Emory University


A Great Cloud of Pro-Life Witnesses

As we wait to see the disposition of this evil regime on what may be the last March for Life, we must consider the men and women who brought us to this moment, the pantheon of pro-life heroes.

Lazy Brains

Many of us already know about confirmation bias, the psychological phenomenon that makes people fit incoming data into their own worldview.  The same news article, in other words, could make the liberal and the conservative each nod their heads, seeing things in the article that confirm their own biases, but skipping over the facts that [...]

How My First Catholic Mentors Taught Me Spirituality

When I arrived at Emory University for my doctoral studies in 1974, I had just finished three years at Princeton Theological Seminary as an aspiring Southern Baptist minister.Despite being a Southern Baptist from Texas, and having pursued Reformation studies -- Calvin, Luther, and the Anabaptists -- at Princeton, I was more than just intellectually curious [...]