El Salvador


Inauguration Blues

Despite the deepest hopes of many die-hard Trump supporters that the outgoing president would somehow snatch victory from defeat at the eleventh hour, Joe Biden is to be inaugurated today.  Our second nominally Catholic president shall no doubt wish to ceremonially cloak himself in Kennedy’s mantle; unfortunately for him, both COVID-19 restrictions and the odd [...]

The Practical Power of Personal Piety

  Every summer I take a group of high school students on a mission trip to El Salvador. Our hosts there come from the landowning class, and over lunch a woman I'll call Rosa told me about her husband's family. "They are very wealthy landowners," she said. "They own a lot of land and run [...]

Leftist Electoral Coup Looms in El Salvador

Nearly two decades have passed since El Salvador's civil war ended, but the 1980 assassination of a Roman Catholic archbishop may prove highly influential when voters elect a new president next spring. For many Salvadorans over 30, the disappearance of loved ones and the chatter of machine guns remain far more real than the 1992 [...]

Liberation Through Reconciliation

Reconciliation Theology Has Made a Difference in El Salvador. It Has Yet to Be Tried in Nicaragua. EL Salvador 1980. The place and the time conjure   up a nightmare of violence: death squad killings, the martyrdom of a Catholic bishop and four churchwomen, massacres of peasants and other innocents seeking nothing more than a measure [...]

Illusions and Realities: Castro the “Christian”, Castro the Cruel

Ernesto Cardenal, the priest admonished by the  Pope on the runway in Managua a few years ago, has written that Fidel Castro exhibits the qualities of a "Christian prophet." Astonishingly, some North American Christians believe this. In the Jesuit magazine America Andrew A. Reding has recently written of Castro: "Here is one of those very [...]

The Sanctuary Scam

Few issues in recent years have received more time and attention from liberal religious activists in the United States than the sanctuary movement. No issue has been the occasion for more public deception, confusion, and irresponsible rhetoric. Sanctuary advocates would have the public believe that near-genocide is being committed against illegal immigrants returned to El [...]

Editorial: The Fraud That Failed

Nobody has noticed, but the "Sanctuary movement," after more than three years of frenetic and deceptive organizing, isn't going anywhere. There are 339,843 churches and synagogues in the U.S. Of these, only 253 have offered "sanctuary." The chief reason is the fraud on which the movement is based. At great expense, with careful screening, and [...]