, and their influence is growing while Christians' influence is waning.

David Cameron’s Finest Hour

  Prime Minister David Cameron's decision to veto Germany's demand for a new European fiscal union will define his premiership. More than that, Cameron has raised a banner for patriots everywhere fighting to retain their national independence. With his no vote on fiscal union, Cameron declared to the EU: "British surrenders of sovereignty come to [...]

The Spiraling Euro Crisis

With Europe and the regional Euro currency teetering on the edge of a cataclysmic crisis, politicians and central bankers are scrambling desperately to save their cherished dream of the European Union. All the supposed rules have already been broken as the continent's rulers prepare ever-greater bailout packages for bankrupt governments and big banks. EU leaders [...]

From Europe to Eurabia

In New York City, if you ask someone his nationality, there's only one way he's going to answer "American": If he's black. Everyone else I've ever known will volunteer something like, "Irish, County Mayo," "Half-Irish, a quarter German, a quarter Polish," or "Sicilian -- you got a problem with that?" You see, we keep track [...]

Obama, Patriotism, and Cosmopolitanism

Speaking in Independence, Missouri, on June 30, Sen. Barack Obama gave what may be called his "I am a patriot" speech. He said that "the question of who is -- or is not -- a patriot all too often poisons our political debate." He then displayed his own patriotic credentials by declaring, "Throughout my life, [...]

The Meaning of No: Why Ireland Sank the Lisbon Treaty

  Last week Irish citizens voted on a referendum to ratify the Lisbon Treaty. As the results rolled in -- the Irish rejected it -- European leaders were quick to express their dismay, saying the Emerald Isle's "no" would send them back to the drawing board. The Treaty of Lisbon, also known as the Reform [...]