Dobbs and the Shaky Foundations of Roe

In the oral arguments in the much-anticipated Mississippi abortion case Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization heard in the Supreme Court Wednesday, there was little discussion of the details of abortion. Instead, the status of the Court’s major precedents and the Court’s power and influence in American life were the main subjects. The immediate subject [...]

The Queens English No More

On the last day of June a sad event in the long and noble history of the English language is scheduled to take place: the Queen’s English Society will formally be wound up. Forty years of trying to raise the awareness of fellow Englishmen about the misuse of apostrophes and semicolons, the overuse of the [...]

Our Tradition: Catholicism and the Bourgeois Mind

The question of the bourgeois involves a real issue which Christians cannot afford to shirk. For it is difficult to deny that there is a fundamental disharmony between bourgeois and Christian civilization and between the mind of the bourgeois and the mind of Christ. But first let us admit that it is no use hunting [...]

A Case Study: Censorship in Scriptural Studies

Michael J. Wrenn “Rene Laurentin has now turned his attention to the two Infancy Gospels with the sound scholarship, perceptiveness and deep spiritual penetration which characterize his work. . . . With this book the Infancy Gospels are restored to us with a new life.” — Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger in the Preface to Laurentin's book [...]

Ancient Cathedrals, Modem Pilgrims

The high school cap and gown of the first-born, the son, has been succeeded by a college fraternity sweatshirt. The white eyelet eighth-grade graduation dress of the second-born, a daughter, has given way to a Black Watch prep school skirt and crewneck sweater. The elementary school jumper of the third-born, another daughter, has vanished in [...]

Sense and Nonsense: “In the shining light, destroy us”

For a course I gave recently on political philosophy and natural law, one of the books I had wanted to read, or reread, with my good class was C. S. Lewis's The Abolition of Man, a book I realized I had not taken a look at for some time, though its powerful theme has almost [...]

Repaying a Debt: The Educational Achievement of Asian-Americans

Editor's Note: The address which follows was given by Secretary of Education William J. Bennett on October 22 to the Vietnamese League of Orange County, California. Acknowledging the impressive educational achievements of a new generation of Asian-American immigrants to the United States—and in particular the refugees from Vietnam—Dr. Bennett emphasized the crucial importance of the [...]

Film: The State As Traitor

Plenty. Written by David Hare. Directed by Fred Schepisi. 20th Century Fox. There are traitors and then there are traitors. Some people sell state secrets and wind up in prison or in comfortable dachas a few versts outside Moscow. Others play false with clients, friends or lovers, and end their days in lonely places screaming [...]